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Surprising nail biter that places Jo Nesbø in the company of Lawrence Block Ian Rankin Michael Connelly and other top masters of crime fiction Nesbø has already received the Glass Key Award and the Booksellers’ Prize Norway’s most prestigious literary awards Nemesis is proof that there are certainly honors in this extraordinary writer's future Edgar Nominee for Best Novel of the Ye. Nesbø continues to dazzle with his wonderful Harry Hole series in this fourth novel When a single individual enters a bank and takes the female teller hostage demands are made to empty an ATM full of money Using the hostage to disguise their voice the robber offer an ultimatum that cannot be completed in the specified time and the teller is killed With the Robbery Division unable to make any progress on the case it is sent to Harry Hole and video evidence expert Beate Lønn as a murder investigation With Hole's girlfriend Rakel in Russia fighting for custody of her son Harry agrees to have dinner with a former lover Anna who reappears out of the blue and wants a platonic chat Waking up at home the next morning with all the signs of a massive hangover Hole is shocked to learn that Anna apparently committed suicide the night before However some of the evidence points at a potential murder covering up to confuse everyone Keeping this under wraps Harry engages in an off the books investigation and reaches out to a member of Anna's family who is in prison for previous bank robberies promising to solve her murder if insight on the bank robberies can be provided As Lønn discovers the intimate closeness of the robber and teller through analysis of the video surveillance she surmises that they must have known one another When further heists are completed and no teller is harmed Hole and Lønn agree that this first robbery held a special component; the teller After heading around the world to follow a lead in South America Hole and Lønn appear to close the case when they find a confession in a suicide note from the teller's brother in law Returning to Norway Hole is contacted through anonymous email servers by someone calling themselves S2MN All traces point back to Hole who cannot remember what happened with Anna though he is fairly certain that he is innocent However fellow police officer Tom Waaler trips on some evidence that could implicate Hole and a warrant is issued for our protagonist's arrest Hole dodges his colleagues to clear his name and trips on a key piece of evidence staring him in the face All the while someone by the name of the Prince has Hole in his crosshairs killing those who might be able to uncover the truth behind Hole's former partner's murder Nesbø offers the reader a wonderful omniscient view into this and all other storylines in this jam packed novel with a final chapter that may bring Hole and the Prince into a massive stand off A sensation second book of an imbedded trilogy within the larger Harry Hole series There is no uestion that Nesbø is a sensational writer That his books can be so addictive in a language other than the original adds to their greatness The Harry Hole character is highly complex on many levels from his alcoholism through to his past lovers and struggles with work Nesbø offers ongoing insights into the dark world of Hole's life and his attention to detail to solve the most complicated of cases Building on this and other periphery characters within Hole's sphere Nesbø offers detailed character development that will only draw the reader closer to the protagonist The reader finds themselves fully involved in the plot and the multiple storylines on offer The reader must pay close attention in order to sift through the busy narrative and Hole's varied activities I find myself wanting to reach for the next novel to discover how the Prince storyline ends or if it will continue for the rest of the seriesKudos Mr Nesbø for another wonderful novel You are a master no matter what language in which you are readLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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Nemesis Harry Hole #4Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman is soon to be a major motion picture starring Michael Fassbender Rebecca Ferguson and JK Simmons“Nesbø’s storytelling abilities are incomparable Nemesis is crime novel as art form and great entertainment” USA TodayThe international bestseller from one Nemesis Harry Epubof the most celebrated crime writers in Europe the New York Times bestselling author of T. Sometimes I feel as though I’m genetically hardwired to be a contrarian Not because I actually like being different than everyone else or going against popular opinion nor do I actually want to stand on the mountaintop and scream “All you fuckers are wrong” Because let’s face it it’s easy to follow everyone else to march in line and in step even if it sometimes means you’re headed for a cliff or the occasional mountain lion Nor do I get some sort of sick demented pleasure from bashing other authors and other people’s books because I’m right there in the trenches with you buddy Not necessarily holding your hand but we’re in the same foxhole staring out at the same battlefield and trying to make heads or tails of the opposition Not that writing is a war but it sometimes feels that way to get those pesky words down on paper and then actually have others get behind the words that you have written until they make them their ownSo what does all of this mean for NEMESIS Well if you’re looking at the date I started this novel by the way that is not a misprint and the day I finished it that’s not a misprint either there’s a massive gap between the two Where I know I had plenty of fun and most of this fun was had while not reading said novel Does that mean it’s badly written No absolutely not But it felt repetitive and redundant and I was never fully engaged in the story To be honest it wasn’t even really all that close of a call But I wanted to be engaged I wanted to be fully invested and I wanted to like this story because so many others have called it a great and wondrous read with high ratings and glowing reviews But I just can’t consider myself one of them Maybe I was built with a different set of LegosYou see the characters resembled emotionless pits; the dialogue felt trite and pedestrian; the plot plunked along like a Corvette ambling down the train tracks on a Sunday afternoon to the point that I had to reread the back cover copy to figure out what it was I had just finished; and I ended up so lost within the twists and turns of the story that I forgot where the heck I even wasIf I were to sum up this novel I’d say it made me want to kick Justin Bieber Which isn’t that much different from how I normally feel What I really want to find is the novel that makes me want to hug the Biebs I’m thinking it’s not possible but I’m going to continue to hold out hope that it’s out there somewhere and I will continue to expend energy looking for it Cross posted at Robert's Reads

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review Nemesis Harry Hole #4 Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Á ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Nemesis Harry Hole #4 By Jo Nesbø ➝ – Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman is soon to be a major motion picture starring Michael Fassbender Rebecca Ferguson and JK Simmons“Nesbø’s storytelling abilities are incomparable NemHe Snowman Jo Nesbø’s extraordinary thriller Nemesis features Norwegian homicide detective Harry Hole “the next in the long line of great noir crime detectives” San Diego Union Tribune in a case as dark and chilling as an Oslo winter’s night The second Harry Hole novel to be released in America following the critically acclaimed publication of The Redbird Nemesis is a superb and. In this 4th book in the 'Harry Hole' series the detective gets involved in dual investigations The book can be read as a standaloneInspector Harry Hole of the Oslo police is an alcoholic who's trying to stay on the wagon That's hard for the detective who tends to follow his own rules and infuriates his bosses In this book Harry gets involved with two investigations a bank heist that left a female employee dead; and the alleged suicide of a young womanTo investigate the bank robbery Harry and his partner Beate Lønn who can remember every face she's ever seen study CCTV tapes of the holdupThese provide clues that lead to a convoluted probe of various suspects Things become even confused when the bank robberies continue after the ring leader is identified Are copy cats at workMeanwhile Harry's girlfriend Rakel is in Russia for a custody battleso the detective accepts a dinner invitation from an old flame named AnnaAgainst his better judgement Harry succumbs to various kinds of temptation and wakes up in his bed the next day with no memory of the night beforeWorse yet Anna is found dead in her apartmentHarry is assigned to Anna's case and though it's being called a suicide the detective is sure she was murdered Harry's in a tricky position though he has to investigate the killing without admitting he knew Annaor he risks becoming a suspect himself Things get even harder when Harry starts to get threatening emails from the real killerThe book has a complex plot involving foreign travel bank robbers gypsies unfaithful spouses drug addicts prison inmates a rich executive corrupt cops and The underlying theme of the book is nemesis getting revenge for perceived wrongs And some of the characters have long discussions about the military strategies of Sun Tsu author of the 'The Art of War'There's a bit too much of this for my taste and the story slows down in placesBy the time I finished the book my head was spinning with the twists and turns Good story recommended to mystery readers especially fans of Scandinavian suspense novelsFYI I listened to the audio version of this book narrated by Norwegian Thor Knai To me it sounds like the author's name is pronounced 'Joe Nesba' and the main character's moniker is 'Harry Hula'You can follow my reviews at