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Who Was Thomas JeffersonDid you know that John Adams had to coax Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence It's true The shy Virginia statesman refused at first but then went on to au. I listened to this because my library got a couple of dozen of them I wanted to see how well this series handled someone I know a bit about before tackling those I know little to nothing about I can't say I was bowled over but listening to of them seems like a good way to explore I detest 1000 page tomes that cover just one period of a person's life No one is that interestingThis is good for kids from 7 or 8 up Not bad for adults either It's short but manages to capture a lot about TJ which is tough since he was a complicated guy It tells the good bad but doesn't really make sense out of his feelings about slavery why he kept slaves or why he didn't free his children by Hemmings A big reason was that it was illegal in VA if he'd sent them across the border to MD they stood a good chance of being captured returned to slavery It does get into Hemmings her relationship to him his dead wifeIt also fails to mention how he was personally opposed to both the US expanding its territory getting involved in foreign wars The LA Purchase the war against the Tripoli pirates yet he did both as president when the country needed it He was a practical man in many ways The book does describe his issues with money towards the end of his life but not his wine collection It does mention him selling his book collection to start the Library of Congress to help pay his debts All told not bad

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Summary ✓ Who Was Thomas Jefferson? ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Who Was Thomas Jefferson? Author Dennis Brindell Fradin – Did you know that John Adams had to coax Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence It's true The shy VirBling aspect of Who Was MOBI #8608 his life a slave owner Finally here's a biography for kids that unveils the many facets of this founding father's remarkable and complicated lif. I'm currently about 15 of the way through an adult biography about Thomas Jefferson so it was fun to see a lot of the same information reiterated in a children's book It proved to me even what a valuable resource these books are for children Thomas's father died when he was only 14 His mother died when he was an adult and it was very tragic for him Thomas was a lot better at writing than speaking He learned by listening to others John Adams wanted him to write the Declaration because he knew Thomas was a better writer and that Virginia needed to take the lead for other colonies to fall in line When Thomas's wife died it was very painful for him and it took him a long time to recover from the loss He never married again but had a relationship with a slave Sally Hemings who was less than half his age They had six children All slaves Boo When I review my adult bio about Thomas Jefferson I will talk on my feelings about this I don't like it at all In his older age he started a University in Virginia It's still runningHe did try a couple times to end slavery but it never passed It taught him to only fight political battles he knew he could win He also never went so far as to free his own slaves He was always devoted to his family even though lots of his family life was filled with tragedy which actually seems pretty par for the course in those daysHe suffered from debilitating headaches his entire life I can definitely relate Poor man didn't even have heating pads or Excedrin He died on July 4 when he was 83 years old John Adams died the same day a few hours later One of the most uirky coincidences in all of US history There are several illustrators that draw for this series This illustrator John O'Brien does an excellent job with the diagrams

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Thor one of our nation's most important and inspiring documents The third US president Jefferson was also an architect inventor musician farmer and what is certainly the most trou. I appreciated that the history wasn’t white washed and painted him as a perfect type hero There were some definite ugly decision and life choices brought to light Lots of conversations with my son while reading together