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PDF ¾ BOOK Shadows By Ilsa J. Bick FREE ↠ DOGSALONBRISTOL Ü ❮Reading❯ ➽ Shadows ➶ Author Ilsa J. Bick – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The Apocalypse does not end The Changed will grow in numbers The Spared may not surviveEven before the EMPs brought down the world Alex was on the run frThe Apocalypse does not end The Changed will grow in numbers The Spared may not surviveEven before the EMPs brought down the world Alex was on the run from the demons of her past and the monster living in her sighyup three stars and i am angry at having to give this book three stars because i was so looking forward to it life is unfairokay here are my gripes if you are planning on reading this one do yourself a favor review ashes trust me do you remember every single person alex encountered in rule? i sure didn't and there are so damn many of them and so many additional characters here you go just from a uick flipping of pages of shadows jed grace tom ray ruby leopard acne sharon jess spider lena chris finn peter davey tyler lang mather weller seth kincaid nathan yeager wolf ernst greg john slash cindi luke mellie daniel etc etc etc seriously that is just way too many characters and way too many perspectives books like infinite jest can have that many characters because they are long and dense and the author can handle that many discrete narratives without breaking a sweat this one is 518 pages of over margined and spaced pages so it is a shorter 518 than it should be and not enough space for all of those stories to have adeuate breathing roomalso i read ashes ages ago so the nuances of relationships were long gone except for the major players mira grant is really good when it comes to reminding you about her characters and re establishing characteristics but this book and insurgent fell victim to this too forgets that we have been reading other books in the meantime in the year or so since the first book was out and we could use the gentle hand of the author to guide us and i understand that that can bog down a story but there is a way to do it well and it is extremely helpful to readersif i remember correctly ashes was told solely through alex's eyes and it was cohesive and the story moved ahead at a breakneck pace which is what you want in a book like thisthis one was much slower for me because i had to keep stopping and trying to remember who this person was and what their deal was and every time the view changed i would have to regroup and i am perfectly capable of reading a book from multiple viewpoints but considering how strong alex's voice was in the first book to have it missing for nearly half of this oneand to have all these other characters giving their stories it was disconcertingthe first third or so of this book was sublime if you appreciate violence i could not believe the amount and caliber of the violence here i'm not going to list any of it here because i know sensitive eyes are watching but woah good gory stuff loved itso far from the sanitized glossed YA books of my youth when we had to read stephen king to get our fixes for arterial spraythis one does not disappoint in the bloodshed and it also includes a trapped under the ice scene which is something that never fails to terrify the pants off me i don't go anywhere near ice man not even in my beverages because somehow i could fall into my lemonade and become trapped it could happeni guess i just feel sad about this book with ashes i was the 1% most people were turned off when the action left the woodsy bits and changed into a different kind of horror novel involving the horror of human evil instead of the supernatural even though there was still plenty of supernaturalbut i was thrilledi loved the turn and saw it as a logical progression this one blends the two pretty well; it is a deeper exploration of the moral frailties of man and it is uite good in some places but unfortunately it is strongest in that first third and then bloats out into too many different stories for my taste when i was expecting the same level of rarrrr i love every single page i was feeling in ashesthere is no way i am not going to read the third book but i am hoping hoping hoping that shadows is just flawed in the way that many middle book in a trilogy books are freuently flawed and it will triumphantly return to the glory that this one percenter saw in ashespleasecome to my blog

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Head After the world was gone she believed Rule could be a sanctuary for her and those she’d come to loveBut she was wrongNow Alex is in the fight of her life against the adults who would use her the survi 25 starsI have some mixed feelings about this second book in the Ashes Trilogy The story continues to unfold at a fast clip but it felt like it started to lose some focusWhile the use of short episodic chapters that worked so well in Ashes continued to keep the the pace up because Shadows follows so many different people that same format made the story feel less cohesive Things jump around very uickly making it difficult in some parts to really engage with what was happening to a particular personAlso it is extremely violent and gory Ashes definitely had its moments but Shadows takes things to a whole new level I don't necessarily have a problem with this but I didn't feel like I was uite prepared for it going in

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Shadows By Ilsa J. BiVors who don’t trust her and the Changed who would eat her alive Welcome to Shadows the second book in the haunting apocalyptic Ashes Trilogy where no one is safe and humans may be the worst of the monsters I loved Ashes the first book in this trilogy Loved it It's a great apocalypse book It's exciting suspenseful romantic has an intriguing plot and cool twists a pretty cool heroine an awesome hero a cool little sidekickSo when I finished reading Shadows two nights ago and was so pissed off I could barely see straight that was a rather huge disappointment I've calmed down since and the urge to write Ilsa J Bick a letter and demand an apology on behalf of the fans of Ashes has passed but the crushing disappointment remains It's pretty typical for the second book in a trilogy to suck serious goat raisins since it's generally used as nothing than filler In the first book you get all the build up the character introductions the unfolding of the plot the first peak at some twists etc The second book is just a holdover a rest stop that is employed as a means for the author to make money create fever for the ending all of the abovewhatever Because it is a rest stop the second book is generally pretty slow and pointless I have lost count of how many second book in a trilogy eye rolls I've personally executed merely because I got to the end and realized there was absolutely no point it was just the author stringing me along However generally the second book is boring Nothing happens nothing that matters anyway there aren't any major upheavals or twists no exclamations or lightbulb moments just the characters acting even dumb and angsty than usual while they sit around waiting for the reader to get to the third book Shadows wasn't boring It wasn't slow In fact it was the complete opposite Ilsa J Bick can't be accused of writing a book where nothing happens because she instead chose to write a book where every bad thing you could possibly imagine happeninghappens Yeah I know it's the end of the world and there are these weird zombie young'uns and lots of gore and horrific circumstances but seriously this reads likelike Murphy's Law times a thousand It doesn't end There's no reprieve from any of it On top of that it jumps all over the place In Ashes we mostly stuck with Alex and Tom but in Shadows we're all over the place Nearly every new chapter is a switch of voice and sometimes it's a character we've never even been introduced to before I appreciate keeping the reader on hisher toes but this got confusing even for me Even if it was a character from the first book it's been so long since I read that one that I couldn't even keep them straight Nothing bogs down a story for a reader uite like wondering who the fuck is this person and where the fuck did he come from?My biggest complaint however is the same complaint I have for roughly 98% of all the other book twos out there; when characters I liked from the first book suddenly decide that being smart is no longer an option I loved Tom in the first book In this book he's an absolute moron Perhaps the near death experience left him partially brain dead I don't know but when he repeatedly gets himself into situations that nearly kill him merely because he's too damn stupid to pick up on something that is staring him right in the faceWow I guess I wasn't as chilled out as I thought I expected from this author and this series