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Kate Author Claudia JoseWith her glossy dark hair classic looks natural appearance and cut glass accent Kate Middleton displays all the poise and breeding expected from the wife to be of the heir to the throne Sophisticated beyond her years Kate has charmed William's louche circle of friends as well as the Synopsis from Borderscom Kate Middleton is the girl everyone wants to be Catherine Elizabeth 'Kate' Middleton is living a perfect Cinderella fairy tale She is engaged to Britain's most desirable bachelor�and now she's the future ueen of EnglandBased on exclusive and intimate interviews with Kate's closest friends and relatives and illustrated throughout with photographs many published here for the very first time Claudia Joseph's Kate The Making of a Princess is a fascinating portrait of the extraordinary young woman who will be ueen�and the story of a family's remarkable journey from the mining villages of Durham to an apartment in the royal residence of Clarence HouseMy disclaimer is that I read this as a digital book So some of my issues with the book may or may not be a result of thatI was looking forward to reading this book since I have a mild obsession with all things royal but finished it feeling rather disappointed and unsatisfied It says the book is based on exclusive and intimate interviews I�m not sure how valid that is There were a few uotes from friends and great aunts and secondthird cousins etc But I don�t know how intimate those �interviews� were And most of the material seemed like information you could have gathered from the society pagesAlso the chronology of the book was not okay It kept jumping back and forth and back again between generations and branches of the family tree Now this is one issue with it being in digital form apparently there was a diagram of Kate�s family tree in the back of the book That would have been than helpful to reference throughout the reading However since it was digital I didn�t know it was there until I�d finished my readingEven with Prince William and Kate�s relationship the narrative would bounce around in time often repeating events that had already been coveredThis is the first book I�ve read on the current Princess Catherine My advice is to skip it and pick a different biography to get your royal info fix There is a plethora of them to choose from

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Ntriguing insight into the extraordinary journey her family has made from the mining villages of Durham to the gates of Buckingham PalaceDrawing on exclusive interviews and containing previously unpublished photographs this is the authoritative account of Kate Middleton's life so far This book was semi interesting I think the general consensus in America is that she's sweet and innocent and well dressed This book sheds some light on the Royal's consistent enjoyment of clubs and partying I honestly don't respect her as much after reading this Ignorance was bliss for me Also the first five chapters are tireless amounts of genealogy that I ended up skipping Unless you're very curious about Kate up until being married I wouldn't recommend this book

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Download Book É Kate Author Claudia Joseph Å 272 pages ✓ Claudia joseph ↠ ❰KINDLE❯ ✿ Kate Author Claudia Joseph – With her glossy dark hair classic looks natural appearance and cut glass accent Kate Middleton displays all the poise andHouse of Windsor Yet behind her polished veneer lies the extraordinary tale of an impoverished working class family that overcame deprivation and adversity to rise to the upper echelons of societyClaudia Joseph has spoken to members of Kate's family and friends who have provided an i Kate The Making of a Princess begins very much like a family history of Kate's early relatives dating back to the early 1800s If you like genealogy you will like reading this book as the beginning is nothing like any other royal biography While I applaud the amount of research that had to go into this book since there was not much written about her relatives it does tend to read like a series of facts name date of birth occupation who they married next person than like a story However they do tie in a lot of historical detail to paint a descent picture of what life would have been like as a coal miner in 1840 for example The second half of the book is like a typical royal biography While Joseph ties in events in Kate’s life that correspond to what William was experiencing around the same time the focus is still on Kate – which is than can be said of other biographies that claim to be about Kate but end up retelling Diana’s final days