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Summary » Incubus by Juliet Dark º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð [Ebook] ➩ Incubus Author Juliet Dark – I gasped or tried to My mouth opened but I couldn’t draw breath His lips pearly wet parted and he blew into my mouth My lungs expanded beneath his weight When I exhaled he sucked Realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real She has a demon lover an incubus and he will seduce her pleasure her and eventually suck the very life from her Then Callie makes another startling discovery Her incubus is not the only mythical creature in Fairwick As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the demon Callie must accomplish something infinitely difficult banishing this supernatural lover from her hea. Great news If you're a fan of Deborah Harkness her All Souls trilogy THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOUOtherwise don't bother I was going to give this the thorough snark treatment with snippets gifs eyerolling etc but then I decided not to bother There's nothing original vibrant or compelling about the book so why should I bother I've got better things to do Like work Or grocery shopping Or washing my hairSeriously though This book was really really boringI'm not kidding when I say The Demon Lover has the same pedantic boring as fuck prose as the All Souls series Every tiny action is described in excruciating detail unpacking her boxes JOGGING eating breakfast driving homeblah blah blah It repeatedly bludgeons the reader with its air of entitled academic warbling holier than thou attitude of progressive social amenities relationships It's narrated by a pedantic haughty moo who still manages to be one of the most Wonderbread heroines I've encountered since A Discovery of Witches Truly reading her voice was like watching paint dry It also manages to be one of the most unoriginal urban fantasy plots on the planet the Speshul Snowflake who doesn't know what powers she has or exactly how Speshul she is let alone her potential yet the experienced paranormal practitioners immediately gather 'round include her in everything that everything else has been leading up to for hundreds of years because they can't live without her input on the fate of life the universe everything She's just that powerful awesome SUEESpare meWhat else to expect Well there's a prophecy There's a Destined Twu Wuv There are magical beings that you can shake a stick at yet the Snowflake in uestion doesn't bat an eyelash becauseshe's a 26 year old prodigy professor of folktales mythology I can't I WON'T Rarely have I seen such a self congratulatory excuse for puerile urban fantasy dreck I resent the book repeatedly dragging Ann Radcliffe Jane Eyre Victoria Holt Anne Rice The Madwoman in the Attic Dark Shadows 1960s pulp goffick nightgown clad heroines everywhere into this unimpressive example of highly derivative urban fantasy Aside from the mysterious mansion this is not a gothic novel And while it's true that gothic fiction particularly in the RadcliffeByronic era has ties to dark mythology folktales this book somehow manages to distill an awesomely diverse genre into dry academic warble The name dropping in this book was epic honestly It embarrassed me Granted I'm not a professional My gothic readings are a beloved hobby not a careerbut such an elitist attitude toward the genre made me cringe the gothic refs didn't mesh with urban fantasy plot At allGoodbye good riddance

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Ctive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe curling wholly satisfying ways possible Perhaps these dreams are the result of her having written the bestselling book The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature which is why she’s found herself at Fairwick’s renowned folklore department living in a once stately Victorian house that at first sight seemed to call her name But Callie soon. Rated 355 stars Alright folks here’s the deal This isn’t my usual thing and like a lot of paranormal romances it could be argued as being bad in a cringeworthy waybut sometimes you just need that rightI’ll openly admit this book made me cringe at times It started off slow but then bombarded you with information basically listing off all the supernatural elements in one big initiation conversation that uite frankly made it seem than a little ridiculous But I suspected that would be the case going into it and so I didn’t really care I was in the mood for something wildly improbable something that had dark themes while somehow managing to feel light at the same time and this did exactly that I loved the folklore ties throughout The deep dives into history the small community style folklore and literature references on top Can I live this life I adored seeing how it all tied together and was amazed to find it all felt eually as important as the other Despite the huge array of plot lines and characters and supernatural plot twists all over the show it all felt eually balanced with emphasis where it needed to be in relation to Callie I’m surprised it managed to cram so much in without feeling too messy Overall I’ll admit this book isn’t the best thing ever written Yes it’s slightly cringe y a little bit wild and features many uestionable sex scenesbut I enjoyed it It’s fun it’s engaging and I love me some folklore That combined with simply being in the mood for something like this it won me over pretty well shrugs

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Incubus by Juliet DaI gasped or tried to My mouth opened but I couldn’t draw breath His lips pearly wet parted and he blew into my mouth My lungs expanded beneath his weight When I exhaled he sucked my breath in and his weight turned from cold marble into warm living flesh Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly sensual dream every night A mist enters her bedroom then takes the shape of a virile sedu. Such a complicated bookrating The Demon Lover takes a lover of Gothic fiction books and old legends and lore and plants her in a small town where most of the residents and co workers at the local college aren't what they seem The slow paced story lands Callie in interesting situations as she's drawn to a rambling old house filled with the legend of an incubus and by the end of the book the reader isn't sure who to trust Truthfully Callie seems TOO trusting of some of the residents I don't particularly care and not trusting enough of a particular incubus but that aside it's a uniue storyFirst there's always instant kudos for main characters who are book lovers Not only that but she has her class watch gothic films like Rebecca Dracula and a few others What a fun class that must be There's some red herrings on who is who and what is what I finally guessed one of them accurately but it goes through my mind on several occasions that someone else may be a villain or friend in disguise For example hasn't she ever heard not to trust the fae We shall seeWhile the premise is strong and the plotline drew me in right away the slow paced story seemed to lose its direction a few times The author could have combatted this by tying up some loose ends sooner chopping down on small things that could have been left out of the story or else adding in a little steam For a story that involves an incubus it's disturbingly vague on intimate details even if you do realize its going on uite a bit But stillGothic vibes galore and paranormally rich this would have been a four star had it not been for that ending Depressing and slightly lackluster it soured my enjoyment down a star but I'm curious on the second and how much better I'm sure this series will keep gettingAnd seriously I want to be a literature professor of gothic literature No Shakespeare needed for me thanks Is there even such a thing Some fictional characters have all the luck