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A Widow for One Year Read ✓ 102 ✓ [Reading] ➸ A Widow for One Year By John Irving – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Ruth Cole is a complex often self contradictory character — a difficult woman By no means is she conventionally nice; but she will never be forgottenRuth's story is told in three parts each focusing Ruth Cole is for One Ruth is only fourThe second window into Ruth's life Widow for One MOBI #241 opens in the fall of when Ruth is an unmarried woman whose personal life is not nearly as successful as her literary career She distrusts her judgment in men for good reason A Widow for One Year closes in the autumn of when Ruth Cole is a fort. John Irving has yet again created a whole world between the covers of a novel Characters grow old with the reader experience lust and loss love and life The thoughtfulness of his every detail and the concise placement of every word create a landscape vivid than realityOne of the interesting topics of conversation in A Widow for One Year involves the main character’s attitude towards autobiographical fiction Irving’s protagonist world famous author Ruth Cole gives one hope that the powers of the imagination can compensate for lacking experience Or as would seem the case with my imagination compensate for inobservance When Ruth doubts her imagination and seeks real life research for inspiration she finds that reality is rarely as scripted and contained as her fiction Appropriately enough even her harsh reality is just a construct of Irving although I am not familiar enough with him to know if it comes from his imagination or not Ruth vehemently criticizes a journalistic tendency to mirror one’s stories on autobiography; yet one wonders how many of Irving’s repeat themes stick with him due to his personal history One aspect of A Widow for One Year that struck a chord other than the glorious title was the fact that except for on a few rare occasions the characters did not change A love struck boy aged into his fifties carries his idealized boyhood obsession throughout his adulthood A philandering husband merely morphs into a philandering divorcé and a woman bearing the sadness of the world carries it with her throughout self inflicted exile A whorish best friend does not let life jade her into changing although she may at times feel a twinge of regret for the innocent pleasures she forfeits In the end who has changed The characters have perhaps learned to understand each other but doesn’t the understanding they receive allow them to sink ever deeper into the comfort of their own well established personalitiesI also had the pleasure of watching the movie based on the beginning third of this book entitled A Door in the Floor starring Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges I thought it wise to focus solely on the exposition if it could even be given such a flippant categorization which in itself contained that is real than your typical reader’s life Although I would eventually become uite fond of our 30 something female protagonist who does not appear until the latter two thirds the episodes surrounding her during that fateful childhood summer are certainly what establish the story’s weight and depth of feeling Ruth’s ability to create such powerful memories of family members that have only ever existed in photographs is a testament to the power of the imagination – both Ruth’s and John Irving’s

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Y one year old widow and mother She's about to fall in love for the first timeRichly comic as well as deeply disturbing A Widow for One Year is a multilayered love story of astonishing emotional force Both ribald and erotic it is also a brilliant novel about the passage of time and the relentlessness of grieffront fla. Once upon a time I tried reading all of John Irving’s novels in a single year It’s the first of my challenges to read an entire author’s catalog in chronological order that I failed I’d successfully read all of Stephen King’s and less impressively Chuck Palaniuk’s books in a year and thought Irving would be a cakewalk Boy was I wrong Irving’s books are far too similar for me to have completed the project By the time I’d reached SON OF THE CIRCUS I was utterly burned out I do wonder if I’d have liked the book if I’d not picked it up directly after A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY Anyway I started A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR three times before successfully reading it this fourth time I’m glad I did It is now my third favorite Irving novel after only OWEN MEANY in second place and THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP in the top spot I find it hilarious that in my Goodreads feed for this book the top two reviews both from women say thisExample A Irving is incapable of writing female charactersExample B The only good part of the book is how REAL his characters areHow can that be How can one woman say he is incapable while the other says the characters are the best part of the novel Well simple There are as I see it seven billion types of people on this planet and women are individual people I feel it’s incredibly solipsistic for anyone to assume that just because they don’t connect with a character that the author is incapable of connecting with others It’s not like Irving had Ruth Cole boucing boobily down the stairs or other such nonsense There is uite a lot of talk about breasts sure but only as they relate to how men perceive Ruth I also feel that the characters in this book are far from the best part They are terrific don’t get me wrong but what shines here is the writing The book is impeccably written and cyclical in nature Everything comes full circle This is truly a masterclass of character writing theme and omniscient perspective Irving has a habit of meandering and droning seemingly without purpose Then you reach a single sentence somewhere at the tail end of the novel and everything that came before it falls into place A single sentence “Time doesn’t stop” That is the pivot point on which this novel balances Out of context “Time doesn’t stop” is a simple truth Time waits for no one Tragedy befalls us all at some point and you must simply keep going The driving lessons in this book were the perfect delivery system for this lesson; just absolutely brilliant storytelling Yet in context of the novel “Time doesn’t stop” has poignant and cathartic weight The sentence hits like a fist Then you get to the final few pages Irving did this with SON OF THE CIRCUS too; the final page was the best part of an otherwise disaster of a reading experience and Irving punches you again with the reverse of “Time doesn’t stop” by showing you a moment in which time stands still The literary minded might see the final page as a bit of time travel When I finished the book I immediately reread the first chapter again and that sealed the deal What an absolutely fantastic enthralling complete experience this book was I suppose if you read at surface level this book could be a chore so if you’re in it for plot probably skip it But if you’re looking for a beautiful story well told look no further Highly recommended

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A Widow for One YearRuth Cole is for One Kindle #213 a complex often self contradictory character a difficult woman By no means is she conventionally nice but she will never be forgottenRuth's story is told in three parts A Widow PDF each focusing on a crucial time in her life When we first meet her on Long Island in the summer of. OK here's my final word on John Irving because I will probably never read anything else he's written though I've heard The World According to Garp is his best His characters are real and they were JUST ENOUGH to keep me going each of the twenty times I nearly stopped reading this novel The plot is a rambling patchwork in which we never ever forget the writer sitting at his typewriter searching for something to say When he finds it he riffs on it till it dies and then searches for something else I felt sorry for his characters having to submit to such an unbelievable series of twists and turns