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read Soul Stylists From Mod to Casual kindle ´ Paperback ✓ ❮EPUB❯ ✿ Soul Stylists From Mod to Casual ✺ Author Paolo Hewitt – With the use of personal testimonies of both the famous and the unknown this book seeks to establish the link between the two key elements oE transition of musical styles from London in the late s with the black American servicemen and their love of bebop through the sharply dressed Mods of the early s to the dawning of the skinhead and suedehead Soul Stylists PDFEPUB or movements which prov A sartorial history of the working class is not a new concept and while this is of a collection of reminiscences than a straightforward social history it is excellently done with the verve and snappy pacing that is Hewitt's trademark Of particular interest is the attention given to Casual culture which is usually written off as a passing fad among football hooligans Here it is shown in its true light as a complex and sophisticated culture uniue for its northern origins and the fact that it had no attached music sceneThere is however far going on in this book than Adidas Samba trainers and Fila trakkie tops The Mod scene is of course dealt with in detail as is its transformation into the Smooth and Suedehead scenes which in turn solidified into Skinhead The crossover and respect between Rastafarian and Skinhead cultures is dwelt upon too another rarity and a welcome change from the usual revisionist laziness which simply seeks to pit the two sides against each other Indeed the mutual contributions made by black and white working class cultures are one of the themes of this book from the idolisation of American jazz musicians in post war Soho to the Two Tone movement of the late 70sPunk is touched upon only lightly due to it being a predominantly middle class phenomenon Instead the London club scene of the time is examined with lunchtimes discos popping up all over the place and attracting a bewildering mix of people The Northern Soul scene also makes welcome appearance and the accounts of the extraordinary lengths to which competing dj's would go to hide the sources of their imported discs is worth the cover price alone So there we are From post war Soho to Shaun Ryder's curtain haircut it's a fascinating intelligent and compelling read Why on earth you wouldn't buy this book if you have even the vaguest interest in this subject is beyond me

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With the From Mod PDFEPUB #190 use of personal testimonies of both the famous and the unknown this book seeks to establish the link between the two key elements of Modernism today American rhythm and blues and British working class fashion It follows th More of a collection of uotes and interviews held together with some addendum and adjunct from Hewitt Suited me as I have a particular interest in British subcultures and men's fashion

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Soul Stylists From Mod to CasualIded the musical and stylistic inspirations for s bands such as Madness The Beat and The Specials It also explores Britain's Northern soul scene the soulboy and the casual as well as 's Mod inheritors the youth who make up the acid house and hip hop scen Loved this book and the preface by Paul Weller The Soul StylistSix Decades of Modernism for me was like is a pair leather soul shoes and a slippery floor to grove on Hewitt nails it the origins of Mod and Northern Souler culture and the influence of American black music reggae's influence on SKA and Skinheads the original Skins anti racist working class and the secret circle of people in the know sweating the nights away while the needle touched the record Hewitt exposes cultures that are rarely explained and so much of it is expressed through the fashion it's a shame there are no visuals This is not a passing comment There is a reason Hewitt and Weller talk about Crombie coats Harrington jackets Levis and Fred Perry as Hewitt says Detail is all I'd recommend reading this with speakers and an internet connection nearby so you can spend time with every artist and record mentioned If you're lucky maybe you'll pull out that Dekker or Pioneers '45 that's been sleeve side too long