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Read doc ã Ender's Game ✓ Audiobook à [PDF] ✎ Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card – The war with the Buggers has been raging for a hundred years and the uest for the perfect general has been underway for almost as long Enter Andrew Ender Wiggin the result of decades of genetic experi The war with thThe war with the Buggers has been raging for a hundred years and the uest for the perfect general has been underway for almost as long Enter Andrew Ender Wiggin the result of decades of genetic experimentationIs Ender the general Earth so desperately needs The only way to find out is to throw him into ever harsher training at Battle School to ch This was the first book I picked up and read all the way through in one sitting Technically it's not a difficult read but conceptually it's rich and engagingThey have a word for people our age They call us children and they treat us like miceIf you can't understand that statement you probably won't like this book It's about intelligent children Not miniature adults their motivations understanding and some times naivete clearly mark them as children But at the same time their intelligence and inner strength define them clearly as people Their personalities are fully developed even if their bodies are notThe book is about war About leadership And about the ualities that make some one a powerful or admirable individual not always the same thing In this book children are both kind and cruel to each other as only children know how to be It is not an easy book for anyone who understands childhood to be a happy time of innocence Even still the characters retain a certain amount of innocenceThe uestions posed by the war by the handling of the war are relevant today as they were when the book was written and as they have been since the dawning of the atomic age Foremost is the uestion of what makes someone or something a monster It is an easy read but not always a comfortable oneI'd recommend this book for intelligent children The sort that resent being talked down to and treated like kids Here is a book that does not talk down to them but understands and empathizes with them Also I recommend it for adults who used to be that kind of child even if science fiction is not your usual interest More pure science fiction fans will find it interesting as will those who enjoy exploring the philosophies of human nature and war This book sets out to make you think

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Ip away and find the diamond inside or destroy him utterly Ender Wiggin is six years old when his training begins He will grow up fastBut Ender is not the only result of the experiment His two older siblings Peter and Valentine are every bit as unusual as he is but in very different ways Among the three of them lie the abilities to remake a worl Spoiler AlertGod damn did I hate Ender’s Game I checked out and can surely see why I wanted to give it a shot Talk about a cult following of people absolutely smitten with it I even read some where that it’s on the reuired reading list at uantico I suppose this book could be some kind of manifesto for misfit nerds who waste their life playing video games or a source of legitimacy for motivating tired Marines sick of drilling The book rambles on infinitely about the boy genius Ender and his laser tag in a zero gravity vacuum I also suppose we could kid ourselves into thinking the novel brings to light the necessity of Machiavellianism in conflict or maybe we could discuss the pathetic New Age garbage the book ended with as our annoying protagonist spreads some half crocked neo religion amongst space colonies in which you love the enemy you are forced to annihilate Some sort of cryptic Latter Day Saints plug by the Mormon author There were several other things I couldn’t stand about it First of all like even the best science fiction the characters were one dimensional card board cut outs This starts with the dorky self absorbed protagonist Ender himself I can deal with this problem if the plot is cool enough ala Dune Dune too often times dealt with children geniuses however it was explained and made sense in the story We have no idea why Ender and the other children of which 999% were male are so smart Speaking of children did any of you guys pick up any sort of creepy pedophile vibe in this book How many times were we told of naked little boys Why were there references to their tiny patches of pubic hair Why did Ender have to have his big fight naked while lathered with soap in the shower And the corny Ebonics that the children randomly spoke in WTF The third rate and minuscule insight we were given about the geopolitical conditions on Earth were terribly dated The Warsaw Pact dominated by Russia What a cheap rip of Orwell Lame The side story about Ender’s genius two siblings also using Machiavellian tactics to achieve their political goals instead of Ender’s military ones by blogging on the internet really didn’t add up to beans in plot development if you ask me Of course Ender is never beaten at anything he does I suppose we are to be awed by his victories but strangely his greatest triumph was his stoic willingness to use some sort of super weapon to destroy an enemy wholesale via exploding an entire planet On the cover of my book it suggests this book is appropriate for 10 year olds What could a child get out this book Boo to Ender’s Game

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Ender's GameD If that is the world survivesThis Special th Anniversary Edition of the Hugo and Nebula Award winning classic is now digitally remastered with a full cast production It also contains an exclusive bonus an original postscript written and recorded by the author himself Orson Scott Card© TOR Books P Fantastic Audio an imprint of Audio Literature I read this novel because it was often the favorite novel of students of mine and I wanted to understand why I should mention that I love science fiction and have read it avidly since I was barely than a child I'm not by any means some kind of anti sci fi snobThe first thing that bothered me is that the novel sets adults against gifted children in a way that strikes me as bizarre Adults are essentially evil but teachers especially The children are inherently excellent capable of helping each other in trying to figure out just what the adults are hiding which is in this case a vast and secret war they are tricking the children into fighting for them This was perhaps the hardest to believe of all the things thrown at the reader and interestingly it is hidden from you until the very end though you can guess at it before thenWhat disturbed me the most is that the writing is terrible far too much happens internally inside the character's head it's an emo space opera basically and one of the most interesting events of the book is nearly buried and the presentation of it is rushed because it is near the end There are many points in the battle scenes where it is impossible to understand what's happening And the penultimate plot event where it's revealed all of the games were notgamescould have been handled interestingly But the novel was overdetermined things happening only because the writer wants them too and not because they feel inevitable and so too many of the arrows point in the same direction By the time Ender meets Mazer his final teacher my eyes rolled back into my head at the implausibility of it all And it's worth mentioning the thing no one prepared me for was the bizarre homoerotic subtext built into the book as well a subtext that is sometimes just a plain old supertext on display right beside how women in this novel are to be loved distantly and kept from real knowledge and turned against themselves so they can then be used to compel othersIt creeped me out and I'm gayI'm also a former 'gifted child' and was tested and poked and pushed all of these things made to study computer programming when I didn't want to and I made myself fail out of their program to get away from them But I found no commonality with the gifted children here not as I have in other stories about gifted children say like Salinger's Glass family Also these kids are all jerks I do hand it to Card for the ideas in the novel blogging Yes It's in here well before anyone was doing it and it matters a lot and in the ways blogging matters Also the idea of an institution that runs on the manipulation of its populace into a distant war with an implacable foe as a way of controlling people And a society that has no privacy at all not even in dreams This novel does offer a dark picture of what life is like under these terms Also the idea of how a hive mind would think differently without language and the complications of communicating with someone like that that's brilliant alsoI wish it had been revised that the battle scenes were clearer that the movement of the novel's action the way the 'buggers' are in a race to try and communicate with Ender before he kills them that this were obvious to the reader and not a surprise whipped out at the end so that it could have lent tension to the scenes of the games and manipulation which were only boring And Ender's decision to be the Speaker for the Dead that struck me cold because in the end the buggers were only trying to do what everyone else in his life were doing to him poring over what makes him tick and trying to get him to do their bidding The novel contains a rant against style at the beginning added by Card called 'literary tricks' by him I think the most interesting thing about it is that given the millions sold it is proof that story matters than style even as convoluted and badly formed as this one is In the end what matters is the uestions the novel raises and the implications of the uestions and that the novel really is about something at its core behind all of the badly rendered fight scenes I admire style don't get me wrong I love it But it would appear you can get by without it