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FREE DOC ↠ READER One Magic Moment ☆ ➽ [Reading] ➿ One Magic Moment By Lynn Kurland ➲ – Medieval studies scholar Tess Alexander is thrilled for the chance to live in a medieval castle But then a trip to the village brings her face to face with the owner of the local garage who looks a gr MedievAst She's determined to remain objective about magic and destiny but she can't help wondering about that mysterious sword wielding mechan A little out of the blue we find out in One Enchanted Evening that Montgomery's twin brother John is missing Although Montgomery doesn't say it is strongly hinted that John may have just decided to try out one of the time gates his family has knowledge of Unfortunately Montgomery and Pippa never mentioned this to Pippa's sister Tess who is living in modern day England It probably would've been nice had they just made a uick mention of this That way when Tess walked into the local mechanics garage looked up and saw her medieval brother in law's identical twin it may not have been such a shock to her It might have made things easier But then Tess and John may never have found out how magical a single moment could be Here is the twist in this book Instead of a de Piaget finding a Future girl to pamper and spoil in the past a de Piaget is completely out of his league as he tries to court a Future girl in the future Hey maybe he should ask his many times removed nephew Stephen de Piaget future earl of Artane for help NOT He doesn't even think he can sit next to that guy He is too eerily like his older brother Instead John will have to rely on his charm his herding skills and his phenomenal musical talents Awww too bad for Tess such a rough life For the full review please go to

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Medieval studies scholar Tess Alexander is thrilled for the chance to live in a medieval castle But then a trip to the village brings he This is a real romance Yes it has time travel and some historical fiction stuff in it but the basic plot of it is mostly driven by the slow build up of the romance Someone is after John and Tess but this takes mostly a backseat Though I do usually like a bit plot about stuff other than romance I did enjoy reading One Magic Moment because I am a romantic at times This is the first book I've read of this series and so there are probably things I didn't know about but really the only thing I was kind of confused about was the sister Peaches which is cleared up laterTess and John are a strange couple I like a protective leading guy really I do and I must admit that I did feel pretty gooey when he was 'wooing' Tess but he was just so demanding Saying Tess should know her place and he was always pushing her around just having to protect her Tess does mention how bossy he is and John does admit how hard he is to deal with though But Tess gets saved a lot of times by John Sure she 'kind of' saves him back once but that is compared to the dozens of recues that he did for her It just dosen't make her seem as strong a woman as she is supposed to be for meIn the end I think just a little plot and a little less romance and I would've liked it better And I do believe I'll be looking out for from Lynn Kurland

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One Magic MomentR face to face with the owner of the local garage who looks One Magic Epuba great deal like the man who married her sister years in the p One Magic Moment by Lynn KurlandParanormal Romance –May 3rd 20114 starsOne Magic Moment is a sweet and magical love story that is part of a time travel seriesTess Alexander has just settled into a real castle Things would be perfect if only she didn’t miss her sister and if the auto mechanic who fixed her car wasn’t so cold and handsome ButTess can’t get the auto mechanic named John out her mind Not only is he attractive but he looks very similar to her brother in law Her brother in law is a man named Montgomery de Piaget but he and her sister are happily married in the year 1241 Could John be related to Montgomery or is Tess imagining things What is John hiding As their attraction for each other blooms Tess must figure out if a life with John will lastAs with all of Lynn Kurland’s books this was a slow moving gentle romance with deep characterization If anyone can make a time travel series realistic it is Lynn Kurland However because it is part of a series it could be a bit confusing if you have not read some of her previous books since characters interrelate I liked this romance but I notice that I like the time travel books when the heroine finds herself transported back in time and meets the hero For me those stories are exciting Since Tess already knows about time travel and most of the romance is in modern times it was sweet but not as thrilling as some of Lynn Kurland’s prior romances So readers who love time travel romances may not get as involved initiallyCharming and delightful this immersing romance is a book to savor Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club