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Read The Secret Life of a Schoolgirl ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Â [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Secret Life of a Schoolgirl Author Rosemary Kingsland – The Secret Life of a Schoolgirl is an extraordinary memoir—a jewel Rosemary Kingsland was born in India during the dying days of the BritishDecided turn for the worse In London then in Cornwall then back in London the simmering tension between Rosemary’s parents erupted into outright warfare fueled by alcohol and her father’s persistent unrepentant womanizing It was a lonely dangerous childhoodBut one day The Secret Kindle Rosemary’s life cha. So I picked this book up on a whim I like to browse through books at the library that they sell super cheap Paperback 50 cents or 3 for a dollar hardbacks are 1 each So I shouldn't do this but I judge books by their covertitle and I am partial to memoirsbiographies It looked interesting so I nabbed it but man it's taken a couple years for me to read it I just kept forgetting about it I didn't find it very engaging because a lot of the novel is about her dysfunctional family It was interesting however because she did live in an interesting part of history and in varying financial states I kind of wish there was credibility to her story What I thought was shocking was that this book was about a secret affair with Richard Burton I didn't realize that was really the selling point of the book because I didn't read the book summary before I started reading It takes a long time for her to actually get to that part Still I thought it the content was interesting Makes me wonder what kind of lives our grandparents lived that they haven't told us

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Nged forever At a café where she had gone to escape from a party her father had insisted she attend with him she met Richard Burton the dashingly handsome Welsh actor who was then the toast of the London stage She had seen him in Under Milkwood some months before She was an adolescent schoolgirl He was twenty ni. A memoir primarily about a very dysfunctional family The author has an affair with Richard Burton as a young schoolgirl maybe this would be a interesting subject to me if I had of a clue who he was This would probably be a better book for someone of an older generation because even though the author writes well I still found myself having trouble making it through it

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The Secret Life of a SchoolgirlThe Secret Life of a Schoolgirl is Life of PDF #202 an extraordinary memoir a jewel Rosemary Kingsland was born in India during the dying days of the British Raj While there she and her family lived a life of privilege But with the fall of the Raj they were forced to return to England where their fortunes took a. This memoir was entertaining at times which made up for the hard to read brutal moments A young teenager is trying to manage puberty and a highly dysfunctional family life when she falls in love with an older man A famous older man This secret affair affects her greatly both then and now I did enjoy this book When the author is describing her feelings as a love struck teenager it was on point So much my mind ventured to my youth and “first love” momentsI do recommend this book if you like memoirs just be warned there is verbal and emotional abuse throughout the memoir