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Imagine an alternate Anthology of PDFEPUB #192 universe where romance and technology reign Where tinkerers and dreamers craft and recraft a world of automatons ornate clockworks calculating machines and other marvels that never were Where scientists and schoolgirls fair folk and Romans intergalactic bandits Utopian revolutionaries and intrepid orphans decked out in corsets clockwerk suits and tall black boots solve dastardly crimes I haven't enjoyed a YA anthology this much since Zombies Vs Unicorns Picking authors who can write and have a lot of interest in the genre as opposed to those who are popular really paid off here The only exception to this assumption is the opening short story by Cassandra Clare But I guess there was no way to avoid that as Clare is currently considered to be the shining beacon of YA steampunk and thus assigned as the main attraction in this bookThe subtitle of the collection is An Anthology if Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories and indeed it's not a lie this book is full of imaginative and original stories My vision of what steampunk is is pretty pedestrian and looks something like thisFor the most part the authors cater to such vision and a few even manage to bend it to their purposes and create some darn good stories Although there are some who think that using words like engineer or gadget once or twice in a story is sufficient to make it steampunk I disagree but what do I knowNow to the stories themselvesMy most favorite in the collection without contest Dylan Horrocks's Steam Girl It's a sweet story about a developing friendship and maybe between a lonely boy and a new girl in school who calls herself Steam Girl and tells strange tales about her inventions and various steampunky interplanetary adventures Are her stories real or imaginaryThe other shorts that caught my attentionLibba Bray's The Last Ride of the Glory Girls about a gang of girls who rob trains using a clockwork that stops time This story is so good I wouldn't mind reading a whole book about the Glory Girls and their adventuresIn Clockwork Fagin by Cory Doctorow limbless and mutilated children injured by steam powered machines who live in an orphanage get rid of their evil master and substitute him with an automatonNext two stories are both ghostly and with the most feminist flare The main character in Ysabeau S Wilce's Hand in Glove Constable Aurelia Etreyo seeks both respect from her male colleagues and justice for an innocent man accused of multiple murders The narrator of Delia Sherman's The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor a servant girl who dreams of becoming an engineer helps her master to find hidden treasure with some help from the resident ghostCalling Elizabeth Knox's Gethsemane steampunk would be a stretch But this story about 4 strange people caught in a natural disaster is so curiously and intricately written that I am willing to forgive the deficiencies in steampunk department I loved how life stories of the characters intertwined and transformed rolling into one anotherThe collection also has two successful post apocalyptic pieces In Garth Nix's Peace in Our Time and Christopher Rowe's Nowhere Fast steampunk future is respectively a cause and the effect of the downfall of the civilizationThe two graphic stories Shawn Cheng's Seven Days Beset by Demons and Kathleen Jennings's Finishing School presented in Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories while provide some diversion from prose are pretty negligibleMy least favorite stories in the descending order of my enjoyment are Kelly Link's The Summer People has absolutely nothing to do with steampunk It's a tale about a girl's uest to rid herself of the fae folk she is bound to serve The Oracle Engine by MT Anderson is set in a AU Ancient Rome and involves a future predicting machine used for revengeBoth Cassandra Clare's Some Fortunate Future Day and Holly Black's Everything Amiable and Obliging have good ideas the first one is about time reversing and the second automaton loving but are too unpolished unappealing in terms of writing and character development It might be a matter of personal taste though I have never liked anything written by either of these authorsAll in all my experience with this collection has been very pleasant Even the weakest short stories in this anthology are very readable I recommend

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Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange StoriesNew Zealand Appalachia Wales ancient Rome future Australia and alternate CaliforniaVisionaries Link and Grant An Anthology of Fantastically Rich PDF or have invited all new interpretations explorations and expansions taking a genre already rich strange and inventive in the extreme and challenging contributors to remake it from the ground up The result is an anthology An Anthology of eBook #180 that defies even as it defines the gen Overall a uality collection There's at least five stories I really really liked and none I'd call anything worse than mediocre My favourites are starred Some Fortunate Days by Cassandra Clare In retrospect it's probably a good thing this was the first story of the collection It's not terrible but the next couple stories hit it out of the park and there's no way this wouldn't have felt like a disappointment if I'd read it after Libba Bray or Cory Doctorow's story I also think she took the least interesting route she possibly could have with the ending view spoilerI thought the reveal would be that Rose was also an automaton just advanced than the rest Her coldness and determination that everything should follow the path she'd planned for seemed like it could point that way Plus after reading the Libba Bray I am deeply unimpressed with this use of a time manipulation device hide spoiler


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PDF Ù BOOK Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories FREE ¸ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories Author Kelly Link – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Imagine an alternate universe where romance and technology reign Where Escape from monstrous predicaments consult oracles and hover over volcanoes in steam powered airshipsHere in the first major steampunk anthology for young adults fourteen masters of Steampunk An eBook #244 speculative fiction including two graphic storytellers embrace the genre’s established blend of sci fi and fantasy action and adventure history and romance and refashion it in surprising ways and in settings as diverse as Canada I only read the Cory Doctorow story 'Clockwork Fagin' as I picked up a free preview copy of the story on my Kindle Doctorow proves with his story that he does steampunk just as well as he does cyberpunk It was definitely good enough to make me consider buying the entire anthology