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Summary Dick Franciss Gamble ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ [PDF / Epub] ★ Dick Franciss Gamble Author Felix Francis – Felix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis before the legendary author passed away in 2010 Taking up the reins for his first soloDay when he witnesses the execution style killing of his friend Herb Novak Worried he might be next Foxy wonders if there was a dark side to Herb he didn’t know abou. I miss Dick Francis I have been a fan of his for a long time Yes he essentially writes the same hero over and over again although he usually gives the guy a different name and occupation in each book Yes his mysteries have a sameness to them at some point in the book the hero is going to be unjustly accused of something Either the hero or his love interest is going to have some kind of infirmity or disability The hero will come from a flawed family and in some way shape or form the hero will be involved with the sport of horse racing At the end the hero will triumph in a satisfactory manner and the bad guy will be suitably punishedHowever there is often comfort in knowing exactly what you are going to read and that is what Dick Francis novels have always been for me I count at least two of his books among my favorite mystery novels ever and he has been one of my must read authors in the thirty years I have been reading his novels Last year I paid a visit to a horse track for the first time in large part because of interest created by reading these novelsSo I have been very nervous about his son Felix taking over the family franchise Kids don't always do such a great job of taking over their parents' job I'm happy to say however that with Gamble Felix makes a smooth transition one that I would rate on a par with his father's workWe have the unjustly accused hero Nick Foxy Foxton who is attending the races with his friend and co worker Herb Kovac when Kovac is shot to death while standing right beside Foxton At various points during the book Foxton is accused of murder and securities fraud The hero is a recovering addict a former jockey who was injured in a race and whose head is now barely attached to his neck In addition his girlfriend is diagnosed with cancer during the book The book certainly fits the Dick Francis formula In fact this book has everything I expect to read when I pick up a Dick Francis novel If it hadn't had Felix's name on the cover I would have thought it was written by Dick Francis himself which is the highest compliment I could possibly pay to this book It will be a joy if Felix continues to write novels such as this so I can continue to enjoy DickFelix Francis novels for another thirty years

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Reins for his first solo effort Felix delivers a captivating tale that franchise fans will thoroughly enjoy Former jockey Nicholas “Foxy” Foxton is at the track one. I discovered the Dick Francis novels sometime in the 1960's and gave them as Fathers Day and Christmas presents to my grandfather and stepfather while collecting them for myselfWhen I lost all my books in a house fire the Dick Francis thrillers were amongst the first books that I hunted down to refill my bookshelves They are the old friends that I turn to when unwell or lonely so I am delighted that Felix Francis is continuing the work of his father and motherI bought this book at Borders Riccarton on 30th December uite possibly the last time I will shop there before it closes in JanuaryI delighted in the touches of the familiar ex jockey in a profession that allows him to continue haunting the racecourses carefully concealed deus ex machina and enough red herrings to delight Mesdames Sayers Christie and MarshSuffice it to say that once started I read straight through until two in the morning so that I might know 'who did it' truly the highest compliment I can pay to any bookKeep them coming Mr Felix Francis I am a fan

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Dick Franciss GambleFelix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis Dick Franciss Kindle before the legendary author passed away in Taking up the. As many of his fans know Dick Francis passed away in February 2010 He was a force in mystery novels all set in some way in the English horse riding community publishing one novel a year until his wife's death in 2000 She helped him research his novels In his obituary the New York Times reported that Dick Francis thought he would never write another book again but in 2006 he came out with a new Sid Halley novel in which his son Felix Francis helped with the research Thereafter Dick and Felix collaborated on several novels Last year's dual Francis offering Crossfire published after Dick Francis's death was also a collaborative entryAlthough Dick Francis’s early novels were firmly set in the horse riding world of England his later novels while set in that world were often about other topics Nevertheless they all had an innate feel of that horse riding world and the villains were also part of that world When you opened a Francis novel the hero usually was in some awful predicament and you felt it in your gut There was a ratcheting up of suspense Time was always ticking and eventually the main character had to overcome his foes usually with wit and force of arms In the prior collaborative efforts the novels did not seem to have that same feel for the horse track or that suspense This new novel Gamble is Felix Francis first solo effort in the mystery genre that his father so skillfully charted Although Francis still lacks that Dick Francis touch around the track it’s a solid overall effort and does have a lot suspenseFoxy Foxton now known as Nick Foxton was a former jockey who has gone into financial advising He works with Herb Kovak at Lyall Black a financial advising firm He is standing next to Herb Kovak at the track when an unknown gunman kills Kovak in cold blood Surprisingly appointed as Kovak's executor Foxton soon learns that Kovak was involved in some kind of internet scam involving gambling Later he goes to the track to meet with Bobby Searle a client of the firm who demands to have his financial portfolio sold immediately to pay off a 100000 pound debt When Foxton cannot convert the investments into hard currency fast enough Searle is nearly killed by a hit and run driverLater yet Foxton is approached by Colonel Jolyon Roberts a client of the firm to investigate a Bulgarian investment his family trust has made in the amount of 5000000 pounds It seems that Roberts nephew visited the site where houses and a factory were supposed to be built and found nothing there When Foxton finds out that something is fishy about that investment and conveys the information to Roberts and tells Roberts to talk to Lyall Black Roberts also ends up dead under suspicious circumstances Suspicious to FoxtonSoon Foxton finds himself running for his life from the hired gunman who killed Kovak and like all good Francis heroes he resorts to his wit and fists to defeat this villain and the ones who hired him He eventually puts the pieces together as to who wanted Kovak dead and solves the mystery of the real bad guysFrancis only miscue if it is one is that when his hero rides a horse in one scene there is no connection between rider and horse as we would have found in a Dick Francis novel It’s a minor issue in an overall good effort