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Download Doc Ü The Bronze Horseman ✓ ä ➧ The Bronze Horseman Ebook ➭ Author Paullina Simons – The golden skies the translucent twilight the white nights all hold the promise of youth of love of eternal renewal The war has not yet touched this city of fallen grandeur or the lives of twoThe golden skies the translucent twilight the white nights all hold the promise of youth of love of eternal renewal The war has not yet touched this city of fallen grandeur or the lives of two sisters Tatiana and Dasha Metanova who share a single room in a cramped apartment with their brother and parents Their world is turned upside down w 10 bright shining stars Wow WOW WOW This is the most intense and epic love story EVER told It's exuisitely written achingly heart wrenching deeply heart warming and utterly beautiful unforgettable and incomparable in every way uite simply there is no other series like thisThe author has a truly uncanny gift for really making you FEEL everything that her characters are going through I FELT Tania and Alexander fall in love I FELT their longing I FELT their desire FELT their heartache FELT their joy FELT their hunger FELT their pain FELT their happiness FELT their loss FELT their desperation but than anything FELT their LOVE Love that was all consuming world shattering achingly deep and EPIC Honestly I was an absolute wreck throughout my reading of it I literally stayed up reading till the sun came up and got up 4 hours later to finish it Throughout the entire book I felt as though I was being constantly injected with little bouts of adrenaline It kept me riveted the entire time This book ripped my heart out and put it back together over and over and over again I cried a few times throughout the book and then there was a part about 34 of the way though where I literally sobbed for about 12 15 straight pages And then I held out until the second last page and the waterworks started again You want SO BADLY for things to work out for themThe story basically follows Tatiana a 17 year old Russian girl from Lenningrad who on the day that WW2 started in their area meets Alexander a 22 year old soldier in the Red Army with a secret past that could be very dangerous for him and anyone around him if it got out Tania's sister has recently also found a soldier who she is absolutely smitten with and of course Tania then finds out that Alexander is indeed that soldier that Dasha has fallen for Tatiana's is the ultimate selfless giver she puts everyone else before her no matter the personal costs and even though she and Alexander are clearly crazy for each other she cannot bear the thought of breaking her sister's heart and begs him to pretend to stay with her sister This leads to a lot of tension obviously and many stolen glances and gestures looks fleeting touches private names for each other and secret meetings Over the months they fall deeper and deeper in secret love But eventually the war comes right to Lenningrad and they are forced to all fight for survival When Tatiana and Alexander eventually get married they have a beautiful month long hot hot hot 70 page honeymoon this IS a romance story after all despite the tragic setting I won't say but the ending leaves you hanging and desperate for the next book This is book 1 of a trilogy I have it on good authority that the last one ends with a HEA but its a long and bumpy road until then It's not your classic romance where everything just works out it's a heart wrenching journey of finding love and having the faith to hold on to it no matter what Alexander sigh how to describe him He is one of those male character that just sears themself into your mind The way he LOVES Tania and the way she LOVES him is just so POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL I really can't do it justice with my own words They sacrifice SO much EVERYTHING for each other I loved how Tatiana grew from a uiet young girl to a very strong woman throughout the bookI just want to pluck the two of them out of this story put them on a desert island with everything they could every want to live out their lives in perfect happiness They literally have all possible odds stacked against them and yet still the push through This is truly a story about survival About how love can give you the will and the courage to survive anything The book is long My print copy was 810 pages but I promise you it does not feel long at all I read every single word often as slowly as I could I didn't skim a single syllable The author's writing style is beautiful and flows very smoothly The story never dragged for me If you want an EPIC love story with wonderful characters and beautiful writing this is the book for you I get asked this A LOT How historical are these books? so I'm going to answer that here NOT AT ALL Ok well maybe a tiny bit considering it takes place during WW2 but the point is that it doesn't FEEL like a historical book at all I personally am not a fan of historical romances mainly because I don't like the language In this book the characters speak in MODERN language They sound pretty much like you or I would Also the book does NOT go into any lengthy detail on historical events This is first and formost a LOVE STORY The focus is on the characters NOT the events The only events that are highlighted are the ones that DIRECTLY affect the main couple The rest of the war etc is pretty much glossed right over You do learn some facts because obviously they live through the war but its the background The story follows ALEXANDER and TATIANA their life and their love Trust me you will NOT regret reading it D10 stars and a place high on my favorites shelfBottom line THE BRONZE HORSEMAN IS THE BEST MOST INTENSE MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL AND HEART WRENCHING YET HEART WARMING LOVE STORY EVER TOLD A MUST READ Trust me You'll never forget this story “Ask yourself these three uestions Tatiana Metanova and you will know who you are Ask what do you believe in? What do you hope for? But most important – ask what do you love? I know who I am she thought taking his hand I am Tatiana And I believe in and hope for and love Alexander for life” MY CASTING see aboveTo sum it up For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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Ing the terrible winter of the merciless German siege Tatiana and Alexander's impossible love threatens to tear the Metanova family apart and expose the dangerous secret Alexander so carefully protects a secret as devastating as the war itself as the lovers are swept up in the brutal tides that will change the world and their lives forever ❝Good bye my moonsong and my breath my white nights and golden days my fresh water and my fire Good bye and may you find a better life find comfort again and your breathless smile and when your beloved face lights up once at the Western sunrise be sure what I felt for you was not in vain Good bye and have faith my Tatiana❞ Reread 04132017 God I love this book so much It's far from perfect but this book and these characters are just so near and dear to my heart It's been almost a year since I read The Bronze Horseman the first time and to this day I still haven't found a love story as great as Tatiana and Alexander'sI don't know what it is but my heart just aches every time I flip through these pages It felt as if I was reading this book again for the first time because I cried swooned and bawled some just has much as I did the first time around I think The Bronze Horseman will always be my favorite love story of all time and I'll never get tired of reading about the lives of Tatiana and Alexander 3 Original ReviewI have no words to express my feelings towards this book All I know with utmost confidence is that I might have just read my FAVORITE book of all time I think I've also taken binge reading to a whole new level because I literally just finished an 800 page book within a span of a day I kid you not This book devoured me and haunted me even in my sleep for 24 straight hours I gave up life and food because I couldn't put this book down Even now I'm still reeling and withdrawaling from everything I just readOur two main characters Alexander and Tatiana are the epitome of tragedy Their whole story from beginning to end was just heart wrenching They are the perfect example of lovers who met and loved at the wrong time especially when the beginning of their love story was also the beginning of the Second World WarSince the very beginning and for most of the story Alexander and Tatiana's relationship or lack thereof was put in a very complicated position You just can't help but root for them anyways no matter how bad things may likely turn out in the end The lengths that they went to just to bury their feelings for each other was absolutely dreadful The chemistry and the tension between Alexander and Tatiana was just so thick that it pained even me for them to be apart When they do finally get together it feels like absolute euphoria just knowing you were waiting hundreds of pages for this moment to finally happen And I must say those hundreds of pages were definitely worth the wait because I completely adore the both of them They weren't exactly sunshine and rainbows every step of the way and their fighting got irritating because basic communication proved to be such a struggle for these two but nonetheless I loved them anyways Their love was undying and sacrificed so much for even just a uick glance or the brush of a hand Even at the brink of death even in the end Alexander and Tatiana just lived and breathed love for one anotherAs individuals Alexander and Tatiana had their own flaws Tatiana was very naive in the beginning but war and loss sculpted her into a strong kind young woman These ualities were also her weakness because it led people especially her family to often take advantage of her generosity and kindness She was the ultimate pushover and I really wanted to shake some sense into herself at times A lot of times She was also stubborn to no end and often put herself and Alexander in difficult situations But I admire Tatiana's endurance and perseverance for overcoming the war and the sacrifices she had to make for herself and for her familyAlexander was a bit complicated to understand I could tell without a doubt that he loved Tatiana than life itself He spoke of love not with words but through his actions Sometimes I think he may have even loved her a little too much One of the things I worry about in regards to his character though was his temper He became very temperamental as the story progressed and I did feel as if his anger got the best of him The characters he lashed out to did become a bit testy but sometimes he got a bit too carried away with his rage Though I feel a bit guilty about saying this I must admit that I won't be surprised if abuse becomes an issue with Alexander in the later books Pushes and shoves can easily turn into slaps and punches I'm hoping it won't happen since I absolutely love Alexander aside from his many flaws but it won't come as a shock if it does happenAside from the romance I really enjoyed reading World War 2 in the Soviet Union's perspective rather than America's or even Germany's I've read a few historical fiction novels that were set during the Second World War but I've never read one that was centered in the Soviet Union We all know that many countries lost a lot of lives in the war but just reading about what the people went through really hurts my heart I can't even imagine being starved to death like many of those civilians did I couldn't even eat a proper meal while reading this book because these characters were only given scraps for food I haven't read a book like The Bronze Horseman that's actually affected me this way emotionallyThis book is absolutely huge It's definitely the longest book I've read and I've successfully read it within a day Though the length of this book could be debatable I really think it plays a huge role in the book itself We as readers are living through this war with the characters We are growing and suffering with each and every one of them I don't think this book would've affected me as much if it was any shorter There were parts that felt repetitive and possibly could've been omitted but I wouldn't change this book for the world It's not the greatest piece of literature out there in the world nor is it the greatest love story every told but it comes pretty close to meI've heard about The Bronze Horseman a few months ago but I never really gave it a second thought because I don't normally read historical fiction novels What a mistake that was I sincerely regret not picking this book up sooner because I can honestly say that The Bronze Horseman has topped every book I've ever read so far in my life I always thought that The Night Circus a fantasy novel would always be my favorite book of all time I didn't doubt it because after several years and after hundreds of books no book has ever replaced The Night Circus as my all time favorite Until today On top of that fantasy has been my preferred genre of books to read This might have even been my first historical fiction book I've read all year and we're already halfway done with 2016 I was never really planning to read this book or any historical fiction novel any time soon I just spontaneously decided to read a war romance and stumbled upon The Bronze Horseman even when I was already reading two other books But that dropping everything for this book was one of the greatest reading decisions I've ever made in my life I can't even fathom how this book has impacted and affected me so greatly I'm almost too afraid to read the next two books for fear that they won't live up to the the greatness of The Bronze Horseman But after that ending after all that suffering there has to be a happy ever after in store for these two untimely lovers I refuse to believe that this is the end for Alexander and Tatiana

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The Bronze HorsemanHen Hitler's armies attack Russia and begin their unstoppable blitz to LeningradYet there is light in the darkness Tatiana meets Alexander a brave young officer in the Red Army Strong and self confident yet guarding a mysterious and troubled past he is drawn to Tatiana and she to him Starvation desperation and fear soon grip their city dur Full thoughts appear on my blog bottom line is that this book normalizes and promotes unhealthy and abusive interactions between a husband and a wife Never once did Simons denounce any of Alexander’s actions as abusive violent or wrong; instead Tatiana is constantly apologizing for upsetting his husband It’s sold as a love story but the main character is only given this love when she’s behaving like a perfect doll for her husband following his commands serving him food and bending over for him any time he feels the urge to pound her Alexander faced no conseuences for his actions in this book This violence and this abuse is sold as angst and romance And I loathed every goddamn second of it