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Their human form is ephemeral but their sexual desire is endless Enter the mysteriously sensual world of the shapeshifters and share in their erotic passionDream Catcher by Kate DouglasShe comes to him at night in dreams of carnal pleasure Real or imagined Mac doe. Zianne – a Nyrian of a planet of energy enslaved to provide power to another alien planet’s ships responds to the ‘call’ of computer programmer whiz Mac Dugan – who was sending out a sexual energy fantasy of his perfect woman and then we have Nils Dinkemann Mac’s gay best friend since elementary schoolMac’s computer programming plan has been stolen and his competitor’s uncle is on the grant board and Zianne shows up appearing and disappearing without a door opening she fulfills his fantasies she wants his love but is hesitant to give him the truth until she is sure he won’t think she’s crazy someone is out to get him like with a gun and Dink gets caught at the bar and is beaten up Zianne facilitates his healing Mac still a bit confused and with his life in the toilet has been easing into the thinking a sexual experience with Dink would be okay – Dink loves him Mac loves him in a different way – so he allows Dink to initiate him into malemale sex and when he wakes up between Zianne and Dink we have a threesome Zianne gives him the ammunition bank statements to take to the chancellor to convict the dean nephew who stole his research and were illegally taking grant money and when 2 men with guns are waiting for them Zianne dispatches them over the 4 story railing heals Dink who had been shot in the belly and then explains all that they need his expertise to come up with a computer program to defeat their enemy and set them free – 20 years of researchTaken Between by Crystal JordanBetweens – half human half shifter Kira newly in charge of the ueen’s guardMax head of the King’s guard and Kira’s ex boss a wolf shifter King Elan Rhiann lion Between ruler of their pack and his new bride and new BetweenKira daughter of the royal butler who taught her to keep her emotions in check and to remember their place as servants Max and Elan – sons of the former king who was egotistical autocratic grew up together Max and Elan do not buy into the servant master scenario Max left to join the Marines when 18 – to get away from his father with whom he never pleased and make his own life Kira left to join the LAPD both returned when Elan became King and Kira and Max are friends know each other well and have hidden deeper feelings and attraction and now that Kira is no longer under Max she decides to act on her feelings seducing him and a fantastic night of passion But both are harboring leftovers from their childhood and Max who lost a human love to an outdoor accident never expected to find love they go from a one night stand to 2 weeks while guarding the king and ueen on their honeymoon to full commitmentThey use their skills to protect the king and ueen – Kira knocking them down when bullets start to fly and he shifts to wolf and tracks him and takes him down and when Kira is hit and recovering in the hospital Max realizes how deep he feels for her and bad stuff happens but that’s not a reason to be apart while you can The Right Number by Lynn LaFleurJamieson Edward Millington and cousin Troy run successful JEMATAR – computer operating systems company Veronica St James along with sister and 4 brothers run St James Security computer security he is in San Francisco and she is in Dallas Texas and a misdialed phone call she picks up – and with her hello Jay knows he has found his lifemateThey start to talk every day they have phone sex they make plans to get together unknown to both of them though his father killed her father when her father challenged him as Tara married his father and her brother has been tracking Jay down and thinks he has him not knowing that that he has the son not the father who has the same name they finally meet face to face they have sex they have sex as wolves mating them together but Troy calls to say that she is a spy and then he is shot by her brother’s assassin

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NightshiftSn't know and doesn't care For his body throbs with a need that only his mystery lover can satisfyTaken Between by Crystal JordanKira lives to protect her ueen but the king's brother is the one who commands her desire She longs for him with a feral sexuality and f. Night Shift by Kate Douglas Crystal Jordan and Lynn LaFleur three amazing paranormal authors who will take you on three remarkable journeys you will never forgetDream Catcher by Kate DouglasMac Dugan lives in Silicon Valley He has lost his grant and computer access on campus because someone stole his work and got away with passing it off as theirs He lost his scholarship to the university Essentially he lost everything Mac keeps having dreams about a woman with violet eyes and she haunts his every waking moment too When his fantasy woman appears and calls herself Zianne he thinks he has gone crazy What does Zianne want And where is she fromMs Douglas takes us on a sensual erotic paranormal journey in Dream Catcher I found myself surprised a lot by this book There are scenes of MM MMF and MF interaction I was pleased with the pace and the storyline up until the end of this book I do not like the ending; if I could have skipped that part I would have loved this story There is not an HEA ending to this story be warned now—I know for me it was a shocker But I hope in the future this story is fleshed out and revisited—it has potential to be amazing In this short story form though there are too many loose ends and too much sadness for this reviewerTaken Between by Crystal JordanKira is a fox shifter Max Delacourt is a red wolf shifter She craves him He avoids her Max was the king’s brother and her boss Tonight she is going to seduce Max and show him just what he means to her What she didn’t count on was him wanting her tooTaken Between is a paranormal romance with an outstanding story The main story of the Between shifters in Ms Jordan’s world and court life really made this story a stand out for me I wish it had been longer because I felt there was much to say in this world Out of all the stories in this book Taken Between is my favorite for having a great romance with a lot of sizzle and a story I could really immerse myself in and want ofThe Right Number by Lynn LaFleurJamieson Edward Millington loved things neat and tidy Jay is what everyone calls him When he punches the number to real estate office he gets a woman’s voice and from the tone he can immediate tell she is his mate When he figures out he accidently dialed the wrong number he wants to meet the woman and find out who she is Veronica James is not about to give a strange man she has never met her name and address When he tracks her down she discovers he is her mate That changes everythingMs LaFleur has a cute short story which I felt was just perfect in length and pace I smiled a lot as I read this one There is a connection to the characters that really made this one a joy for me I wanted the happy ending and I wanted this one to never end If I had one word to describe this story I would say beautiful is the word While the premise of this story might seem farfetched the delivery of it made me really believe this could happen and want of both Veronica and Jay in the futureOverall Night Shift is a must read for any paranormal fan There is sex romance and stories which are unforgettable inside waiting for you to read I know this book will be going on my keeper shelf

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Nightshift Summary å 8 ð [Reading] ➭ Nightshift ➵ Kate Douglas – Their human form is ephemeral but their sexual desire is endless Enter the mysteriously sensual world of the shapeshifters and share in their erotic passionDream Catcher by Kate DouglasShe comes to hi Their human form is ephemeral but their sexual desiErocious passion she can barely controlThe Right Number by Lynn LaFleurJay may have dialed the wrong number but the right woman answers She is the mate he's been looking for all his life And when he hears the sexy purr of her voice it arouses the hungry wolf insid. This is an anthology with three stories by authors I had not yet read Kate Douglas Crystal Jordan and Lynn LaFleur I wish I had known that Crystal Jordan’s story 'Taken Between' was the second story in the The Between series I loathe reading a series out of order It’s partially my fault for not digging deeper before picking 'NightShift' but it would be nice to have it mentioned somewhere in an anthology’s blurb that an included story is part of a seriesOverall each story was enjoyable and incredibly HOT I consider the Kate Douglas story 'Dream Catcher' of a sci fi story than a shifter story but since I enjoy sci fi I had no problems with it Crystal Jordan’s 'Taken Between' had too much sex I know I know how can that possibly be and not enough plot but still an enjoyable read I think Lynn LaFleur’s story 'The Right Number' was my favorite of the three although 'Dream Catcher' was a close secondIf you’re looking for a few uick hot reads then you won’t go wrong with this anthology I need to look into stories by these authorsThe publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review Please see disclaimer on my blog