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download Ú eBook or Kindle ePUB » Sandra Marton Al blood is roused He'll force Lyssa to go to Spain with him where he can get their marriage annulled Because he'd swear that she's pure uninhibited mistress material and never a virgin bride. Texas ranch Brings gf all dressed up and then their car breaks down GF gets o his nerves and he sends her off after they are run down on the rode by Heroine on her horsePrince Lucas is sent to Texas to purchase new breeding stock for his horse ranch not realizing that the breeding is actually intended to be his His grandfather has hatched a scheme to get him married to Alyssa the step daughter of a Texas rancher through a contract to buy the ranch she loves Although unenforceable props to Marton for noting that the contract will make life miserable for Alyssa unless they marry Somehow despite the fact that Alyssa is a royal pain in the ass Lucas can’t bear to see that happen and sweeps her off to his country to figure things out

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The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride review à 103 Ú [Reading] ➿ The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride By Sandra Marton – 'I cannot imagine a virgin would return a kiss with such fervor'Prince Lucas Reyes is angry His grandfather is forcing him into marriage with penniless Alyssa McDonough who's pretending s 'I cannot imagine a virgin would return a Prince's Virgin eBook #10003 kiss with such fervor'Prince Lucas Reyes is angry His grandfather is forcing him The Spanish PDFEPUB or into marriage wi. The last book in this trilogy and the one I enjoyed the mostYes the plot is predictable been done beforebut it still had me enthralledSo the heroLucas Reyes the Spanish princeI wonder if he's related to the Spanish royal family is the usual alpha male arrogant rich of courseand believes all women are the same out to get a man with money by whatever means availablereally That's why he invites his present mistressis that label still used today to travel with him to Texas to check out a ranch that his abuelo that's grandfather inhas purchased of course we know that the wily fox has a trick up his sleevethat concerns his adored grandsonoh right about Lucas present paramourshe's definitely stylish and dressed for the occassionthat's rightTexas is after all the land of cowgirlsAfter an adventure of two Lucas and his cowgirl arrive at the ranch only to discoveryou will find out if you read the bookBut I will tell you that Alyssa McDonough is no cowgirl pin up I rather liked this heroine She at least had some backbone and gritNaturally His Majesty Lucas soon has her under his CONTROL Did we ever think anything differentOff he trots or rather flies off in his private jetwith Alyssa in tow to Spain so that he can confront his abuelo about what he believes is a total unacceptable schemeUnfortunately abuelo has a heart attack and uncommunicadowhich gives Lucas an opportunity to suss Alyssa outAnd guess what He soon becomes totally smitten Never did we doubt that he wouldrightOnce recovered abuelo is soon up to his next plotand poor Lucas is soon totally over his headI love seeing this kind of man being out of his comfort zone don't youNow as I mentioned before Alyssa ain't stupidshe might now be a royal but heck she's no wallflower eitherin fact she's pretty clued up to the shenanigans uite fastWas it not fabulous to see Lucas crawling and begging in the end But hell we knew that Alyssa was totally besotted with the manso how could she not forgive and give inThe dialogue which made the story for me is truly fabulousthis author knows how to write great conversations and the interaction between Lucas and his grandfather are a total laugh a minute never mind the banter between the Prince and the Texan cowgirlA nice HEA

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The Spanish Prince's Virgin BrideTh penniless Alyssa McDonough who's pretending she's untouched by any man But the intense sexual chemistry between them tells him Spanish Prince's Virgin Epub #181 otherwise Lucas's fiery roy. Prince Lucas Reyes is used to having things his way but he's never met a woman as willful and determined as Alyssa McDonough Unfortunately the two of them have found themselves linked by an unbelievable contract written by Alyssa's father and Lucas's grandfather The setup is nothing but melodrama but I was adeuately distracted by Lucas Alyssa's passionate arguing followed by passionate lovemaking For a uick read like this there were just enough genuine touches to keep it believable and enjoyable