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Free read Emmett By Diana Palmer ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î ❴Reading❵ ➸ Emmett Author Diana Palmer – Single dad Emmett Deverell thought moving to Jacobsville Texas would mean uality time with his children Then he realized the truth—his kids were uncontrollable He knewNfluence But the only female available was Melody Cartmanand Emmett trusted her about as far as he could throw herMelody's new charges were a force to be reckoned with But it was their father who proved a handful Tha. Sweet and sexy wish they had a baby though

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T sexy wink of his was enough to send a woman into orbit She knew Emmett would never forgive her past though which was definitely a problem Because being part of Emmett's family was a habit Melody didn't want to brea. Great book by Diana Palmer Emmett tough as nails can't resist the pull that Melody Cartman has on him He tries to resist her because he was scorn from a woman but once she opens his eyes that it wasn't her fault what happened to him he started seeing her in a different light The kid's loved her the two younger ones at least no the older one until he finds himself in trouble these two where made for each other

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Emmett By Diana PalmSingle dad Emmett Deverell thought moving to Jacobsville Texas would mean uality time with his children Then he realized the truth his kids were uncontrollable He knew the three little rapscallions needed a woman's i. Is it too late to call social services for three kids who in 1993 are being raised by a bitter neglectful father after their selfish mother left them for another man The bitter neglectful father also does the rodeo circuit because it's fun pays a lot of money and keeps him away from his kids who remind him of his wife and failed marriage The bitter neglectful father hates the virgin heroine who is the sister of the man his wife ran away with but he has to rely on her to take care of his kids when he lands in the hospital with a severe concussionI guess I'll have to chalk up his subseuent behavior to the head injury because suddenly he finds himself attracted to heroine He also decides he needs to move his kids to DianaPalmerville so he can manage a ranch there instead of following the rodeo He even starts to rethink his decision to bar their mother from seeing her children but that's a bridge too far until the eldest runs away But I'm getting ahead of myself The kids were rude and rudderless and the eldest thought nothing of losing the heroine's cat while they were staying with her The hero makes things worse by marrying the heroine without clearing the air about their mother or making them feel secure Threats of military school Really dad of the year You're impossible and I don't see what the heroine saw in you at all except you're taller than she is in heelssigh They get their happy ending when the heroine uses her brown belt in something to kick and karate chop the men menacing the eldest boy earning his respect The hero already knows he has a doormat who is 15 years younger than him and willing to put up with his temper and poor parenting The selfish mother who turned her runaway kid away on the phone finally comes to visit a couple of months later She's now pregnant with the family she wants not the one she walked out on Gross