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Valiant Soldier Beautiful Enemy Read & Download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Valiant Soldier Beautiful Enemy By Diane Gaston ✐ – A soldier's second chanceCaptain Gabriel Deane has known his fair share of pain but he'd take a dagger to the chest ratEr neck a reminder of the man who can never be hersTwo years later Emmaline's hand trembles as she goes to knock on Gabriel's door Now she has a proposal for him but will he say ye. 25 stars hmmm not sure what to say about this one Did I enjoy it yes Were there parts of the book that I didn't like yes Would I read it again NoThe hero and heroine kept their feelings to themselves for way too long in the storyeven though they were making whoopie out the wazoo they didn't tell each other they loved one another until about 10 pages from the end And at that point they'd already broken up twice I feel a little let down because the whole reason Emmaline wouldn't be with Gabe was cause of her son At the end when she finally told Gabe she loved him she was there without her son's blessing and her son saying he wouldn't speak to her as long as she and Gabe were together

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A soldier's second chanceCaptain Gabriel Deane has known his fair Valiant Soldier PDF or share of pain but he'd take a dagger to the chest rather than relive the torture of rejecti. It was okay 25 The writing appeared a little simple for my liking I liked the historical backdrop of Badajoz and Waterloo The plot started out well and the book has a honourable worthy hero in Gabriel but I am not sure about the heroine Although she loves Gabriel she does not show it and appears throughout the story to use him for her own ends And one has to wonder how Gabriel did not notice his ring which she wears around her neck The heroine does not come through until the very end I am not one for plots that rely on misconceptions that do not pan out until the very last Although the sons hatred for the British was understandable I also found it a little hard to understand how he could extend that to Gabriel after all he had done Gabriel saved his life three times and he was still an ungrateful little sop and therefore not very likable You may like it It had good historical input and the plot was sound it just played out for too long

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Valiant Soldier Beautiful EnemyOn from the woman he lovesSaying no to Gabriel broke Emmaline Mableau's heart but being a soldier's widow had already cost her family too much Now she wears Gabriel's ring around h. Valiant Soldier Beautiful Enemy by Diane GastonHistorical Romance – Aug 23rd 20114 12 starsAug 23 2011When the English army was pillaging the city of Badajoz Spain in 1812 Captain Gabriael Deane managed to save a widow from a brutal rape by his superior’s son Ever since then he could not forget Emmaline Mableau the beautiful French widow who managed to flee to Belgium with her son Three years later Gabriel comes across Emmaline again when the English army is stationed in Belgium getting ready for the final battle against Napoleon In no time at all Gabriel loses his heart to Emmaline only to be rejected when Emmaline has to choose between her son or Gabriel When Emmaline appears in England after the war seeking Gabriel’s help will Gabriel set aside his own heartbreak to help her And can Emmaline really deny the love between the two of themI really enjoyed this book It is such a complex read There is no right or wrong answer Emmaline has no choice but to reject Gabriel because of her son’s hatred for the English people who killed his father and almost violated his mother right in front of his own eyes If Emmaline marries Gabriel she will lose her son That is not an easy decision Emmaline is an incredible woman who goes through a lot for her son Gabriel doesn’t force her to choose between the two of them even though he’s heartbroken and frustrated He’s understanding and chooses time and time again to help Emmaline even though he’s still sad When they finally get together in the end it was bittersweet and satisfying at the same timeAn insightful and refreshingly realistic romance set in the Napoleonic wars This is a must read for those who enjoy Regency romancesReviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club