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Obedience review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❰Download❯ ➼ Obedience Author Jacqueline Yallop – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Set in contemporary and World War II France this is the story of Sister Bernard her forbidden love her uncertain faith and her guilt ridden pastA once bustling convent in the South of France is closEvening she agrees And so begins the horrifying and passionate love affair that will deafen the heavens and define her life tempting her into duplicity Obedience is a powerful exploration of one woman's struggle to reconcile her aching need to be loved with her fear of God's wrat. I'm not sure how to begin reviewing this book It's very good so I suppose I should start there The story of Sister Bernard is difficult to put down once it's begun and impossible to leave at the mere closing of a cover The journey was not always pleasant but it was very worthwhileThe timeline meanders between Bernard's old age and her younger years during World War II and the German Occupation of France The story hinges on a young German soldier who propositions Sister Bernard as a joke at the behest of his peers Bernard naive and unsuspecting becomes smitten with the German and yields everything to him What follows is a poignant story told deftly the author's remarkable simplicity of words belying a depth and complexity that is surprising It is beautiful and terrible I finished the last page with as much longing as relief and felt as though I'd read something much larger than the small unassuming book in my hands This is what I hope for in combing the bookstore shelves This is the sort of book I want to read again immediatelyIt is not told linearly but is easy to follow and very accessible in both language and theme despite its somewhat unorthodox nature It can even serve as a sharp allegory many of its points mirroring those of larger scale experience and uncertainty with a uiet facade hiding powerful undercurrents But to put it shortly I recommend this highly to everyone

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Mmunity that she betrayed decades ago Sister Bernard relives her life during the warAt thirty Sister Bernard can hear the voice of God strident furious and personal When a young Nazi soldier a member of the German occupying forces asks her to meet him in the church in secret one. Obedience was short book but still contained an intense gripping story The story switches back and forth between Nazi occupied France during WWII and France in the present day The story is also told from a few different perspectives but the story is mostly about Sister Bernard The book is about Bernard's short affair with a Nazi solider during the war and the conseuences it caused The present day story is of a 93 year old Bernard who along with two other nuns are being evacuated from an old rundown convent We see she still struggles with what happened over sixty years ago Even with all the flashbacks to the war I still felt like we didn't see everything and this was on purpose I suspect After I finished the book I didn't feel like I had a good grip on that part of the story And with the present day story some of the story lines almost felt unfinished but not in a frustrating way We are left to fill in the blanks A lot of the religious stuff flew over my head but one of the things I got is that Sister Bernard felt god had been speaking to her and then he stopped She spent many a year trying to figure out why he stopped what she had done etc I felt bad for her but I'm not sure why I felt bad for her – because she thought god had been speaking to her or because she felt abandoned by him Most of the people she came across in the story seemed to be doing the former A well told story definitely It was a fast read but did not lack in uality

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ObedienceSet in contemporary and World War II France this is the story of Sister Bernard her forbidden love her uncertain faith and her guilt ridden pastA once bustling convent in the South of France is closing leaving behind three elderly nuns Forced for the first time to confront the co. How do you solve a problem like Sister Bernard Now 90 she fell from grace 60 years ago taking others with her and has lived her life like a penance ever since In Obedience by Jacueline Yallop Sister Bernard’s story unfolds in a tantalizingly measured manner Going back and forth between World War 2 and the present day we see the Sister’s downfall and the effect it had on the rest of her life and on those around her At the start of Obedience Sister Bernard is one of the three nuns left in the once busy convent where they have spent most of their lives The convent is no longer needed and will be closed so the elderly nuns are heading for retirement At age 30 Sister Bernard unknowingly became the target of a cruel wager between several occupying German soldiers Their bet involved her seduction and it ended with her infidelity to her vows and a member of the resistance and the loss of God’s presence in her daily life Ever since she was a young girl Sister Bernard had heard the voice of God in her head but when she betrayed her vows and her community that voice was lost to her She has spent the intervening years longing for the return of her lover and her GodIn Sister Bernard Yallop has developed a very interesting and not always likeable character She is an anti hero She is a participant in her downfall and a victim of it She is a simple uneducated woman who is often viewed as stupid by her fellow sisters This leads one of her fellow retirees Therese to feel duty bound to stay with Sister Bernard in retirement until Therese is made aware of Bernard’s past Obedience is a powerful seductive read that touches on among other things aging dishonesty love loneliness and duty Jacueline Yallop has used her gifts for good Her Obedience is a well constructed polished intensely discussion worthy novel