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Singing the Dogstar Blues review É 100 Ñ ➢ [Epub] ➜ Singing the Dogstar Blues By Alison Goodman ➬ – Alison Goodman's first novel in a very special new edition Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the fCtest rules and that means going back in time to change history This new Firebird edition of Alison Goodman's acclaimed first genre bending adventure features a short story about Joss and Mav's after book adventures originally published in Firebirds Risin. A very charming light and funny little book YA sci fi real YA sci fi not romance disguised as sci fi is still a rare thing to find and I very much enjoyed this story about time travel aliens a DNA mystery and an unlikely friendship Joss is spunky and rebellious without being annoying Mavkel a very fascinating and endearing character I loved how their friendship developed how the Chorians communicated and how their society worked The overall tone of the book was light but not without meaning; funny but not trying too hard and the author didn't feel the need to dump too much information about the world on the reader I very much like the feeling of getting to know the setting by myself and not being told what it's supposed to be likeTowards the end though I felt like some things were a little rushed I would have wished for some depth a lot if conflicts were hinted at but not picked up again and in the end I was left with a lot of open uestions – not about the plot but about the background of the story in general I would have loved to learn about the Chorians about the scientific aspect behind time travel how does it actually work and about Joss's family Nevertheless recommended if you are into lighter sci fi with a futuristic setting and would like to read a book without a focus on romance for once I would have wished to be just a little invested emotionally but in comparison to Froi of the Exiles the book didn't really stand a chance in that department #11 Aussie YA Challenge 2011

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Anet Choria And Mavkel has chosen Joss of all people as his roommate and study partner Then Mavkel gets sick Joss uickly realizes that his will to live is draining away The only way she can help Mavkel is Singing the Kindle by breaking the Centre's stri. I’m always on the lookout for a fun space related story Singing the Dogstar Blues isn’t set in space but there is a very futuristic feel to it and ALIENS so it definitely hit my sweet spot If you are wondering if this book reads at all like Goodman’s other book Eon the answer at least for me is absolutely not I enjoyed Eon but the pacing was off and I wasn’t especially attached to any of the characters That’s not the case here Joss Aaronson attends a prestigious time jumping school and holds one of 12 coveted spots in the program for her year She is a comp which basically means that her mother used a donor to have her and comps are looked down on as genetically manipulated because people can use up to even 5 or 6 donors to create the child of their choice She is snarky sassy and unlike Eona it doesn’t take her eras to figure out what is going on around her Thank goodness for thatOverall the book has a bit of a campy and adventurous feel The plot primarily revolves around Joss and her new school partner Mavkel the first alien to be admitted As expected there are enemies and allies in the school administration and amongst the students but Joss and Mavkel hold this entire story on their backs and they succeed in doing so I couldn’t picture what Mavkel actually looked like but it didn’t hinder the character development His personality came through even with a language barrier and extensive cultural differences He and Joss bond over music and that is where the title of the book comes from There are hints that this was Goodman’s first novel—the writing definitely favors utility rather than description for instance Since this is what I prefer in my sci fi I was than happy with the style And Ms Goodman actually surprised me with a plot twist near the end don’t click it unless you want it to be ruined view spoiler I seriously laughed out loud when we found out that Mavkel’s sneeze into the Petri dish resulted in Joss’s connection with the alien race hide spoiler

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Singing the Dogstar BluesAlison Goodman's first novel in a very special new edition Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the first time the Centre has an alien student Mavkel from the pl. ► Aren't you tired of YA scifi novels that breed gorgeous aliens as if their intergalactic lives depended on it You she said are literally the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen The Alienated disaster► Aren't you tired of watching every one of these MCs morphing the book into some love triangle ish Human vs Alien macho pissing contest KissWar before your depressed eyes ► Aren't you tired of reading nonsensical and cheesy dialogues when you only asked for some novelty Then Singing the Dogstar Blues is the book you're seeking out well written no love triangle no whining about boys or girls for that matter no instalove but friendship and mystery blended in an intriguing concept However this is not an action packed novel I warn you some parts if not boring are pretty dull indeed Singing the Dogstar Blues suffers from an uneven pacing or I have a short attention span because all the reviews I read state how fast paced it is color me perplexed at myself Yet again I still really much enjoyed following Joss and Mav's adventuresSet in a futurist world where aliens the Chorians and humans are building an alliance the Centre a special school that teaches time travel finds itself under the spotlights when Mavkel becomes the first Chorian to attend it and is paired with Joss a rebellious teenager who's been trying to avoid being fired again All is good in the world Ugh no Try secrets rivalries and assassins lurking instead Welcome to the Centre Throughout the novel I grew attached to these characters first Joss an independent and strong minded female lead who managed to keep my annoyance away WOOT and then Mav who's perhaps the cutest alien I ever read about Never mind the flappy ears the two mouths and four noses He's not cut out for Most Gorgeous Alien of the Year and that's what made him so incredibly appealing to me Lonely after the death of his pair when you're used to share a mind with someone I suppose that being alone covers an entire different feeling he aims to be paired with Joss who is understandably very much reluctant to fulfill his goals Their growing friendship yes you read correctly friendship it is was very interesting to follow and I couldn't get enough of them 100 pages would have been perfect in my opinion As for the sci fi elements I must say that I was confused in the beginning by the made up words but nothing insurmountable as I was hooked right away The world building was intriguing and not too complex to grasp this is the no hard scifi reader talking yet there were several occurrences when I seriously wondered what the fuck they were talking about This said it didn't make the plot confusing because it was usually only a matter of knowing what object they were mentioning I for one can live with that Unfortunately I have to admit that I would have loved for the story to be developed Although the premise was great and promising the novel didn't uite meet my expectations and the execution failed to take best advantage of it Take the time travel for instance it is barely explained See I am not the kind of reader who needs everything to be scientifically accurate or plausible because come on scifi novels ain't textbooks but I appreciate when the author makes some kind of effort to explain how the technology used works If the way everything is showed rather than told is than welcome trust me I cannot finish a scifi book relying on info dumping I still feel as if something was missing My biggest issue though All the big reveals were painfully obvious and I saw them coming miles away resulting in a rather anticlimactic and rushed ending that left me a little disappointed ► All in all is it worth reading Honestly YA novels which don't rely on romance are so fucking rare that for this reason alone I'd say yes Not to mention that Singing the Dogstar Blues may not be perfect but it stays thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing For of my reviews please visit