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Download Mobi ¿ Diana Her True Story ↠ 288 pages ☆ Dogsalonbristol à [PDF / Epub] ☆ Diana Her True Story ✩ Andrew Morton – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 068485080X 9780684850801 Diana Her True Story was originally publLdhood in Althorp to her marriage to Charles at Westminster Abbey to her humanitarian efforts and finally to her unforgettable funeral service However the most poignant portrayal of the princess emerges from the unedited transcriptions of Diana's interviews with Morton I think I'm going to cut a very different path from everyone else I'm going to break away from this setup and go and help the man on the stree During her lifetimewhatever happened to Princess Diana was big newsShe helped things alongby constantly making news herselfher troubled relationship with Charles and the royal familyand her numerous love affairsShe helped Andrew Morton write this controversial bookabout her troublesand it created uite a stir when it came outwhile she was still part of the royal familySensationaland interesting 3 stars

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Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 068485080X 9780684850801 Diana Her True Story was originally published in 1992 under the guise of a uasi authorized biography with mostly unnamed courtiers and royalty as the accredited sources It instantly became a sizzling international bestseller that lanced the boil of Windsor family dysfunction triggering a chain of events that led to Charles a If I read this book when it came out it would have been a solid 5 stars It would be that for being the first in its kind; the way it was done by sneaking the uestions and answers out of Kensington Palace via a recorder and some cassette tapes and a sheet of uestions This book by Andrew Morton did pave the way to other books that came after it It gave a voice to those who couldn't because of tradition or rules This book read 20 years after the death of Diana while the content of this book was told in many documentaries that have been produced over the last 25 years The book tells the story of Diana from her youth till her almost the early 1990s From her mum leaving the family the arrival of the stepmother Diana meeting Charles Diana living in London Diana being hounded by the press Diana knowing about Camilla The marriage The cracks The suicide attempts The bulimia The pregnancies etc

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Diana Her True StoryNd Diana's divorce After her tragic death in 1997 Andrew Morton revealed that Diana herself had not only been the main source for the book but had also edited his original drafts for accuracy In return for this gold mine of information Diana wanted complete anonymity for fear of retaliation from the ueen Her True Story in Her Own Words is enhanced by than 75 full color photographs of the princess from her chi This review and others can be found on BW Book ReviewsI'll admit it I'm a bit behind the times with this book I had never heard of it until I was browsing my library's online downloadable audiobook catalogue and saw this as an option It wasn't until I started listening to it that I found out the story behind this book Diana basically wanted her words to get out and to set down her story before Prince Charles could So she worked with Morton and someone else Morton gave the uestions he had to the middle person then the middle person asked her and they recorded the interview then it went back to Morton Pretty impressive since it was never discovered and no one really knew her involvement until afterEven so is my opinion on Diana At this point when this book was written she was in the attack mode of her life She wanted to attack Prince Charles and at times it shows She wanted to put herself in the light of the poor lied to cheated upon wife That's a role she did to perfection honestly However I also see Diana for what she was an unbalanced woman who was fighting against a system and doing it in all the wrong ways Having been friends with people who practice self harm attempted suicide and had eating disorders among other problems I know how Prince Charles felt Trying to kill yourself in front of someone or harm yourself in front of them and then blame them for your own mental anguish that they're trying to help you with and trying to cope with themselves goes nowhere The reactions he gave while they're seen as insensitive and some really were are understandableSorry people who wholeheartedly love Princess Diana But I hate the woman that she was in her younger yearsThen she grew older She worked through her issues Hell if she and Charles had been able to talk a little bit they would have seen how much they had in common with one another Issues with parents feeling unloved and unappreciated being constantly shoved to the side etc They have all of that in common and if they had been different people they really could have done great things togetherThe woman Diana was at the end of her life I love She had found her own and started coming out of her shell It's incredibly sad when you think of the life that was cut short when she was just starting to feel comfortable in her own skinWhile I did really enjoy this book it's very biased towards Diana Never completely shuns or attacks the Royal family but it is pro Diana Makes sense because it's supposed to be her own words This is a good book with great insight but one has to be really aware of the biases going into this book