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Download The Emerald Atlas Ebook × 432 pages ↠ Dogsalonbristol ✓ [Reading] ➻ The Emerald Atlas By John Stephens – They were taken from their beds one frozen night when the world was covered in snow The silhouette of a tall thin man has haunted Kate ever sinceTen years They were taken from their beds one frozen night when the world was covered in snow The silhouette of a tall thin man has haunted Kate ever sinceTen years on Kate Michael and Emma have grown up in a string of The Emerald PDF miserable orphanages and all memories of their parents AHHHHHHH So goodFirst impressions1 The story is amazing It's fantastical magical fast paced and action packed2 Characters are love The relationships between Kate Michael and Emma are great There is a fierce love and hate like with all siblings relationship between them And their growth and development is outstanding There are great side characters as well3 Fresh You would think orphans on a uestadventure to save the world has been done a billion 1 times but The Emerald Atlas does it differently enough that I was immersed and in awe of the story4 Great twists and surprises 5 Pacing throughout the book is fantastic From the prologue to the end you just want to slow down and savour the readThis is only a trilogy Well I look forward to it Check out my full video review here

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Have faded to a blur Arriving at Cambridge Falls the children uickly realise there is something different about this place and Kate feels sure she has seen the dark crooked house beforeAs they explore they discover an old empty leather book The moment they touch it an ancient ma OkayI'm torn here I'd like to go a bit than 3 stars here but if I do I'll need to go find all my 4 star books and move them up to 5 then what do i do with the 5 star books So stuck with 3 and telling you i find it a bit better than just 3You will if like me you occasionally pick up a YA book or if you have YAs in your life and read with them find some of this book somewhat familiar A group of 3 children rather than a single child are whisked away into the night away from their parents because an evil and powerful mage magus is after them Why Because of a prophecyof courseDon't give up This isn't really another Harry Potter wanna'be well I suppose it does aspire to the sales and popularitybut it does have some similarities with those books and a few others Still given time it manages to forge it's own story mostly and tells it pretty wellI did find these 3 of the most annoying children I've run across in YA fiction especially Emma the youngest but bear up the book is readable and pulls itself together And ends in a cliff hanger that leads to another bookof courseI suppose the book will annoy some people in that it deals with a book that has power over time and space Paradoxes abound How will we survive how will reality hold together in the face of all these paradoxical events Magicof courseAlright any and I'll spill a spoiler so I'll stop with all that and say not a bad book Readable in my case listenable as I had the audio version with some nice spots I think younger youths might find it enjoyable than older It's a bit simple in it's form and telling even with people leaping forward and backward in time and space Judge for yourselfThe audio by the way is very listenable also because it's read by Jim DaleI think it possible that Mr Dale himself deserves an entire star for his narration

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The Emerald AtlasGical prophecy is set irrevocably in motion and the children are thrown into a dangerous alternate reality of dark enchantments and terrifying monsters Only they can prevent the terrible event that will ruin Cambridge Falls and stop the world from falling into complete devastatio This is an amazing book Let me restate that this is an AMAZING TERRIFIC APPALLING AWESOME EXTREME SHOCKING MONSTROUS ASTOUNDING ELECTRIFYING FLABBERGASTING IMPRESSING ASTONISHING IMAGINATIVE GRASPING book Ten years ago Christmas 3 kids were dropped at an orphanage They know their parents are alive For the past ten years the children have gone from orphange to orphanage Now they are headed to the mysterios Cambridge Falls that nobody can tell them anything about There they discover many things that they never believed were real Read The Emerald Atlas to find out about their adventures and near death encounters