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PDF ê BOOK Carte Blanche FREE ↠ DOGSALONBRISTOL æ ❰Read❯ ➫ Carte Blanche Author Jeffery Deaver – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The face of war is changing The other side doesn't play by the rules much any There's thinking in some circles that we need to play by a different set of rules too James Bond inThe face of war is changing The other side doesn't play by the rules much any There's thinking in some circles that we need to play by a different set of rules too James Bond in his early thirties and already a veteran of the Afghan war has been recruited to a new organization Conceived in the post I really wanted to love this book to slap 5 stars up and tell the world to go and enjoy this while the 3rd Daniel Craig movie takes yet another long year to film Especially when you consider that Jeffrey Deaver is a world class thriller writer and the Daniel Craig Bond movies have demonstrated it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossbile task of modernising Bond and still maintain his essential anti hero arrogance unpleasantness and cruelty all wrapped up in a redemptive package of bravery in the face of insurmmountable odds then big things are expected of Carte Blanche Alas as much as I enjoyed the book there are several fatal flaws1 Strangely the book seems overly long Never a good sign that over the 2 days it took to read the hundred thousand or so words I put down the book at least a dozen times Judge that againnst the page turning tension of the longer Suzanne Collins Hunger Games when I read that from cover to cover in one session But I did manage to pick it up again2 The old writer's trick of limiting the Third person intimate Point of View of the protagonist so you are tricked into believing you are enjoying the ride inside Bond's shoes but no; it turns out you are not actualy privvy to his inner thoughts as the apparent dangerous situation or life threatening peril that Bond finds himself in turns out to be nothing of the sort Bond had it under control all along with hurried post mortem explanations of previously hidden vital information of Bond's actions The first time this writer device was used I felt annoyed The fifth time I was spitting blood Its such a cheap literary device to con the reader with fake excitement So for that I deducted one star3 Finally the Bond character himself Ian Flemming created a character of subtle satirical dry wit that seems unrecognisable in Carte Blanche I might as well be reading a Lee Child Jack Reacher novel because this new Bond is so pleasant so likable that he berates himself for being annoyed by irritating minor characters The whole point of Bond is that he is supposed to be an unpleasant intensely snobbish bore who manipulates and exploits any weakness in people for his selfish ends Especially other people who lack his all consuming passion for life at the edge and all its finest rewards and pleasures But Flemming cleverly tempered this personalty with the background of a tragic childhood and the product of an English boarding school upbringing resulting in a longing to look up to authority father figures such as 'M' Ian Flemming brilliantly held up the closeted and biggotted attitudes held by society and demonstrated its hypocrisy when Bond thunders and crashes into any situation reuiring his ruthless efficiencyBut do we get the modern euivalent with the Carte Blanche Bond? Will you be shaken and stirred? Will Carte Blanche's licence to kill have you in Bond's gun sights? No no and NO What we get is Bond the bleeding heart liberal who wakes with night sweats and troubled conscience for sleeping with a woman when he may be falling for a work colleague WE get the errant Knight Sir Galahad who puts the beautiful and vulnerable date in a taxi and waves goodbye lest he be tempted to take advantageOMG WHy oh Why is Bond so wet?When you consider that Daniel Craig's Bond is just as nasty and selfish and unlikeable as the Ian Flemming original; yet brilliantly portrayed as a complicated and flawed and vulnerable adrenalin junkie; why do we get such a feeble and bland Bond in this book? So for that I took off another starThis would have made a fine novel in the mould of Lee Child's Jack Reacher if the author had not adopted the baggage of James Bond 007 and decided to call his character something different like JAMES BLAND

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911 world it operates independent of MI5 MI6 and the Ministry of Defense its very existence deniable Its aim To protect the Realm by any means necessaryA Night Action alert calls James Bond away from dinner with a beautiful woman Headuarters has decrypted an electronic whisper about an attack sche This is the newest reincarnation of James Bond and I was interested in seeing how Deaver would reinvent 007 as a 21st Century British operative I’ll admit I’m not an avid James Bond fan though I liked Sean Connery in Dr No and I’ve read Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale I was impressed with Deaver’s interpretation He stayed true to the spirit of Bond but added his own impeccable plotting which frankly made a lot sense than many of the Bond movies All in all Deaver successfully transplanted Bond into 2011 The narrative twists are many and suitably surprising The villains are well drawn eually creepy compelling and competent Bond comes across as very human admirable and somewhat tragic While there is no shortage of romance with the usual ‘Bond girls’ with ridiculous names – Felicity Willing Philly Maidenstone – there is nothing ‘throw away’ or glibly macho about Bond’s emotional life This is a three dimensional James Bond whom I would love to follow in further adventures

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Carte BlancheDuled for later in the week Casualties estimated in the thousands British interests adversely affectedAnd Agent 007 has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission The new thriller by Master of the Mind GameJEFFERY DEAVERfeaturing JAMES BOND as you've never seen him befo I read all the Ian Fleming Bond novels when I was fourteen fifteen I had to hide them from my mother as she didn't approve I've followed all the new novels since Fleming's death Kingsly Amisas by Robert Markham those of John Gardner Raymond Benson Charlie Higsonthe young Bond series and the one by Sebastian faulks Even the two by Christopher woods based on the scripts for The Spy Who Loved Me and moonraker both sufficiently different that a few name changes and title and you'd have new Bond novelsJeffery Deaver won the Ian Fleming Dagger Award for his novel GARDEN OF BEASTS In his acceptance speech he spoke glowingly about his feelings for Fleming's writings It led to his being asked if he would like to write a Bond novelThis is a James Bond updated to today's world Mid thirties Bond is a member of a secret branch of British intelligence called the Overseas Development Group Run by M Bond is a 007 charged with protecting the realm by any means necessary All the characters are here; Moneypenny Mary Goodnight Bill Tanner his housekeeper May is mentioned Branch even Felix Leiter puts in an appearanceIn this modern world Bond has the latest mobile phone and enough apps to render such things as shotgun mikes bugs and even following someone too close superfluousBond has the Fleming woman also Felicity Willing by namemake your own jokes A villain named Severan Hydt Known as the Rag and Bone man he owns Greenway International the world's largest disposal and recycling companyHeaduarters receives an electronic whisper that's chillingCasualties estimated in the thousands British interests adversely affectedBond is sent in to find out what and stop it However he feels necessaryAs I read this one I realized something The Bond I pictured in my mind was timothy Dalton While Connery is probably my favorite I had read all the Fleming novels before I ever saw one of the films I had my ideas built up of how he looked and Dalton comes the closest of all the actors that have filled the roleA very good book