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Download The Second Wife ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Second Wife Author Elizabeth Buchan – What could be sweeter than Revenge The seuel American readers fell in love with Elizabeth Buchans Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman Now with the delicious seuel to that beloveIntriguing uestion What happens when the mistress becomes the wife Minty Lloyd has what she always wanted her prized Nathan and twin boys but she is haunted by the glamorous new life of her predecessor Rose Then an unforeseen event. This was next month book club assignment My expectations and the book did not sync At first I thought the book was kinda bland and without passion I expected passion This did not change by the end of the book

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Forces the rivals to renegotiate their The Second Kindle relationship With Buchans signature talents Wives Behaving Badly is a delightful novel that reaffirms its author as our wisest and warmest revealer of womens intimate live. The brilliance of this book crept up on me In the early stages I was a little ho hum but somewhere around the end I was marveling at the skill and nuance of Elizabeth Buchan So good how the first wife the second wife or the husband of actually came out of this scenario unscathed or unaltered The advent of leaving one for the other created a whole new set of issues not well considered but none the less a reality The longer I ponder this book my own marriage and that of my contemporaries I am astonished at her insight She has articulated work mothering surviving desire want and need phenomenally well Now that I think about it so too did the first book of hers I read many years ago I can see I will be on the hunt for as it appears she is a reasonably prolific writer These are the kinds of books that just make my heart sing they allow me the time and space to make sense of the world I inhibit and remind me of what is important in my own wee world I know lots of second and first wives yet have never really sat back and considered the big picture dynamics Too busy being involved in the minutiae of their particular circumstance This book made me take a step back and consider Rose the first wife in particular articulates the loss as well as the effect the change had on the reuirement to be our best despite the worst Really a uiet brave triumph for women and women's fiction Not earth shattering prophetic or world changing but important none the less

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The Second WifeWhat could be sweeter than Revenge The seuel American readers fell in love with Elizabeth Buchans Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman Now with the delicious seuel to that beloved New York Times bestseller Elizabeth Buchan answers the. I am giving this book 3 stars because I have never ever in my entire life hated a character like I hate Minty I disliked her with every fiber of my being so kudos to the author for pulling an emotion out of me As far as the plot I don't know Rose is too nice for me too diplomatic I needed her to be a little bitchy just a little mean at least for it to be believable to me This is a book about a woman with extremely low morals and her life as second wife She is unhappy and dares to want sympathy There are a lot of unresolved stories in this book the ending leaves a lot unsettled Finishing it all I can think about is karma The real uestion is did Minty get everything she deserved or was she let off the hook too easily