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Lawless Author Nora RoberFind he liked it Little did he suspect that beneath Sarah's ladylike demeanor beat the heart of a frontier woman ant that her body yearned for his hard embrace her heart for his words of lo. Setting Arizona Territory 1875 Lawless is one of Nora Roberts' novellas though not too short like some you find thankfully I read it in the new version The Law Of Love in which it's paired up with another Roberts novella This story was very sweet and engaging Sarah and Jake are nice contrasts for one another and although I was afraid at first that Sarah might be one of those TSTL heroines she thankfully wasn't Jake was the bad boyloner whose heart has before this been untouched and who has avoided any attachments yeah need I say ladies Would definitely recommend

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In She was every inch an Eastern lady yet she was determined to make Lone Bluff her homeJake was annoyed to find himself playing guardian angel to this tantalizing innocent even disgusted to. Superb suspenseful storytelling from the Old WestThis was my first historical romance by Nora Roberts and I loved it Set in 1875 in Arizona Territory it tells of Sarah Conway who was raised in a convent school in Philadelphia where her father left her when he went west to discover gold He loved his daughter and saw Sarah had everything but the one thing she really wanted—her father So when she was nearly 18 she traveled west to Lone Bluff where her father had settled and built them a fine home She is shocked to see how stark the land was and to discover her father has been killed in an accident in his mine and there was no fine home Instead she finds a one room shack with a dirt floorJake Redman is half Apache and all gunslinger a hardened man but with a kind noble heart Jake thinks the girl he calls Duchess won’t last a day in Lone Bluff But he was wrong And for some reason he wants to protect herSarah is a stubborn determined woman with little respect for the prejudice of others She falls hard for Jake and befriends a young prostitute—all the while she is making a home of the cabin her father left her and building a seamstress business Jake is the perfect hero steel and ice outside and fire inside Sarah has a steel backbone but is all lady inside Roberts brings the Old West to life creating vivid images of the rough life on the frontier with lots of action to keep you biting your nails There are wonderful secondary characters too including Lucius the kind old soldier who Sarah hires to look after her place; Alice the young prostitute who thought the sun rose with Sarah; Sam Carlson the smooth rancher who was snake than gentleman; and Carlotta the madam of the local whorehouse who wants gold and Jake and doesn’t take kindly to the proper young lady from Philadelphia who has captured Jake’s attention Great storytellingI recommend this one

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Download ´ Lawless Author Nora Roberts Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï [PDF] ❤ Lawless ⚣ Nora Roberts – To Tame a Renegade HeartThe Arizona Territory was a dangerous place but gunslinger Jake Redman was half Apache and all man than a matTo Tame a Renegade HeartThe Arizona Territory was a dangerous place but gunslinger Jake Redman was half Apache and all man than a match for the wilderness Sarah Conway was something else aga. You take too many chances Sarah Slowly when he was certain she understood his meaning he removed his handYou don't frighten me Mr Redman If you were going to hurt me you would have done so by nowMaybe maybe not Your kind wears a man downMy kind She turned the height of challenge in her eyes Just what kind would that beThe soft kind The soft stubborn kind who's right on the edge of stepping into a man's arms Jake Redman and Sarah Conway were two pretty great characters in search of a better plot Not that I didn't enjoy Nora Roberts' historical western romance Lawless On the whole it was highly entertaining There were gripping gunslinger shootouts a riveting stagecoach battle and a bloody hilarious bordello catfight to name but a few The chemistry between the two protagonists was off the charts hot too But the plot basically consisted of that tried and true romance trope of having the heroine continually get herself into a dangerous situation and the hero just happening to show up at the right time to rescue her It was a bit repetitive What saved it was that the heroine was a great kick ass brave woman if somewhat anachronistic for 1875 LoL Oh well no matter It was great funToo bad its ending was botched It would have been a higher rating had the author not ended a pretty great story with two of my major pet peeves view spoilerVillainous OW bordello madam character who was responsible not just for creating drama between H and h but also murder of h's dad attempted murder of h and beating one of her own girls almost to death with a belt just skips town Uh no I want my comeuppance Second pet peeve is that the h had to pursue the H at the end when he too tried to skip town on the basis that it was for her own good My idea of romance is not h pursuing H at gunpoint to make him come back to her lol No just no hide spoiler