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REVIEW å The Bounty The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty ´ ➵ [Reading] ➷ The Bounty The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty By Caroline Alexander ➪ – More than two centuries after Master's Mate Fletcher Christian led a mutiny against Lieutenant William Bligh on More than The True PDFEPUB #235 two centuries after Master's Mate Fletcher Christian led a mutiny against Lieutenant William Bligh on a small armed transport vessel called Bounty the true story of this enthralling adventure has The Bounty MOBI #8608 become obscured by the legend. It all started with breadfruitA guy called Joseph Banks spotted it when he was with Captain Cook on Tahiti Joseph Banks later became a major ideas man and fixer for the British Empire ™ which was at that point in Phase One steal anything that’s not nailed down in which case steal the nails and then steal it There was a problem in the West Indian colonies – the poor slaves needed better food As Wikipedia elegantly expresses it The late 18th century uest for cheap high energy food sources for slaves in British colonies prompted colonial administrators and plantation owners to call for the breadfruit plant to be brought to the CaribbeanSo Banks commissioned an expedition A ship was to go to Tahiti and grab up lots of breadfruit plants and ship them over to Jamaica Sounded fairly straightforward What could possibly go wrong I am young in years but old in what the world calls Adversity It has made me acuainted with three Things which are little known First the Villainy Censoriousness of Mankind – second the Futility of all Human Hopes third the Enjoyment of being content in whatever station it pleases Providence to place me inLieutenant William Bligh got the job and his little ship was called The Bounty You may have heard of it Captain Bligh was later played by Charles Laughton Leo McKern Anthony Hopkins and Trevor Howard Off they went on 15 October 1787 with 46 men and they had a hell of a time of it let me tell you After 27000 miles they didn’t go in a straight line on 26 October 1788 they arrived at Tahiti They were knackered They spent 5 months recuperating and canoodling with the local females who from all accounts were most beautiful and also most accommodating One must therefore deduce that the Tahitian men were pretty broadminded too but this is not mentioned anywhere Several of the men had undergone traditional Tahitian tattooing over large parts of their body particularly on their buttocks All good things must come to an end so they eventually packed up their breadfruits and waved goodbye to their new wives and sailed off At this point the mutiny happened A very odd thing too From all accounts Captain Bligh was the very opposite of the tyrannical naval captain handing out a hundred lashes at the drop of a hat He really couldn’t do that anyway because he didn’t think he could rely on his officers if push came to shove So after three weeks sailing back to England the 23 year old or less second in command Fletcher Christian later to be played by Clark Gable Errol Flynn Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson burst into Captain Bligh’s bedroom grabbed him up in his nightshirt and thrust him and 19 others into a small launch and bade them go to the devil Millward your piece is cocked you had better uncock it as you may shoot some Person The mutineers were sure they had seen the last of that lot A small boat in the middle of the Pacific They were going to drownWhy did they do it The only reason which makes sense to me is that they had just had 5 months of all sex all the time paradise and all that Captain Bligh was promising them was a tough voyage back to Blighty and look sharp about it It was dignified to complain that Bligh was an intolerable bully though Okay he did have a very sharp tongue But these were tough sailors When men are cooped up for a long Time in the Interior of a Ship there oft prevails such jarring Discordancy of Tempers and Conduct that it is enough on many Occasions by repeated Acts of Irritation and Offence to change the Disposition of a Lamb into that of an Animal Fierce and ResentfulBy one of the major miraculous feats of navigation the castaways didn’t drown Bligh by his genius and fanatical management of food and water guided the tiny boat to a Dutch colony on Timor 4000 miles away It took from 28 April to 14 June 1789 during which time only one man diedBligh then got himself back to England arriving 14 March 1790 Two sharks were caught and in the belly of one was found a prayer book “uite fresh not a leaf of it defaced” In November 1790 the British government sent a ship called the Pandora to catch the scurvy mutineers and bring them back alive In the crew of the Pandora was one of the loyal sailors from the Bounty It arrived on 23 March 1791 after a serene voyage and uickly rounded up the 14 mutineers they could find on Tahiti Unfortunately on the way back to England the Pandora was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef where Sarli the Barrier Reef turtle lived 31 of the crew and 4 of the imprisoned mutineers drowned The others took to the sea on four little boats and – yes very ironically – they or less had to duplicate Captain Bligh’s voyage of two years previously Later in 1791 Captain Bligh was given a second chance to bring breadfruit from Tahiti to Jamaica This voyage was successful But alas as Wikipedia laconically reports its immediate objective which was to provide a cheap and nutritious food for West Indian slaves was not made as most slaves refused to eat the new foodThe court martial of the mutineers and the story of the second lot who made their way to Pitcairn Island and were discovered 15 years later is a tale too tangled to take up your timeCaroline Alexander’s long book is like this Fascinating wonderful dull dull dull page turning very interesting boring boring boring boring great stuff can’t put it down yawn bore bore bore interesting endShe includes way too much detail about the hundreds of participants in this tortuous history I think I could snip out a good 80 or 90 pages She was clearly besotted with all of the details But the tiresome stuff is easily skippable so for the rest of it I am tattooing a fierce four stars onto its buttocks

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Amilies came together and began to create the version of history we know today The true story of the mutiny on the Bounty is Bounty The True Story of MOBI #8608 an epic of duty and heroism pride and power and the assassination of a brave man's honor at the dawn of the Romantic a. Duty and a pile of coconutsI was surprised while reading this book that no one I spoke with had ever heard of the mutiny on the Bounty In 1789 Lieutenant William Bligh sailed his ship the Bounty to the beautiful island of Tahiti He'd been there before with Captain James Cook but now his goal wasn't exploration but commerce he was to obtain breadfruit plants to start plantations in the West Indies Bligh was a conscientious captain who looked out for the health and welfare of his men even while insisting upon order Unfortunately a combination of combustible personalities the beauty of Tahiti and its women and a pile of stolen coconuts led to a mutiny that left Bligh and 18 other sailors abandoned on the rough seas in a very small boat It was so heavily loaded that even small waves broke over the sides and it seemed a certain death sentenceBut Bligh managed to sail his tiny boat and crew for 3500 nautical miles over 4000 land miles through violent storms and open ocean with almost no food to a safe harbor Even incredible was that only one man died in a clash with unfriendly islanders News of this amazing feat and the eventual court martial of most of the mutineers who were apprehended a few years later in Tahiti was talked about for decades Some were hanged for their crimes but Fletcher Christian the one who led the mutiny was never seen againBut the story doesn't end there With savvy legal help a couple of the mutineers managed to get pardons from His Royal Majesty and several of the families involved worked hard to change the narrative of the incident Bligh's temper and salty language – particularly over the stolen coconuts – was blamed for inciting the mutiny But Caroline Alexander sorts through the facts and weaves a surprisingly interesting tale of the challenges of living on a small ship in a big ocean – and even tells what happened to Christian And it's a very detailed story with so much information that I found it slow reading in the beginning Before long however I was caught up in it and couldn't put it down She even tells where Christian and the others ended up and what became of the community they established The maps and illustrations were great to help follow the story but I wished it had included a list of the 46 men on the ship and their positions at the beginning since it was hard to tell them all apart The extensive detail and backstory might put some readers off but it turned out to be a great summer read

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The Bounty The True Story of the Mutiny on the BountyCombining vivid characterization and deft storytelling Caroline Alexander shatters the centuries old myths surrounding this story She brilliantly shows how in a desperate attempt to save one man Bounty The True ePUB #180 from the gallows and another from ignominy two powerful f. What an epic true story It has all the classic ingredients – conflict romance exploration of strange lands and survival in dire circumstancesThe true hero is Bligh Ms Alexander brings out all the historical revisionism that has occurred since that era We tend to look at these ships’ Captains Bligh was actually a Lieutenant as tyrants Indeed they were – but in the context of the era it was “normal” to insult and lash your sailors – insubordination was simply not tolerated The ship was not a democracy of an exchange of ideas – orders were orders Bligh used the lash much less freuently than other CaptainsThe author depicts at the mutiny trial how the sailors of the lower classes were executed hung by the rope – but three who had “upper class connections” like Heywood had the means to obtain a full pardon In a sense this is much like today most prisoners on death row are from economically depressed backgrounds After their trials they in turn were able to slowly revise the history of the mutiny and make Flectcher Christian and the mutineers in general into a romantic renegade – and Bligh the dogmatic and repressed tyrant One must but revere these men who sailed over 20000 miles to the other side of the world I recently watched the movie “Apollo 13” and while admirable when things did go wrong they had the full cooperation and communication of H On a vessel in the vast Pacific Ocean there was none of that – they had to be truly self reliant What skills Bligh had to commandeer a small boat three thousand miles to the closest port This is a wonderful and timeless story Ms Alexander brings to life all the personalities of that long ago time period She also does well to present us with the varying perspectives that evolved after the mutiny