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Abby Shane has come home to Montana It's a haven from the nightmares of Manhattan a place to recover from the trau Heroine crushed on the older rancher hero since she was a teen Hero rebuffed her so after her father died she went to NYC to become a model She stayed even though she was homesick and just wanted to design clothes and not model Why? Because H disapproved and she was being contraryFor her sins she was assaulted on a NYC street and now she has returned to Wyoming to prepare for her sister’s wedding She has a case of PTSD that the hero senses but doesn’t understandThe Hh go through all of the usual misunderstandings and snap judgments until the Hh finally sort it out that they have “loved each other forever” Also the heroine is going to design clothes for a mail order catalog headuartered in Montana Watch out LL Bean and Lands’ End Diana Palmer checklist Hairy chest over bronzed muscles Breast Description High and firmCigarettes pack a dayAlcohol 2 whiskeys with dessert Half a bottle when he drunk dialed heroine Town Descriptions Montana ranch Gardenia Scent NoLOL detail This innovator had a videocassette setup so that Cade could sell cattle to people who had never been to the ranch to see them they could buy from the tape He could buy the same way by watching film of a bull he was interested in for example The future is now DP hobbyhorse NYC where no one has morals

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Snow KissesF an all too brief love affair Now what is supposed to be a healing period for Abby becomes something much differe A definite blast from the past readDiana Palmer is who first hooked me on romance novels when I was just a teenager Although many of her books have the same plot I still find them nostalgic Snow Kisses is one of those books that I read many years ago and I can still find the magic within these pages that turned ne towards this genre It makes you feel good even though you often times want to throw her emotionally stunted stubborn and arrogant heroes into the nearest swampRecommended for fans of Diana Palmer


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PDF Á BOOK Snow Kisses FREE À DIANA PALMER ï ❰Reading❯ ➶ Snow Kisses Author Diana Palmer – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Abby Shane has come home to Montana It's a haven from the nightmares of Manhattan a place to recover from the trauma that jeopardized her career and left her emotionally scarred But she's Ma that jeopardized her career and left her emotionally scarred But she's also come home to the painful memories o 3 12 Stars Abby's loved Cade since she was fifteen years old and when she was eighteen she thought he loved her in return He'd been so gentle that magical night when they had almost made love but he'd pushed her away Convinced that Cade didn't care Abby hopped on the bus for New York to make her way as a fashion model Working hard to put him out of her mind paid off and soon she was sought after and successful The few times she'd returned to Montana to visit her sister Cade had kept his distance which only confirmed to Abby that he'd never felt as she had Now at 22 Abby returned to Montana seeking solace and security as she recovers from a brutal attack She tells Cade that she home to help Melly with her wedding a month away but he can tell there's something wrong Abby's skittish and subdued and the lose clothes she wears completely hide the womanly curves When he finally gets her to talk about the attack he promises to help her get over her fear of men and teaches her how to take back control Abby thrives on Cade's gentleness and again she begins to hope that they have a future But Cade keeps putting up barriers preventing them from total intimacy and commitment She thinks it's because he only desires her and doesn't want to step over that line Their attraction torments them and when Melly returns from her honeymoon Abby hops on the first plane back to New York with all her dreams of a live with Cade finally suashedThis is an emotional star crossed lovers story Abby and Cade have always loved each other but are totally blind to how the other feels Ms Palmer lets us see into their hearts and feel the pain they bring to each other Cade is a strong hero a man of the outdoors defender of the land and honorable in deed He feels deeply and Abby shakes his control but he thinks she's just playing city games with him and has no love for his way of life I hurt for both of them and wanted to shake them both to put some sense into them Pride kept them from confessing their love I thoroughly enjoyed how Ms Palmer ended their standoff and brought them their HEA