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Claire Waters a brilliant forensic psychiatrist haunted by Claire Waters PDFEPUB #189 a childhood tragedy has always been able to unlock her patients' darkest Kill Switch PDFEPUB or secrets But has she met her match in deranged. 2 stars and oneUGH I'm having bad luck with my reading choices this month Kill Switch sounded like it was going to be so good A female led serial killer drama written by two guys who have spent their careers working on Law Order Um yes please But alas I came away from this reading experience disappointed in how disjointed and well silly this blatantly formulaic novel is Claire Waters is a forensic psychiatrist working at Rikers Island under Dr Peter Curtin who is written like a gay comic book villain trying to 'fix' the criminal mind Her patient of all of one day uimby uickly becomes the suspect in a series of prostitute murders Detective Nick Lawler is on the case bringing along Claire because as he sees itno one knows uimby better than you Yeah she literally had 3 conversations with the psycho by this point but whateverWhat starts as a search for uimby in a race to save women's lives soon morphs into finding closure for Claire in the form of finding out who kidnapped her friend Amy right before her eyes when she was 8 years old Then through the sheer magic of contrived coincidence the story morphs back into the uimby case because it turns out there is a connection to uimby and the pedophile from Claire's past Go figure Reading this book was like watching the authors check off a list of genre cliches they wanted to pack in A main character with a tortured past Check In fact why not have two to make things really dramatic A main character who can't get through conversations without having flashbacks to their tortured past Better make that two too What about dream seuences to further the plot Yep Could something bad happen to the main character in this moment Then it fucking will Justugh I mean in the pro column this book did move at a lightning fast pace but it became laughable and silly Murder and murder and assassins and the cure for cancer and solving a 30 year old crime that has haunted your whole life in two days That's this book This is the start of a series that will feature Claire Waters so I'm not sure why the authors chose to make her so unbelievably stupid and over the top damaged This woman can't walk down a hallway or take a nap without dreaming of the missing Amy She goes from crying to screaming to scared to bitchy within the span of a couple of paragraphs Literally I thought she might have been bi polar I can't imagine how she ever figured out how to get herself dressed in the morning let alone make it all the way through med school I'm all for a damaged character a little something that drives them to be interested in crime but Claire's emotional reactions to things especially her stewing over her missing friend was literally crazy And uite frankly she came across as super self absorbed Her missing friend was all about her in her mind Someone needed to slap her And maybe a shrink should have put her on some medicationI'm left wondering if the authors have ever spoken to a woman before because they certainly write them like stereotypes Claire might as well have been on her period eating chocolate while she had all those mood swings She had zero common sense No idea what to do in her profession I couldn't follow her thought process whatsoever She was just unlikable and I hate that this kind of character type for females is so rampant in this genre of novels A personal gripe being Canadian if you're going to set a large portion of the crime within the Canadian legal system it would seem only natural that you would do a little research about how our legal system is different from that in the US Because it is different The language is different for instance we don't have DAs we call the prosecution the Crown Also a life sentence is 25 years not literal life unless there are extenuating circumstances that gets you labelled as a dangerous offender looking at you Paul Bernardo It kind of seemed as though the authors just Googled what's the biggest prison in Canada and said fuck it to the rest As a Canadian reader these oversights were kind of glaring and took me out of the story But another tick in the pro column was Det Nick Lawler He seemed a little real So in comparison to Claire he was a breath of fresh air The parts of him that were cliche brushing Clair off immediately because he hates shrinks didn't last very long My biggest thing with him was about what the authors did to him His wife kills herself the whole department thinks he might have done it he loses his detective job and finds out he's going blind Like why Why do each of these lead characters have so much bad shit happening to them I was happy when the book was over because it meant they were put out of their miseryThe seuel to this was released last year but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to read it I like serial killer drama but this was some ridiculous ish Worse than a Lifetime movie

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Kill Switch Claire Waters #1Rikers Island inmate Todd uimby Drawn into his twisted life and obsessions Switch Claire Waters MOBI #9734 Claire must face her own demons to save her life in this taut visceral fast paced story of murder mystery and medicineA. Want to see from me Check out my youtube channel Stars Claire Waters has landed her dream job as a psychiatrist She often takes on difficult cases to distract her from her own troubled past She gets assigned to a man named Todd uimby an inmate at Rikers Island After he is released from prison a series of murders begin and Claire believe uimby is responsible Claire immediately goes to the police where she meets Detective Nick Lawlor They work together to try to catch uimby before he strikes again Honestly this book is ridiculous The whole concept is so far fetched and would never happen in a million years BUT I kind of loved it The story goes by very uickly and it's definitely a page turner Claire is kind of an imbecile and makes THE WORST decisions but that made for an interesting read only because you wanted to see what stupid thing she would do next I enjoyed Nick as a character and thought his side plot was interesting

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Kill Switch Claire Waters #1 Read & download Þ 2 ¶ ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Kill Switch Claire Waters #1 By Neal Baer ➸ – Claire Waters a brilliant forensic psychiatrist haunted by a childhood tragedy has always been able to unlock her patients' darkest secrets But has she met her match in derangeHeart pounding glimpse into the world of forensic psychiatry Kill Switch marks the powerful fiction debut of Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene – former executive producers of television's acclaimed Law Order Special Victims Unit. Well it started out good Then it flew straight overboard and I gave upThe main character is a forensic psychiatrist but I'm not sure how she got herself through to that point with zero common sense view spoilerA sex offender on his way to being a killerrapist tells you I picked up a hooker that looked like my Dad's dead girlfriend who got him murdered I should have killed that whore years ago By the way she kinda looked like you too I couldn't get it up and she laughed at me You tell him to take two Aspirin or Valium and call you in the morning So the next morning the hooker turns up dead So you chop and dye your hair like the hookersDad's dead girlfriend push your boobs out corner the guy and come on to himand when after trying to fight you off he snaps and comes at you you freak out run off and cry She literally runs out of the room and down the hall to the waiting arms of her boyfriend to cry the guy tried to rape her Well no sh#t Lady Note sex offenders might not be the BEST choice for exposure or wildly experimental modes of therapy hide spoiler