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Free download ☆ Coming Home for Christmas ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ [Ebook] ➨ Coming Home for Christmas By Fern Michaels – No one captures the delights of the hoilday Season like #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern MichaelsSilver Bells For years movie starHigh school boyfriend is now ready to give her a welcome she'll Coming Home PDFEPUBnever forget Snow AngelsThe only way irresistibly handsome Olympic skier Max Jorgenson wants to spend Christmas is alone But when social worker Grace Landry stumbles into his log cabin during a snowstorm an unexpected magic rekindl. I was so excited when i won this book on goodreads Because i love Fern Michaels books But this one just was not what I expected at all I did not realize at first it was actually 3 short stories in one book The first 2 short stories was the best and i would give them both 5 ⭐'s The 3 rd i would only give 1⭐

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Es his heart his hopes and the sweetest of Christmas dreams Holiday Magic Ski shop manager Stephanie Marshall is counting on a holiday bonus so she can put a down payment on a home for herself and her daughters But her handsome boss Eddie O'Brien has his own Christmas wish one that could lead to a lifetime of lovi. I think this is the second or third book I read from this author and I remain unimpressed I'm a huge fan of crummy romance novels if they're set during Christmas so I was hoping this would be at least averageAlthough the author's writing style isn't bad aside from using dopey sentences such as and the rest as they say is history I greatly dislike her vision on romance She always starts off with clever ideas for background stories but then ruins it with the romance Every single one of the three stories has both the man and the woman react with a wall of silence after using a horseman of the apocalypse of marriage Two giant red flags that each of them use every time I understand the need for some type of setback to have a story arc but why it needs to employ strategies from extremely avoidant or dismissive people on one side and extremely anxiously attached people on the other side I don't know Those attachment styles will almost certainly clash Why can there not be at least one securely attached person no games no misunderstandings without talking about it no horrid comments or putdowns in the story Why can the problem not be something else to overcome Do we truly need losing your kids in the snow AND losing a dear one too death AND extreme avoidant dismissive attachment AND bad former experience AND losing a job AND a misunderstanding in one story with a Deus ex machina or dea in this case The other two stories were eually like thisIf the author could focus on one or two things she would have the space to go in depth into the problems and come up with a good solution without having to rely on rich people doing good all the time It's clear she has the talent for it Maybe she doesn't have the audience for it and I'm being nitpickyMy conclusion is that I won't read her books or stories any unless I am pointed to one with an actually healthy relationshipI credit the author for good descriptions of good clean holiday fun and making the endings of the romance not be the typical wedding all the time and sometimes just a longer dating part I wonder if she too knows some of these romances are doomed to fail after all

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Coming Home for ChristmasNo one captures the delights of the hoilday Season like New York Times bestselling author Fern MichaelsSilver Bells For years movie star Amy Lee wondered what it would be like to leave her shallow Hollywood life and go back home to Apple Valley Pennsylvania This Christmas she plans to find out And Hank Anders her. Don't even know where to start The writing was good and each of the three novellas was very promising in the beginning But the characters' actions were completely unbelievable There was just no logic in their behavior and the choices they've made Not to mention that they all had a strange tendency to fall in love with each other within 12 h or so of the first meeting It was just all very odd and difficult to believe in