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REVIEW µ Frightened Boy ´ [Download] ➻ Frightened Boy By Scott Kelly – A young man is caught up in a battle between existential terrorists and a paranoid populace in the last metropolis in America Our hero must decide whether to destroy or salvage the last bastion of civ A young man is caught up in a battle between existeN the last metropolis in America Our hero must decide whether to destroy or salvage the last. I just finished reading this on Wattpadcom the first complete book that I've ever read on this teen drenched Youtube for books site Frightened Boy a great title with great cover art started out strong enough for me to continue About a third of the way through however I found myself wondering why I was continuing Probably because I just wanted to finish what I started Here is an example of a compelling enough storyline but poorly executed and in great need of further revising and editing rife with errors esp the 2nd half One of Kelly's biggest problems is his lack of description I get the impression that he was overly worried about being too verbose or perhaps someone he trusts pushed this point with his writing The effect unfortunately is that his writing is so spare and he does so little to paint a picture for the reader that in most of the environments he semi describes I have little idea what to visualize Moreover he has created a world that deserves to become fully created but there are few places in the story where background is givenCharacter development and especially character complexity is sorely lacking Escher the nemesis of Frightened Boy Clark Horton comes off as alternately evil and crazy and finally well I'm not really sure Since the entire story revolves around Escher there should be some way for a reader to feel sympathy for him but it is just not possible; background would go a long way to resolving this problemCliche constructions motifs and plot devices are another problem Clearly Kelly is a fan of the Matrix movies and thought provoking action sci fi in general Frightened Boy however comes off as a weak knock off of many elements from such movies This book has a very cinematic uality to it which while not a problem in itself falls short here Kelly assumes that the same images in his mind are likewise existent in the minds of his readers; again description would resolve this problemThe most disappointing aspect of the book is the conclusion which feels very rushed and ad hoc The second main character Erika departs from the main storyline abruptly and without enough ualification and the great mystery behind Escher's past and the nature of reality is never resolved Kelly shows his interest in the intersection between mathematics and art through his references to MC Escher and Goedel but he never develops this most important and frankly most interesting focus of the story In the end I am left wondering what the point of the novel was in the first placeSo why am I giving such a lengthy review of such a wanting book Because there is something here something that could be turned into an original and exciting YA novel yes it should be marketed as YA I gave Kelly a couple votes on Wattpad but that's it for now I would like to see him go back and really develop this book's potential He has something here but it just isn't happening yet


A young man is caught up in a battle between existential terrorists and a paranoid populace i. I loved this book It was so much fun to read especially if you caught all of the references Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass chess and Very smart writing Would love to see this as a graphic novel

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Frightened BoyBastion of civilization A gritty dystopian thriller think Hunger Games meets the Matrix Words. I would like to give this book than 3 stars because I actually enjoyed it It's an interesting idea and it's executed pretty well in a way that's never boring The narrator's voice is clear and he has some nice turns of phrase and the character of Escher is uite compelling All that said the book is FILLED with typos Misspellings subject verb disagreements sentences with extra or missing words you name it and it's probably in here A few typos is one thing but the amount in this book suggests that almost no editing occurred If the author were to go through and fix these problems and push out a new version he'd have a much better piece of work to offer