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EPUB º MOBI An Island to Oneself Six Years on a Desert Island ô ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☀ An Island to Oneself Six Years on a Desert Island Author Tom Neale – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk For years Tom Neale dreamed of the day he would go to live on his own island alone bound only by sea sky and earth and wFor years Tom to Oneself Kindle #208 Neale dreamed of the day he would go to live on his own island alone bound only by sea sky and earth and with only his industry strength and ingenuity as tools f You don't have to be a sailor to love this book because it isn't really about sailing It's about being comfortable being completely alone and surviving without a grocery store a doctor or a dentist for hundreds of miles Tom Neale was an amazing guy and he tells an amazing story of what it is truly like to live alone on a tropical island I desperately wanted to stop at his island Suvorov on our way from Bora Bora to American Samoa but unfortunately there was a dengue fever outbreak amongst the crews of the sailboats already there so we had to pass it by So Suvorov will have to exist only in my mind as described by Tom NealeUPDATE An opportunity presented itself to perhaps have another go at Suvorov or Suwarrow as the Cook Islander now call it A friend wanted me to help him sail his boat to Samoa from Tahiti I agreed to go if we could stop at Suvorov It's an amazing place and although I have visited dozens of other Pacific atolls this one is special because of its history and because of its remoteness Tom's old radio shack is still there and there is also a bust of him on the trail from the beach to the park rangers' headuarters two Cook Islanders are now always there during the cruising season If you're headed there you must must read his book

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Or survivalAfter several attempts failed Neale finally reached an isolated coral atoll in the South Pacific and there happily began an existence of both fierce hardship and supreme tranuility that w In the fifties Neale—then middle aged—set out to realise a longstanding goal to live alone on an island in the Pacific He ended up doing two stints on the same island with a six year period between the first period roughly a year and a half long ended when he injured his back; the second period lasted three and a half years Neale was as good a chance as any to do it—he knew boats he knew survival skills he knew the Pacific Too he wasn't terribly inclined to make things as rustic'authentic' as possible he was eager to use things left behind by the soldiers who'd previously lived there and ready to bring comforts in from the industrialised world insofar as he couldWhile in content this is rather akin to Castaway in feel it is like Adrift Neale has the same sort of confidence that Callahan does one born of extensive experience It was with some degree of amusement that I noted that Neale named the boat he repaired the Ruptured Duckling; Callahan named his dinghy Rubber Ducky III He comes prepared to grow a garden for example but when he realises that there aren't enough bees to pollinate his plants he doesn't give uphe uses The Origin of Species to teach himself to hand pollinateIn Castaway Irvine describes a number of bureaucratic hoops in the way of spending a year on an island Neale or less walked around those hoops perhaps because his adventure took place earlier fifties and sixties He didn't get permission—he just went Interestingly when he was trying to get back to the island for his second stay the government did throw up some blocksbut their attitude was basically 'we'll try to keep you from getting there because living alone on an isolated island sounds dangerous and you might die but if you do find a way to get there well okay'Neale writes that he'd wondered whether he ought to end the book on his first leaving of the island but he doesn't—choosing instead to cover most of his second stay as well if in a summarised form as a lot of the basic details are the same It's just as well because it does sound like a different experience Now that I had had six years to re live every moment I had spent on the island and to reflect on the mistakes I had made I rather ruefully came to the conclusion that I who loved the leisurely pace of life on the islands had failed when I reached Suvarov the first time to put into practice the lessons learned during half a lifetime in the South Pacific I could understand how it had happened I had been so proud of my island that I wanted to do everything in a rush And so in a curiously ironic way I had unwittingly imposed on the timeless uality of the island the speed and bustle of modern cities from which I had been so anxious to escape 216view spoilerThis is in the context by the way of a backbreaking six month project in his first stay to rebuild a coral pier He finished just in time for the hurricane seasononly to have the first hurricane of the season only days later completely destroy the pier hide spoiler


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An Island to Oneself Six Years on a Desert IslandAs to last for than five yearsThat Tom Neale An Island Kindle persued and caught his dream and found it all he had hoped it would be is part of the extraordinary enchantment of An Island To Myself I live close to the Rideau Trail here in Ontario and when I got laid off from my job nearly four years ago I briefly felt the urge to just throw some things in a backpack and start walking Then common sense reasserted itself since I don't have camping gear or even the right kind of boots to be doing that in March Still it was a tempting thoughtAnd one that I think Tom Neale would have completely understood The sort of man who would set out to live alone on a small island in the South Pacific although with a lot a preparation for years would understand that urgeHe covers his life before then in light detail but enough that you could believe his stories He spent two years out there until an injury forced him to accept a ride back to 'civilisation' Then it took six years to get around official interference to go back He spent another few years out there until he realized that he was getting old enough that he didn't want to die alone out thereThe details of his life on the island including dealing with nutritional deficiencies when he overworked himself on his first sojourn six months spent building a pier that was promptly destroyed by a storm attempts to tame a wild duck the hunting of the wild pigs that would destroy any attempts of creating a garden pollinating vegetable plants on an island without bees and so on left me wishing I could do the same As long as I could bring a large enough library with meAccording to Wikipedia Tom Neale did actually go back for a third stay that ended in 1977 and a number of other people lived in his cabin there between his second and third stays After his third stay it was declared a National Park by the Cook Islands and caretakers live there to this day