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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ uest for the Golden Hare ½ [KINDLE] ❆ uest for the Golden Hare Author Bamber Gascoigne – From September 1979 to March 1982 millions of people the world over became obsessed with a uest for buried treasure The architect of this extraordinary cosmic charade was a painted by the name of S in a book called Masuerade By the time the golden hare had been unearthed it had led to an astonishing variety of dare devil adventures and personal discoveriesBamber Gascoigne chosen as the one impartial witness to the treasure's loc. I recently unearthed this book while unboxing my collection and had been hesitating to read it because I didn't want my own uest to end It is of course the companion to Kit Williams' phenomenal Masuerade the puzzle booktreasure hunt that captivated Britain and the pre internet world from 1979 to 1981 While the titular golden hare crafted by Williams has long since been found Masuerade still remains a combination children's story and art book featuring anagrams magic suares and other hidden puzzles One still can at one's leisure attempt to find where the jewel was buried and even knowing the location and Williams' methodology try to reconstruct it To be honest I skipped over the portion of the book dealing with the actual construction of the puzzle and the perfect solution in order to do just thatBamber Gascoigne is a British journalist who was present with Williams for the burying of the hare and uest for the Golden Hare documents the project from conception to execution to the final discovery of the jewel under controversial nay disastrous circumstances It includes a number of profiles of the avid hunters and their ingenious but mostly misguided attempts to make sense of the clues and red herrings Williams inserted into the book It also includes the perfect solution submitted by two treasure hunters coincidental with the finding of the hareI strongly doubt that treasure hunts like this could be done today as the internet facilitates discussion and collusion much efficiently than 35 years ago The two year hunt for the hare could be reduced to weeks perhaps even days But the puzzle endures


From September to March the Golden MOBI #237 millions of people the world over became obsessed with a uest for buried treasure The architect of this extraordinary cosmic charade was a painted by the name of Kit Williams who hid the clue. Bamber Gascoigne had a part as witness to the burial of Kit Williams' Masuerade hare jewel that so consumed treasure hunters across the world from 1979 to 1982 It was a glorious idea Kit Williams decided to create real treasure to make up for the broken promises of manufacturers during his childhood when promised buried treasure turned out to be a cut out and send off special offer and make a precious jewel bury it and give everybody a chance to expose it and find it in his paintings It was a phenomenally difficult task the paintings are masterpieces of realist art perhaps not to everybody's taste but the expertise that went into them is beyond doubt to begin with and the jewel is an amazing labour of love; the riddle in the text was perhaps the most taxing task; it had to be difficult enough not to be solved immediately and yet aimed at everybody to fulfil KW's promise that a child could do it I'm not so sure about that I must say The ending of the mystery is relatively well known an acuaintance of an ex girlfriend of KW managed to get at her and ask enough of the right uestions to put him on the path of the jewel while genuine riddle solvers were hot on their heels and that made the whole epsiode end with a bit of a whimperBamber Gasgoigne tells the tale with real wit and verve I enjoyed the stories of the uite honestly craziness of the uest for some people how it took over their lives took up their holidays and savings strained their relationships made the people around them uestion their sanity This was a book I'd somewhat lazily had half an eye out for over the course of twenty years or so It was worth the wait

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uest for the Golden HareAtion and the solution to uest for ePUB #8608 the mystery subseuently wrote this book which answers every uestion asked about the masuerade including a step by step explanation of how the puzzle was conceived and of the perfect solution. 25 starsI'm sure people who have a personal connection to the uest like this book better than someone like me who just read it as a documentation of a piece of cultural history For that purpose it was ok but frankly the source where I found out about this book Jimmy Maher's blog The Digital Antiuarian did a better job in describing the whole affair and even its further aftermath concerning Ken Thomas and various other things that took place after the book had already been publishedMaybe it was because I was not familiar with Masuerade the book that I found the description of the contest a bit confusing The book was published uite soon after the hunt was over and no doubt targeted to those who had been involved in it Anyway Maher's blog was the better account 30 years after the fact and for someone who didn't take partAlso I think there were too many masueraders' cases that weren't that interesting while the people who found the real solution to the riddle as well as the solution itself were not given the length I think it would have deserved Anyway many of the masueraders' cases just showed so clearly that people will become convinced of the craziest things