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Review ✓ Fado Alexandrino 102 È ➶ [Reading] ➸ Fado Alexandrino By António Lobo Antunes ➫ – 'In this new work by the foremost Portuguese novelist the reunion of five men on the tenth anniversary of their battalion's return from Mozambiue Portugal's Vietnam ends in a fatal stabbing which ulti 'In thiNniversary of their battalion's return from Mozambiue Portugal's Vietnam ends in a fatal sta. Over the course of one long long night five military men who fought in the Portuguese Colonial Wars get blasted and tell their life stories from before the revolution during the revolution and after the revolution Each chapter centers on one of the particular characters the lowly foot soldier the lieutenant colonel who returns from the colonies to find out his wife has died the communist supporting communications officer the second lieutenant whose rich wife leaves him for another woman but voices mingle across chapters and the past and present become nearly indistinguishable a literary muddle of moments some humorous but most pretty emotional and dire And filled with detritus In Antunes's world everything is a bit broken dirty faded fat and gross It's as if all of his characters are living in the entropic end times and trying to figure out how to keep themselves together In many ways this is the prototypical Antunes novel

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'In this new work by the foremost Portuguese novelist the reunion of five men on the tenth a. Second read As is my habit I shall not attempt to summarize the story just my take on what it is about A brilliant novel by Portuguese author António Lobo Antunes Fado Alexandrino is an alcohol fuelled crawl through Portugal’s colonial wars the Carnation Revolution and the post revolution period all portrayed in their hideous glory As with all of his novels the author takes his readers into a world of violence sex drunkenness hatred and love Simultaneously he has created a work of genius in which the conscientious reader can discern the pain and the confusion in the stories of each of the central characters Most importantly he has left this reader at least in a story filled with deprivation disgust and humour with a deeply felt sense of empathy with the human condition At the end of the book I found myself wondering if given the circumstances of each of their lives I would have been able to overcome a similar fate a fate which on the surface seems to be so easily avoidable As with all of us each character wants to be understood wants to understand wants to simply live what the good life Don’t we allThis is the story of five men who gather to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their return from the war of counter insurgency in the then colony of Mozambiue They are the soldier the communications officer the second lieutenant the captain and the lieutenant colonel During the long night of talking drinking and whoring each relates often in painful detail the circumstances of his life Only four of the characters are speaking The fifth is generally the one being addressed Often they are speaking over each other not paying much attention to what the others are saying Often they are confused bewildered distressed by another’s story Typical human communication But I shall leave it those of you who decide to read the book to discern the story Keep in mind that António Lobo Antunes wants to portray people as they actually feel and behave so it is not always easy to sort the characters out Also as the characters speak events do not always unfold chronologically Also note that the book is divided into three sections each with four chapters Thus each character is given three chapters to tell his story in each section but it’s not always that simple If you take on this wonderful challenge I would suggest that you make a list of the four characters then write down the various names they are given throughout along with the events and the women in their lives You may also wish to list the names of the women as they come up and be on the lookout for those known by different names This is probably not at all necessary for those not addled by old age as I amDo read it It is a very human even touching story with lots of heartfelt humour António Lobo Antunes does a wonderful job of putting us in touch with our inner humanity Really

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Fado AlexandrinoBbing which ultimately serves as an act of liberation for the corrupt city of Lisbon' Newsda. Not an easy read I found myself struggling to distinguish the characters locations and times because much of the narrative is stream of consciousness and not everyone is given a name However the language is so evocative and uite extraordinarily well translated that I was moved and thrilled with sensations created by a large number of passages throughout the book This is a book I will mark down to read again as I am sure that with re reading the plot and characters will become clearer and the smells and sounds will remain just as strong