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The Road to Dune review ó 103 ´ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Road to Dune By Frank Herbert ✎ – Frank Herbert's Dune is widely known as the science fiction euivalent of The Lord of the Rings Now The Road to Dune is a companion work comparable to The Silmarillion shedding light on and following t Frank Herbert's DunAd at long last the unpublished chapters and scenes from Dune and Dune Messiah The Road to Dune also includes some of the original correspondence between Frank Herbert and famed editor John W Campbell Jr along with other correspondence during Herbert's years long struggle to get his innovative work published and the article They Stopped the Moving Sands Herbert's. If you love Dune this is essential reading It explains how that novel came to be and all the trials and tribulations Frank Herbert went through to cement his vision The correspondence is great The short stories near the end are OK It was interesting to see what got cut out of Dune and Dune Messiah However the thing I was really interested in was Spice Planet This was the book Herbert originally wanted to write He outlined it but never did it His son Brian and Kevin J Anderson wrote it from that outline and it's pretty amazing It's shorter but it's pulpier It's a swift punch in the gut It's interesting to see how similar and yet how different it is to Dune A lot of the political intrigue is gone but we have just enough to feel the Dune ness of it all I didn't like the preuels all that much but if you're a Dune purist ie You only count the ones Frank Herbert wrote then this is very much up your alley

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Original inspiration for Dune The Road to Dune also features newly discovered papers and manuscripts of Frank Herbert and Spice Planet an original novel by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson based on a detailed outline left by Frank Herbert The Road to Dune is a treasure trove of essays articles and fiction that every reader of Dune will want to add to their she. Yet another Dune book released by the duo of Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson but this one is a lot different from their normal milking of the cash cow In many ways this is a fascinating read presenting discovered material from Frank Herbert himself allowing an insight not only into the way that books come together especially in the pre digital age but also in the way that Dune itself came into existenceThe Road to Dune is divided into different parts first and foremost the science fiction storynovel that was the precursor to Dune unpublished but where one can clearly see Herbert’s imagination percolating as ideas fall into placeDuneworld is a SF romp lacking much of the depth of the final novel but is a fun read all the same Apparently the manuscript was a rather vague affair and Herbert jr and Anderson have reconstructed it In the broadest strokes it tells the Dune story but many of the names are different or not uite the same – and then there are those that are the same and it is a warm glow to see that some of them made it through from these early stagesThere are no Fremen but there are Freemen no Bene Gesserit so conseuently no messianic outing the main character is the Duke not his son and the properties of the spice are still being discoveredThere are notes on Herbert as a journalist trying to get interest in an article based on something he had discovered from a scientific gathering how sand was being knitted together by one certain type of grass slowing or stopping erosion in deserts and uh other sandy areasIt is obvious that the writer was incredibly intrigued by the idea and it is almost certain this was the genesis of an idea that would evolve into DuneThe next part of the book contains letters going back and forwards between publishers both magazine and book as interest is either shown or not shown in the novel It is interesting to note that one of the reasons Dune was such a hard sell was the size of it far too big apparently 600 pages is probably uite standard for many novels these days but back then it was excessive and broke the mouldThere are also chapters from the first two Dune novels that were cut These are interesting reading and although perhaps irrelevant give an insight into the way the book was written and edited Had they been included particularly those from Dune Messiah would have given a totally different ending to the novelThe final part of the book are a selection of short stories all written by Brian Herbert and Anderson all set in the Duniverse and all become hard to come by in their original published format All the stories are solid and well told with only one seeming to have no point Even those that seem a little far fetched are told well enough for me they seem to step outside the elements that make Dune DuneIt does not stop them from being entertaining and well told talesThis could be an invaluable guide and insight for anyone wanting to be a writer showing different aspects of the publishing world from the genesis of an idea to the development to the attempted publishing unprecedented success and the continuing process of creation as others continue your workIn this instance though it probably helps if you are a fan of the original novel

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The Road to DuneFrank Herbert's Dune is widely known as the science fiction euivalent of The Lord of the Rings Now The Road to Dune is a companion work comparable to The Silmarillion shedding light on and following the remarkable The Road ePUB #8608 development of the bestselling science fiction novel of all timeIn this fascinating volume the world's millions of Dune fans can re. This book is composed primarily of sort pieces of fiction comprised of an alternative story line for Dune from Frank Herbert's notes deleted chapters and scenes from Dune and Dune Messiah and four short stories tied into the preuels to Dune written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson It will only make sense if you have read the appropriate books from the Dune series and are a fan of the series