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Shock Value kindle Ï Hardcover Ü [EPUB] ✰ Shock Value Author Jason Zinoman – An enormously entertaining account of the gifted and eccentric directors who gave us the golden age of modern horror in the 1970s bringing a new brand of politics and gritty realism to the genre Much An enormously entertaining account ofA brand of nihilistic violence that had never been seen before Shock Value tells the improbable stories behind the making of these movies which were often directed by obsessive and insecure young men working on shoestring budgets were funded by sketchy investors and starred porn stars But once The Exorcist became the highest grossing film in America Hollywood took notice The classic horror films of the s have now spawned a billion dollar industry but they have also penetrated deep into the American consciousness uite literally Zinoman reveals these movies have taught us what to be afraid of Drawing on interviews with hundreds of the most important artists in horror Shock Value is an enthralling and personality driven account of an overlooked but hugely influential golden age in American fil I have to admit that one of my guilty pleasures used to be horror films and when I saw this book at the library it interested me in that it explained how the DraculaFrankenstein movies which were the horror movies of another era morphed into the explicit gut wrenching films which began in the late 196070s It all started with the basement budget Night of the Living Dead directed by George Romero I remember the first time I saw itat a midnight movie which was packed to the rafters and it scared the living hell out of me Then came The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and film moved into a whole other era Audiences wondered why the DraculaFrankenstein era frightened them when they could now see men wielding chain saws hanging young girls on meat hooks or an innocent child whose head spun around 360 degrees while spewing green vomit Young directors and screenwriters coming out of such schools as UCLA had different ideas about what frightened people and with the lifting of the Production Code were able to show pretty much anything that would cause their audiences jump out of their seats or run from the theater This is a history of those men Tobe Hooper George Romero West Craven and John Carpenter and the resistance of the studios to this new type of film many had to be made independently Once the studios found that these films were making big money their attitudes changed dramatically This is a great reference book for the film lover even if you don't appreciate scary movies I must add that I no longer watch this genre of film as I can't stomach the egregious violence

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The unlikely story of how the much disparaged horror film became an ambitious art form while also conuering the multiplex Directors such as Wes Craven Roman Polanski John Carpenter and Brian De Palma counterculture types operating largely outside the confines of Hollywood revolutionized the genre exploding taboos and bringing a gritty aesthetic confrontational style and political edge to horror Zinoman recounts how these directors produced such classics as Rosemary's Baby Carrie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween creating a template for horror that has been imitated relentlessly but whose originality has rarely been matched This new kind of film dispensed with the old vampires and werewolves and instead assaulted audiences with portraits of serial killers the dark side of suburbia and This was so good The era of New Horror it covers goes from 1968 with the demise of the studio system to 1980 the rise of special effects and endless horror seuels Very interesting and full of new facts The fact that I've seen the vast majority of the movies covered made it fun to read As far as the couple things I haven't seen I will find a way to watch Dark Star and despite liking Wes Craven I just have no interest in seeing The Last House on the Left I loved that the influence of Mario Bava is recognized

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Shock ValueAn enormously entertaining account of the gifted and eccentric directors who gave us the golden age of modern horror in the s bringing a new brand of politics and gritty realism to the genre Much has been written about the storied New Hollywood of the s but at the same time as Martin Scorsese Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola were making their first classic movies a parallel universe of directors gave birth to the modern horror film aggressive raw and utterly original Based on unprecedented access to the genre's major players The New York Times's critic Jason Zinoman's Shock Value delivers the first definitive account of horror's golden age By the late s horror was stuck in the past confined mostly to drive in theaters and exploitation houses and shunned by critics Shock Value tells best to worstbrian depalmadressed to killcarrieblow outfemme fatalesnake eyeshi mombody doublescarfacethe furyphantom of the paradisegreetingssisterscarlito's wayraising cainmission impossibleuntouchableswise guyscasualties of warobsessionbonfire of the vanitiesmission to marsblack dahliaroman polanskichinatownbitter moonrosemary's babydeath and the maidenthe tenantrepulsionknife in the watercul de sacfranticmacbeththe ghost writerthe pianisttessthe ninth gatedavid cronenbergdead ringersthe flythe broodvideodromecrashshiversrabidscannersthe dead zonem butterflynaked lunchexistenzeastern promiseshistory of violencespiderjohn carpenterthe thinghalloweenstarmanthey liveghosts of marsescape from NYchristineassault on precinct 13 in the mouth of madnessbig trouble in little chinavampiresthe fogescape from LAvillage of the damnedprince of darknessmemoirs of an invisible manpro lifetobe hoopertexas chainsaw massacre poltergeistinvaders from marstexas chainsaw massacre 2life forcewilliam friedkinthe exorcistto live and die in LAthe french connectioncruisingthe huntedbugjadeblue chipsgeorge romerocreepshownight of the living deaddawn of the deadland of the deadday of the deaddiary of the dead the dark half wes cravennightmare on elm streetscream red eyescream 2the hills have eyesnew nightmareswamp thing shockerthe serpent and the rainbowlast house on the leftscream 3music of the heartdeadly friend my soul to takecursedthe people under the stairsvampire in brooklyn