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Batman Dead White Free read º 102 ã ✬ [PDF] ✓ Batman Dead White By John Shirley ✹ – Who better than Batman to protect the dangerous city of Gotham where even the cops are crooks But the latest imminent terror might be too much for the burgeoning Caped Crusader who is still carving ou Who better thanWho better than Batman to protect the dangerous city of Gotham where even the cops are crooks But the latest imminent terror might be too much for Batman Dead PDF the burgeoning Caped Crusader who is still carving out a place for himself in the minds of Gotham’s criminalsThere’s a host of deadly new weapons in Batman’s glitterin. I don't know that John Shirley has ever picked up a single comic book or graphic novel detailing the mythos of Batman the Dark Knight in his life but if I base my opinion on the facts he presents in BATMAN DEAD WHITE I'd have to say loudly that he hasn't As a matter of fact I'm honestly surprised that the good folks at DC Comics would have allowed this interpretation of the Dark Knight if that's what it is to see the light of day Now don't get me wrong the first one hundred pages of DEAD WHITE are very impressive A new villain has come to Gotham City in the form of Aaron Bunch aka White Eyes He's a bit of an old school thinker death and destruction are good for business with a heavy whiff of New Wave crime thinking African Americans and Jews are the source of all things wrong with the world and he hopes to bring an end to the 'Zionist rule' with high tech weaponry and a launch of the Ebola Virus on US soil all of this starting with the destruction of Washington DC It's a surprising inventive fresh and mature idea for a Batman novel especially given the fact that Batman is a superhero largely brushed off from topics of political relevance with stories of costumed madmen and wild fisticuffs There's a tremendous amount of thought that goes into the set up of the characters and the events in this tale set in Bruce Wayne's early forays as the Batman and author Shirley involves a young Captain James Gordon and a disgraced Gotham City cop Cormac Sullivan However once you get beyond those first hundred pages or so DEAD WHITE begins to feel less and less like a Batman story and like an adventurous yarn that was force fed into the Batman universe White Eyes becomes less interested in action and far interested in making grand sermons against the Zionist Conspiracy A love interest inserted into Bruce Wayne's life feels much like a bad afterthought thrown in for the sole purpose of lightening up the darkness giving the readers a chance to see 'Hey the world ain't all bad' and it might be believable if it all didn't feel so Hollywood Add to the mix the fact that Shirley appears to have no grasp at all for one of the Batman's prime directives thou shalt not kill and you're uickly concerned about the novels rising body count; once Batman savagely kills five men with a rocket fired missile from his new Batplane in the ultimate showdown I realized I wasn't reading 'Batman' any but uite possibly the draft for the next Arnold Schwarzenegger movie once Arnold decides to uit politics Also it's a minor uibble but one of the inherent strengths of the Batman universe is the subtle work of tying in the darker subversive Gotham City as a character within the tale but sadly much of this book takes place with other characters leaving the reliably dark and sinister Gotham City little than a passing reference There's a part of me convinced that this just WASN'T a Batman story at one point in its history but somehow be it crafty editing or some heavy searchreplace Microsoft Word revision it became one What Shirley does very well in these pages is capture a sense of darkness of dread of doom and gloom associated with these elements of crime I'm not entirely convinced that white supremecists are as dumb as the author would have you believe but they're uite probably from a mental track as twisted It's easy to dismiss some relatively off the mark character moments in the last one hundred pages because the action is whizzing by with comic book frenzy there's guns explosions fights etc but once the villainous White Eyes descends into glorified speeches and cheap grandstanding the novel just spirals out of control There are WAY too many events depicted in the last couple of chapters including some pretty laughable seuences of what's supposed to be heartfelt understanding between a reunited father and son finally making peace between themselves with the help of ruthless violence and the book feels rushed together in order to make a publication date Other reviewers have also noted the book is not for the young I'd have to heartily agree

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G sinister city–in the hands of a psychotic mastermind called White Eyes With his radical murder machine the fiendish leader of Gotham’s racist Bavarian Brotherhood can move beyond dealing drugs and hot guns to pursue his real passion the white supremacist takeover of America The homegrown terrorists’ first strike–at the heart. I'm a big fan of John Shirley's other work especially Crawlers and Demons though rarely have I been struck in reading a writer's efforts with uite so palpable a feeling that I am being informed of that writer's personal details In Shirley's case though I know nothing about him except what I have read in the aforementioned novels and his collection Black Butterflies I am uite positive that Shirley is uite politically liberal and almost certainly gay Neither of these facts of his personal life make any difference to me when reading his books except insofar as they break the illusion created by the story I should not have to leave the narrative in order to ponder the narrator yet I find myself doing so Batman Dead White is a competent and compelling story with some interesting takes on a young and still less than completely confident Batman learning to put himself mentally in the pocket achieving a sort of bat mind of no mind in order to defeat his foes Batman is after all simply a man whose only advantages are his training his euipment and his will The shades of obsession Shirley weaves into Batman's inner dialogue are perfectly in keeping with the character as most readers will see it The action is well paced the stakes high enough to give Batman a challenge and the running struggle between the personae of Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight worthy of the character's legacy That said the novel suffers greatly from Shirley's left wing hand wringing The man cannot resist editorializing as the story progresses The result is a host of two dimensional unrealistic villains from the uintessential redneck racist Sheriff to the militia nuts who form the key villain's white supremacist followers to the villain White Eyes aka Big White himself The steroid abusing tan challenged leader of the Great Big Evil White Supremacist group against whom Batman is pitted is a caricature than a character When Shirley isn't treating us to trigger happy senior citizens with Rush Limbaugh and NRA bumper stickers on their RVs he's preaching to us that there is no difference between fascists and neoconservatives Shirley's political and emotional perspectives also hinder him in his attempts to get into the mind of the Batman for this detective for all his hatred of firearms is by no means a liberal He is a vigilante a mindset to which most liberals cannot relate Thus when Shirley writes sentences like Batman was ready to rock the reader cringes Fans of the Batman genre will enjoy this book Despite its flaws I did It's worth a read though I'm a little disappointed in John Shirley

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Batman Dead WhiteOf our nation’s capitol–is only weeks away But first they’ll test out their killer toys on Batman who is hot on the trail of White Eyes and his brutal militia Ounce for ounce muscle for muscle Batman’s no match for the cunning villain and his wicked new firepower At least that’s how White Eyes sees it Batman has other ideas. In three words Not uite BatmanWhat I liked The story once it got started was interesting if a bit predictable The author manages to get over the jarring sensation I usually get when you mix superheroes with realistic issues such as drug running and racism without making too many bumps along the wayWhat I disliked The author spends a bit too much time for my tastes anyway on original characters rather than on the titular character Most annoying however is that this novel is ostensibly in the Nolanverse timeline yet neither Alfred nor Batman sound anything like the versions of the characters from the film To make matters worse there are a few moments where it didn't seem like I was reading a Batman story at all Many things he does seem out of character for the Caped CrusaderIn the end The book surprised me a bit I wasn't expecting a literary masterpiece going into it but it proved an entertaining enough read