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kindle Ò Of Permanent Value ´ The Story of Warren Buffett ð dogsalonbristol è ❰Epub❯ ➞ Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, Updated and Expanded Edition Author Andrew Kilpatrick – Providing an in depth up to date look at BufNclude million shares of the Coca Cola Company This biography will have an appeal to anyone in the business world phot THE BEST INCOME STOCK I KNOW IS A GROWTH STOCKIf you let yourself be undisciplined on the small things you will probably be indisciplined on the large things tooBuffett says he has time to think in Omaha rather than listen to storiesSize is an anchor on growthDue to BH's financial strength it can have 85% of insurance capital in euities whereas the industry has 79% of capital in high grade corporate and government bondsWB owned 41% of BH in 1994WB has never owned GM because the company is too capital and labour intensive and has too many competitorsWB almost always buys at distressed times and bargains prices then holds for the LTWB has always lived beneath his meansWB and Susan lived apart from 1977Buffett lives in same house he bought in 1958When Buffett bought Coke in 1989 it was on 12x It was on 24x when he bought in 1994Everyone must be their own compliance officerBuffett often goes his initial stake in companies via preferred shares when the company needed capital eg Salomon Gillette US Air Champion Amex RJR NabiscoWe tend to concentrated on what should happen not when it will happenCommon sense is genius wrapped up in its working clothesBought Wells Fargo in 1990 at 37x PE

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Providing an in depth up to date look Value The ePUB #9734 at Buffett and his company Berkshire Hathaway this book cle I read this many years agoIn fact my notes at its inside front cover says I bought my copy way back 1 December 2004 The book marker I used was a souvenir from the ordination to priesthood of one Ricci Pajarillo on 10 June 2000 and the tip which stuck out from the book is brown and brittle with age It is thick and heavy than a thousand pages It seems to reaffirm the pointlessness of reading considering the limitations of human memory I must have spent weeks reading this and now what do I remember of it Only these1 Warren Buffett was at some time the richest man in the world;2 He started young I'm no longer sure but I think when he was a small boy he started by collecting and selling bottles;3 He's humble and not ostentatious He still lives in the same old house he grew up in He still uses his old car;4 He is considered a genius in investing he seems to buy stocks and never sell as far as I recall;5 He is from Omaha and he is called the Oracle of Omaha because he has the rare knack of predicting which stocks will rise in the future; and6 His favorite are steaks and hamburgers and cherry Coke I remember thirsting for cherry Coke but it is not sold here in our country and I wondered how he had grown old healthy with such an unhealthy dietFinally I've reviewed it Now I can give this copy away


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Of Permanent Value The Story of Warren Buffett Updated and Expanded EditionArly shows the fundamental reasons for his exalted achievements It also takes a look at Berksire's investments which i WHAT A GREAT IDEA AND CONCEPT TO OWN YET NOT CONTROL ONLY REAPING PROFITS