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FREE PDF î BOOK All Men of Genius » LEV A.C. ROSEN ¿ [BOOKS] ✭ All Men of Genius Author Lev A.C. Rosen – Inspired by two of the most beloved works by literary masters All Men of Genius takes place in an alternate Steampunk Victorian London where science makes the impossible possibleViolSpecially not when the duke's young ward Cecily starts to develop feelings for Violet's alter ego Ashton Not to mention blackmail mysterious killer automata and the way Violet's pulse uickens whenever the young duke Ernest speaks to her She soon realizes that it's not just keeping her secret until the end of the year faire she has to worry about it's surviving that lo 1 starsWhere to start? This book was such a failure on so many fronts Be prepared for a long inspired rant—I mean reviewI’ll start off with the few good points that I managed to see beyond this mess of a novel The author had okay prose here and there there were two funny moments and the climax was silly and fun though completely out of context for the atmosphere the author was going for—so a total failHowever an entire mountain of negative aspects bury the little positive there was very deeplySo where did the author err? Unfortunately in all areas when judging a book character plot and narrative In this case the elements are so messed up that you can’t talk about one area without dragging another into the conversation But I’ll try to make my point clear I’ll begin with narrative and move on from there The first thing that jumped out at me was the point of view POV jumps The author loves to head hop from one character to the next sometimes within the same paragraph Sometimes a minor character will narrate for one paragraph before the POV switches back to the main character I don’t think the author was going for 3rd person omniscient narrative it didn’t have that tone to it I think he meant to do 3rd person limited and unfortunately failed miserablyHe has us jump around from so many characters from all the random professors detailing their happy or failed love lives—how is this relevant? the servant girl who has 3 lines of narrative telling us she fears our eccentric heroin—um you had to jump into her head to show us she was afraid of Violet? the Governess Mirriam who goes into long solilouy over her struggles with dealing with racism and all the other characters who bore us with their love livesI can go on It’s a very long list of POVsWhat this shows is that the author doesn’t grasp the reason a POV is selected The uestions that an author must ask them self is this what is this story about what message they are trying to portray and who best tells this story?Sometimes multiple POVs are used to tell a story but they are CAREFULLY selected and they have a STRONG COMPELLING REASON for being included In spearing us with every POV possible from the book he’s only managed to poke enumerable holes in his narrative to resemble Swiss cheese—so much so that it doesn’t look like a narrative any It merely resembles a patchwork of every POV of the author exploring ALL POSSIBLE variations to a storyThis leads to my next point character With a non existent narrative it’s no surprise that he doesn’t allow for any character development beyond a superficial level which isn’t deep A strong narrative would have allowed us to connect and bond with the major players of the book As it was to compensate for this the author had to spell everything out and explain the situation to the reader to make sure the reader understood each character’s motivations and personal struggles eg She felt angry because of these reasons There was no subtext The fact that the Rosen needed to explain these things to the reader instead of the story doing it for him leads to another major weakness The plot also lacked focus There were so many scenes incidentally the random POVs that did nothing to further the plot along Instead they confused the plot and bogged it down The book crawled at a slow paceWe’re also unsure of what message the author was trying to convey He mashed a whole bunch of very relevant societal issues of our culture into one book which would have been than adeuate to dedicate an entire book to each SEPARATELY but he’s managed to hamfist them together into one novel with the level of sophistication of a stomping elephant In doing so not only did he fail to properly portray one issue and his message but the resultant effect was a poor mockery of all these issues For instance he could have focused on a girl struggling to be recognized as an eual in a man’s world which the message is completely undermined by the crazy ending or the oppression of gays and their struggles but the way he presented it they seemed to happy and struggle free while hiding behind the backs of society and how about the racial oppression of one woman a minor side character which felt like a totally random topic by the way?Do you get the feeling that this story lacked focus? We’re not sure where the author wanted to take this story From what I can see the author himself didn’t know where he wanted to take this story Just because these issues are powerful on their own doesn’t mean that just throwing them into your book would suddenly add depth and meaning You have to work for it Work for the issue get the reader emotionally involved carry the reader on a journey and leave the reader to figure out the message without the need for blatant narrative to explain it to you which is what he did To bring up one example of just how far off the author went off topic he’s got this one character Mr Curio who suffers these Dr Jackel and Clyde moments This character’s goals are to find a cure for his blackout rage moments Not only was that a totally random thing to put into the story but it went nowhere and contributed nothing to the plot In fact I’d say it contributed a negative number How is that possible you ask? Well it made everything even of a mess Had the author focused on ONE character and ONE issue I think he would have done better He has proven he is currently incapable of handling Authors who’ve mastered the ability to showcase multiple societal issues have developed the skills to subtly present each issue by letting the reader briefly glimpse them allowing the effect to resonate in the reader’s subconscious over and over again throughout the novel until it crests in the climax I’m not sure what Rosen’s goal was when he sat down to pen this book Was it to force every theme that has ever popped up in literature into one book? Because it certainly wasn’t to write a story The reader can’t find the story with all these ideas fighting for dominance Now I’ll discuss other areas of the book such as how well were these geniuses presented? Unfortunately it was entirely unbelievable Readers go into a book expecting to suspend some disbelief but the author has proven his ignorance in the matter of science a major fail for a steampunk novel For example here’s a list of impossible things to believe Violet builds mechanical flapping wing additions to 4? brass ducks in one afternoon This probably involves welding and soldering metal though the author never mentioned how it was done Not to mention rigging them to flap Jack stitches a skin tight snake skin to a rat in under 10 minutes Amazing how the rat didn’t bleed and managed to move around just fine with all those stitches There’s a whole bunch amazing scientific achievement by Jack in a short amount of time of organ addition and transplant between animals Violet performs amazing mechanical engineering of what sounds like the physically impossible Perpetual Motion machineengine the students create and build amazing projects in one afternoon and the list goes onWhy are they at this school if they don’t seem to be learning anything or really struggling? And even if they were that smart and have managed to solve the how of the projectassignment building and assembling the project would take weeks or at least a few days And what was the record? 10 minutes?TEN FREAKING MINUTES? But wait There’s A ferret or bunny rabbit can’t remember which gets a voice box transplant from a parrot Now we’ve got this furry rabbit spouting off insulting sailor’s lingo This would have been funny if it wasn’t so so biologically impossible Let’s assume for a minute that the voice box transplant was successful How the heck would the rabbit know or remember those sailor terms? Muscle memory and auditory memory are located in the BRAIN That rabbit still had the same brain Hence that foul language never transferred over Mr Rosen you have incredibly poorly flawed logic that is an achievement in of itself Thank god you didn’t endeavor to go into science But even if science was never your cup of tea that doesn’t mean you can do as you please and throw research out of the window YOU chose to write science fiction so at least put some effort into it Don’t mock us readers The next topic opposite to logic broached upon in this book is romance or love Due to the horrible character depth and development and narration it is entirely unbelievable and cringe worthy Especially that impromptu improbable kiss between a thirty something year old teacher and seventeen year old student in disguise whom the teacher believes to be male Oh yeah my disbelief is completely suspended sarcasm All in all I congratulate you Mr Rosen in your achievement of inspiring me to write 3 pages worth of a dissection of your book I’m not sure I’ve ever written this much for a review before I will end my review with this Mr Rosen does have potential and obvious enthusiasm for writing However it’s still too early for him to publish his works This work plainly shows that he didn't analyze his story deep enough to know WHO and WHAT this novel was about My advice is to mature as a writer before publishing another book And I wouldn’t hire the editor of this book or sign any contracts with the publisher Tor Books either It speaks volumes on the level of skill and standards the team behind the book had for publishing this A word to publishing companies pushing out publications like this only serves to reinforce the idea that your publishing company is of low uality and we can't expect good books from you Better to publish fewer novels than to release crap like this Readers have standards and we don't want to waste our time and money That's right Unlike my refund time is impossible to return

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Inspired by two of the most beloved works by literary masters All Men of Genius takes place in an alternate Steampunk Victorian London where science makes the impossible possibleViolet Adams wants to attend Illyria College a widely renowned school for the most brilliant up and coming scientific minds founded by the late Duke Illyria the greatest scientist of the Victo I am not in the habit of mincing my words so I’m going to come right out and say it Reading this was a painful experience Not an impossible feat like Shatter Me was but that’s another story but very very painful But I persevered and completed it just so I can review it with a clean conscienceI was sold on the book the moment I read the synopsis I found the title to be particularly witty All Men of Genius only it’s a woman’s genius we are going to be seeing get it? and I thought that the title reflected the content of the novel So after lusting after the book for a week I decided that eating was overrated and bought it I needed to have it okay? None of my libraries have it and none of them are considering getting it soI had no choice I’m telling you this so my review is framed in a way that will let you understand why I was so colossally disappointedI didn’t read this book expecting the worst In fact I began this book with a fervent hope that it would be insanely awesomeUnfortunately no one was listening to my prayers The biggest obstacle I faced in my enjoyment to this novel was the writing None of the characters are ever allowed to develop The author either thinks readers are too dimwitted or he doesn’t trust our ability to decipher the subtext that is what’s happening between the lines One of the greatest reasons I love reading is because while a good author builds the foundation for hisher story the details are left for the reader to decode interpret You are allowed to draw what conclusions you will because that is what reading is A personal affair We are not given the chance to do so in All Men of Genius The author insists on spelling out how each character feels what his thoughts and hence feelings may mean his motivations his dreamsevery single thing It’s like whatever free voice there may have been in the characters is choked off by the narrator’s interfering and jarring voice taking over There is no subtlety and there is no flow to the narrative And it pissed me offSo the writing was bad enough but couple that with flat one dimensional characters who aren’t able to be because well the writing refuses to let them They are not fleshed out they are not interesting and they read like representations of stock characters than original characters Is this because this is a conflation of two different classic novels? I have no idea I just know that any time an author uses “everyone laughs” or any other generalizing sentence heshe kills whatever individuality that may have been present in the novel If you want your characters to sound and act like real people do not seriously just don’t lump them all together when narrating their reactions Not all people will laugh and even if they do you don’t need to say it because you risk your narrative sounding campyMoving on from the characters let’s talk about the plot Which is predictable and lacking twists So this is a steampunk novel and I realize that you can’t be minutely versed in all aspects of mechanical engineering but if you are going to write about a genius you should at least pretend in a sincere enough manner that your genius evinces her intelligence persuasively The fact that she can make such complicated machines in so little time is not just improbable but also ridiculous and takes away from the believability of the novel And the housekeeper becoming proficient at all things mechanical? Is it really that easy? It felt that the author did not do as much research on his topic as he needed to and usually I don’t notice such things but when your subject reuires a lot of jargon or at least description of mechanical parts etc you can’t help but notice the lack of itThe romance Oh My God I think I mentioned that this book has the year’s worst love interest ever Violet is I believe around fifteen years old The love interest is no other than the “headmaster” of the school she is attending in disguise He is also around thirty years old though he behaves like he is a hundred A bare handful of meetings and Violet is falling in love And oh dude it is SO interesting that the narrative voice chimes in that “Violet doesn’t want to be in the company of other students because she doesn’t to feel attraction to them” or something to that effect Or on another occasion insinuates that she can control whom she is attracted to because of course with a college full of handsome men her age she is going to fall for the headmaster who is about as appealing as a turnipI was also deeply uncomfortable with the ease with which the casual killing of animals was related They feel sorry about it but it’s for science so it’s okay Um no it’s not It felt vicious callous and whatever little regard I had for the story died along with the animalsIn conclusion in case you haven’t figured it out by now and I need to spell it out like the book does I wouldn’t recommend this novel to you I really wouldn’t If you want to read steampunk read The Spiritwalker Trilogy by Kate Elliott Vastly superior in all ways that matter

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All Men of GeniusRian Age The school is run by his son Ernest who continues his father's policy that the small exclusive college remain male only Violet sees her opportunity when her father departs for America She disguises herself as her twin brother Ashton and gains entryBut keeping the secret of her sex won't be easy not with her friend Jack's constant habit of pulling pranks and e Original review posted on The Book Smugglers HEREFirst ImpressionsAna All Men of Genius has been marketed as a Steampunk retelling of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest Well I love Steampunk when done well and the two aforementioned plays are my favourites by their respective authors so I was super excited to read this At the same time I was uite wary as there is this really thin line separating great homage from simple reproduction I need not have worried Mr Rosen’s book is basically made of awesome and I loved every single second of itIn fact you will have to excuse me while I wax poetic all over this reviewThea I remember catching wind of this title right before BEA and then excitedly telling Ana that this sounded like an awesome candidate for a joint review – there’s the steampunk goodness PLUS the wonderful literary allusionsinspirations not to mention the fun cover and clever title It is in short the perfect amalgam of things that we Smugglers love I went into this book expecting a delightful romantic comedy of errors and a lighthearted romp through a steampunkified Victorian London – and I am happy to report that All Men of Genius delivers exactly that with some surprising depth to bootOn the PlotAna Violet Adams is a brilliant inventor and mechanical genius who would love nothing than to attend the world famous Illyria College Unfortunately for Violet the College will not accept women who are regarded by society as the lesser gender But that will not stop Violet and aided by her twin brother Ashton and their best friend Jack she comes up with scheme to masuerade as her brother and attend the colleague her goal is to become the College’s best student and at the end of the year reveal herself as a woman Things get a little complicated when Ernest the Duke of Illyria and the headmaster of the College becomes infatuated with Violet as Ashton who reciprocates the feeling much to her own dismay at the same time that his ward Cecily also develops feelings for the student Violet has to deal with all of this and attend the lessons and concoct the experiment that will prove her genius amongst serious competition with other students Meanwhile there is something afoot in the labyrinth beneath the College where long lost secrets still dwellI can’t even begin to express how much I loved this bookIn terms of the plot it follows Violet and her friends during this one year at College and it deals with several different threads In this alternate universe London the College is a centre for scientific experiments in a proper Steampunk manner featuring not only automata and steam powered machines but also biologicalmedical advancements in genetics that allow terrible experimentations with animals and even with human beingsAs an aside this is probably my only main criticism of the book that there is little ethical uestioning about this although some of the characters do show some horror to what some of the students are doing but since learning that there will be a seuel I hope this will be addressed somehowThere is also the mystery of what is going on in the basement of the school which may or may not relate to a group of Mad Scientists that wish for World Nomination and that sounds a bit trite because well not all Science Fiction needs to feature the mad conspiracies BUT it not only kept me going and what’s the best thing about this is that the eventual revelation is completely anti climatic and I totally loved that it was so It not only fit the story but to the point it fit its mood and atmosphereAnd then of course there is the scheme itself and how to keep Violet’s identity a secret from everybody; there is all the falling in love and falling out of love and love returned and love spurned Most of it is a comedy of manners and a comedy of errors and I am a sucker for both especially when done with such aplomb I mean I loved everything about it the writing the narrative style which features an almost omniscient narrator the banter between the characters and their adventures This is where the novel follows the original plays very closely – if you are familiar with either play you will know exactly where the story is going and who ends up with each other well or less since Ashton don’t really play his original role but on that later But what fascinated me the most is that even with that this story was still fresh and original and the author’s own not only because of the Steampunk elements but because of how it developed For example it is very common in Shakespearian plays for characters to fall in love at first sight and this happens here when Jack falls in love with Cecily but she totally calls him on that – how is it possible that he can love her at first sight without knowing her?More than that though I loved how the story was set in a somewhat similar Victorian London and despite the scientific advancements it was still a society with prejudices and sexism I thought the author was at extremely ease with exploring and examining subtly and with compassion those issues dealing with gender bias sexism racism and homophobia really wellTo sum up All Men of Genius is charming fun funny romantic and as the English would say totally my cup of teaThea What Ana said If you’re familiar with Twelfth Night and The Importance of Being Earnest you can basically guess how All Men of Genius plays out I loved the allusions both obvious and subtle to each play; Violet’s invention of a mechanical perambulator in which neither a baby nor a novel can be forgotten or switched; the phonetic similarities between AshtonSebastian VioletViola MiriamMaria the delightful “Malcom Volio” for Malvolio; and so on and so forth But than the similarities in names and plot devices I loved that this hybrid version of Wilde’s and the Bard’s comedy of mistaken identities has a much deeper examination of sexism sexuality and status It’s actually incredibly impressive that Mr Rosen is able to stay so close to the source material while translating it to a context that is both engrossing speculative fiction AND a bitingly relevant societal critiueLike Ana I was easily drawn in by the comedic elements of this story – Violet dressed as a man heads to Illyria to fulfill her lifelong dream and prove that a woman is just as eligible for a career in the sciences as a man Like her inspirational Shakespearean counterpoint Viola Violet defies convention in order to find a place in a society that forces women into set roles – and she’s not the only one to do so Her twin brother Ashton also plays within the niceties towards outward facing society but is an unapologetic “invert” the Victorian term for homosexual that loves as he wills – which is freaking awesome There’s also Cecily the sixteen year old ward the embodiment both her Earnest namesake and Olivia from Twelfth Night who is beautiful and believes herself to be in love with Violet as Ashton But rather than stunting her character as a love struck girl Mr Rosen gives her a voice beyond that of the blandly naive young ward and shows that part of the reason she falls in love with “Ashton” is because “he” treats her as an eual and admires her scientific skill and know how There’s also Miriam Cecily’s governess who is so much than her Twelfth Night counterpart Maria with her desire for freedom both socially and sexually Long story short – I loved the way that Mr Rosen managed to pay tribute to the plays that inspired this novel but managed to make them relevant and thematically brilliant by dealing with sensitive issues of gender sexuality and social normsBut let’s not forget about the Speculative Fiction element After all this is a steampunk novel set in an alternate Victorian London Like Ana says I think the charm of this book in terms of worldsetting is in that Illyria is not a mere college devoted to the creation of dirigibles and automata While Violet IS a mechanical genius Illyria allows for other kinds of brilliance – from the geneticallybiologically ambitious Victor Frankenstein would have been gleefully at home here to those who long to gaze at the stars and divine the meanings of their celestial movementsThe only plot element that I felt was slightly undercooked was that of young Volio and his nefarious schemes The mystery of the school’s labyrinthine corridors and the secrets they harbor are the underlying impetus for the climax of the novel and while it works in a wonderfully absurdist Wilde esue way it felt a bit of an easy way to pin everything on a main villain Plus by the end of the novel we only really learn a tiny bit about the mysterious society of Illyria – but as there’s a seuel in the works I’m certain will come to light in a future installmentOn the CharactersAna If I loved the plot because it was so close to the originals I loved the characters all the because this is where All Men of Genius deviates from the original stories the most because the author took some of the characters into different paths and gave some of them voicesA significant difference for example comes with Ashton Violet’s twin brother who in this story is gay and although he is a bit of a secondary character there is enough exploration of his difficult situation in a society that doesn’t accept ueer people At the same time I loved how sister and his friends accepted his sexual orientation without any problems whatsoeverThere is uite a diverse cast of characters the majority of them beautifully rendered in depth I even felt that the villain had his reasons but that might be because I secretly always felt bad for Malvolio in Shakespeare’s play I loved the bittersweet relationship between another young Sir Toby and the older Governess Miriam I loved that Miriam was given a personality separate to what was happening to her ward Cecily that she is just like Violet an independent woman who wants to be able to do with her life and be as free to love and have fun as she wants There is this beautiful scene where Violet – just like Miriam muses about the simple pleasure of going out with friends to a tavern to drink and be merry a pleasure that is denied to her because she is a woman And I loved that – I loved every single female character in this book because they had personalities and arcs of their own independently of any male counterpart even though all of them were involved in a romantic storyline This to me is awesomeThea I completely and wholeheartedly agree There are many familiar elements and homages paid in All Men of Genius which makes those differences all the potent With his portrayal of Violet Mr Rosen gives our heroine not only the pluck and survival instincts of Viola but also takes into account the context of Victorian England and prevailing sexism Should Violet be caught in her disguise she like other women who dared to pose as men in order to gain an education would be thrown in prison indefinitely or worse I loved that Violet addresses and weighs these possibilities against her own actions and makes the conscious decision to go to Illyria because the stakes are so high I also loved that while Violet discovers freedom when she poses as a man she also discovers her own desire to be and grow as a woman The balance is wonderfully wrought and I loved the finesse and skill that Mr Rosen shows his heroineI also have to agree with Ana that all of the female characters in this piece are fantastic and my easy favorites – Cecily grows in her own confidences and becomes a young woman but it is the widowed Miriam that captured my heart A governess a widow but still a young woman yearning for freedom and life outside of marriage Miriam’s uest for happiness was completely unexpected to me and added a depth and nuance to a novel that was for the large part a sparkling light comedy I also adored Ashton and his support for his sister and his resolve to be happy just as I loved the easygoing prankster Jack who also grows and learns what it means to truly love someone Finally there’s the Duke of Illyria himself the Ernest of this piece who is also eual parts Orsino Ernest is a sympathetic hero that one can’t help but feel for – romantic and soft spoken his romance with Viola as Ashton and as Viola is hilarious and heartfelt There’s a kiss that literally comes out of nowhere that had me gleefully laughing and I’m kind of glad that Lev Rosen goes there I always wondered about the attraction between Orsino and “Sebastian” in Twelfth Night and I think the way it is handled here with much introspection is very clever indeedFinal Thoughts Observations RatingAna As you can see I loved this book with all my heart to the point I can hardly contain myself It’s been a while since I had so much unreserved fun reading a book All I can say now is that All Men of Genius is an Ana Book through and through and I hugged it when I finished reading it It has a secure spot on my top 10 this yearThea I also truly loved the book and like Ana had a very fun time reading it Absolutely recommended to all and a Notable Read of 2011