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doc º The Hitler of History Paperback Æ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Hitler of History By John Lukacs – A valuable service serious entertaining provocative and distinctive Cleveland Plain Dealer In the fifty years since his suicide amid the ruins of Berlin Adolf Hitler has been the subject of biographie A valuable seEvolutionary or a reactionary How successful was he as a statesman and a strategist What was his primary motive for the extermination of the Jews The Hitler of History answers these uestions as fully as any modern work can hope to with an intellectual boldness that makes it absolutely essential to any understanding of the post Hitler worldLukacs is a shrewd historian and an engaging writer a sharp and sober portrait Philadelphia Inuire John Lukacs is terrific I love his mind Very compelling read for all his works Thanks Neal H Hurwitz NY NY

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A valuable service serious entertaining provocative and distinctive Cleveland Plain Dealer In the fifty years since his suicide amid the ruins of Berlin Adolf Hitler has been the subject of biographies than any comparable figure of our time and at the center of a crucial historical debate over the nature of evil and moral responsibility in the twentieth century In The Hitler PDF or this brilliant and original book the historian John Lu I read this for the first time in November of 2003 largely in one sitting on the train from Bologna to Parma This is a fascinating book that attempts to gauge the shifts in historians' opinions of Hitler over time and also use these shifts to provoke and attempt to answer the main uestion here what did Hitler mean Lukcas is a careful writer who nonetheless possesses a very droll style that is always engaging even if it reuires a close reading Recommended for anyone who takes a nuanced view of history or who would like to go beyond the standard textbooks

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The Hitler of HistoryKacs climbs above the fray to produce a definitive history of a history the history of the evolution of our understanding of Hitler's life and our debates about its meaningLike an expert attorney Lukacs puts the biographies on trial identifying their strengths weaknesses and hidden agendas And through their intersecting and conflicting accounts he addresses the enduring enigmas surrounding the demiurge of the Third Reich Was Hitler a r John Lukacs is the most entertaining author about WWII and Hitler especially The most interesting thing about him is his way of thinking He always take usual view back He is an assumed reactionnary How right is he when he forbids calling Hitler a reactionnary Very fine Lukacs describes him as a very clever modern guy He assumes Hitler was not antisemitic and even not a racist He was just a völkish that means populist judeophobic and a nationalist Lukacs situes Hitler in the new wave of populism that araises through the world after WWI Hitler's Kampf is not about race but about nation and the nation Hitler fights for is Germany not aryans Lukacs purpose contrasts heavily with academic books such as Kershaw etc But surely he is far interesting From where comes his freedom of speech Rehabilitating Hitler in a way as a jewish himself having suffered WWII personnally Lukacs is surely free of talking what he wants about it Unlike every other authors Kershaw etc he lived this period he knew that time In my opinion he is the only author to read if you have only one to read about Hitler and WWII Very good also is the way of rehabilitating forgotten authors like Joachim Fest very good biography of Hitler Lukacs is definitely the author to read about WWII and Hitler He's so inspiring Your view of Hitler would change and been a lot enriched Hitler was not a devil a bad a vilain ; he was just a man with his part of good and bad things For example Lukacs recalls the achievements of nazi era in social and economic policy Lukacs recalls that the german middle class starting flavoured with Hitler Hitler stopped the negative spiral Germany was plunged in since 1918 and 1929 Yet he lost his war Bad things started when Hitler realized he could not win this war As soon as 1941 summer in the russian plains Then the war had to be a total war including extermination of european jewry With Lukacs' book you really have the impression to get into Hitler's head Far from the usual portrait dressed in academic books describing Hitler as evil deprived of all negative biases concerning Hitler Lukacs dress a portrait which seems much accurate than usual ones