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E was a Negro girl passing as white But Marlee decides that doesn't matter Liz is her best friend And to stay friends Marlee and Liz are willing to take on integration and the dangers their friendship could bring to both their famili This was a very heartwarming story about two white girls Liz and Marlee Or at least Marlee thought Liz was whiteSet in 1958 this book really brings to life the hardships of being black during this time period I really enjoyed how Marlee was determined to still be friends with Liz even though she was black

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The Lions of Little RockTwo girls separated by race form an unbreakable bond during the tumultuous integration of Little Rock schools in 1958 Twelve year old Marlee doesn't have many friends until she meets Liz the new girl at school Liz is bold and brave a We listen for so long in our lives until one dayWe push back our chairs and stand to speak Alberto RíosMarlee's a junior high student in Little Rock Arkansas who is too timid to talk No one knows why but she has only ever spoken to her immediate family and her bossy friend Sally When it comes to voicing her opinion giving an oral report or standing up for herself we hear only silenceLiz is the new girl at school and she's sassy and pretty enough to be causing a stir in the way that only new girls can Sally and her high society mother are immediately on their guard Who does this new girl think she is? As Sally and her mother make it their mission to put this Liz in her place Marlee realizes that she actually likes the new girl For once she has a friend who is encouraging her to speak her mind instead of enjoying the fact that she never interrupts the monologueWhen Sally and her mother discover Liz in the “colored” part of town they realize that Liz is actually Black and has been “passing” as white to receive a better education at the white junior high They make sure they shame her by publicly declaring her “deception” and she is forced to leave her new school and her new friendship with MarleeIt's 1958 and it's the segregated South and Liz's act of deception echoes the previous year's “disruption” of the Little Rock Nine the nine students who bravely determined to attend a white high school despite public outcryMarlee's in a terrible position She's a small girl and a mostly mute one at that but she likes Liz and she realizes for the first time in her life that she is being told that she can't do something that seems ridiculous to ban Why can't she and Liz be friends?Before she knows it Marlee is taking risks that she has never taken before and is aligning herself with her father who is a high school teacher and a community integrationist It's not long before she is receiving death threats from grown men in town who phone her at home to call her a “nigger lover” and a “little bitch”Marlee is terrified this is no after school special folks and she has several moments of wishing she could back down from this unpopular friendship but when she finally realizes that sassy Liz has no choice and no voice because she is “colored” she knows she must find her own voice to represent both of themI couldn't read this to my 10 year old; the language and themes were far too provoking but my 12 year old was just mature enough to tackle this one with me We laughed shook our fists and bit our nails throughout this entire read and when we finished this middle grades novel last night my middle child said “Mom no joke Best book we've read all year” A weight carried by twoWeighs only half as much Alberto Ríos


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PDF · BOOK The Lions of Little Rock  [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Lions of Little Rock By Kristin Levine – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Two girls separated by race form an unbreakable bond during the tumultuous integration of Little Rock schools in 1958 Twelve year old Marlee doesn't have many friends until she meets Liz the new girl Two girls sepaNd always knows the right thing to say especially to Sally the resident mean girl Liz even helps Marlee overcome her greatest fear speaking which Marlee never does outside her family But then Liz is gone replaced by the rumor that sh The Teaser Marlee is nearly 13 years old and that means it is high time for her to get over her fear of well fear of almost everything actually A uiet girl who greatly prefers math and numbers to words and people Marlee lives her life categorizing people as what type of drink they'd be and following around the same ueen Bee bossy and popular girls that she's known forever When the school year starts and Marlee meets outgoing new girl Liz warm milk with a dash of cinnamon she thinks things might have changed With Liz's help Marlee begins to overcome her fear of speaking to other people and learns what it's like to have a real friend who shares her interests for the first time But when Liz suddenly withdraws from school and disappears without a word Marlee is hurt and confused The rumor that Liz is actually a African American girl who has been passing as white doesn't do anything to make Marlee feel any better Caught between her integrationist father and don't rock the boat mother in an ugly year where all of Little Rock's public high schools stayed closed to prevent integration and racial tensions are at an all time high all Marlee knows is that finding and keeping her first friend is worth risking the wrath of the entire city What follows is a story of first crushes family relationships finding a voice and becoming brave in ways you never knew the word brave meant A story about two girls who know that they need each other and are willing to risk just about anything to stay friendsWhat Stands Out Oh man Marlee I feel you It is hard to have a crush on that popular boy and then realize that maybe he's not all that after all It is hard to finally have someone that you can confide in only to have them yanked away without any warning And it is hard when even your home feels like a battleground and you don't know where you fit any Nothing on Marlee's journey from when we first meet a terrified 12 year old chickening out on a high dive to the end where she's standing up to Ku Klux Klan members feels forced or rushed or anything but a completely natural progression Levine has a clear voice and skillfully navigates between the real world history that informs the narrative and Marlee's own story And can we get a what what for Liz and Betty Jean the two main African American characters who had a lot to fear than Marlee but who didn't believe in backing down in the face of opposition eitherWhat Didn't Work Nope not a thing I started reading this book on my lunch break and got so sucked up into the world of 1958 Little Rock that I was 10 minutes late getting back to work I finished it later that night and immediately sent a friend an e mail that said this book is so so goodAnything Extra Special? Oh heck yesArkansasI went to college in the great state of Arkansas and I flipping loved it there Arkansas gets a bad rap a lot of the time but it is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been While in school I worked at a garden adjacent to Dunbar Junior High the all black junior high that Curtis goes to in the book I have friends who went to Central High School the school that the famed Little Rock Nine integrated in 1957 They can point out rooms where they had classes in the pictures in history books Reading call backs to all these places that I know made me feel right at home and like I had special insider knowledge I know exactly how bad it must have felt to get sent to Pine Bluff a town where I once waited 3 hours for a pizza to come out at the Pizza HutHistoryI think most people know the story of the Little Rock Nine the kids who integrated Central High School What not a lot of people know about and I certainly didn't until reading this book was what happened the year afterwards While the story in Lions of Little Rock is very much fictional it's set in the real Little Rock The one where high schools stayed shut for an entire school year in an attempt to re segregate the schools The civil rights and pro segregation groups featured in this story actually existed as did the McCarthy like blacklisting of public school teachers I appreciated the insider view of how things like a school board election would actually work and I'm that dork who completely ate up the Author's Note at the end where Levine details exactly what was real and gives suggested books for further reading