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Prince's desert palaceRaja's new bride has a lot to learn about being a royal most enticingly of all how exhilarating nights with her new husband can be and that an heir is top of his agen. The heroine Ruby is just an ordinary girl until her world is turned upside down when she is visited by the hero Raja and informed that she is heir to a country and must also marry him Ruby has never been acknowledged by her father and his family who were royalty and leaders of a small eastern country so she never knew she was actually a princess She is shocked to learn that in order for her father's country to be at peace with the neighbouring country the one that Raja is leader of she must marry Raja Raja has always known that he would one day have to sacrifice his own freedom for duty to his country Upon meeting Ruby even though she is rather headstrong and impetuous he immediately desires her and realises being married to her wouldn't be a hardship Ruby doesn't want to marry Raja but after gathering information about the state of the country of her birth she agrees on the condition that it be a marriage in name only However she did not realise how much she would desire Raja and how easily he could make her give in I was pretty hesitant about reading this book Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Lynne Graham's books but her last one put me off I'm not really sure what to make of this book; I did enjoy it but there is a lot in this book I didn't like at all The start of the book is the hero getting out of bed with another woman and while it is generally accepted that romance heroes particularly those in ModernPresents are experienced and 'playboys' THIS scene just slapped you round the face with this fact It cheapened the book and was uite distasteful At times the writing felt a little purple prose y and there is way too much internal monologuing the hero and heroine barely talked There is too many romance novel clichés used in this book I'm not even going to mention them as I fear I will be here all day but it's frustrating Lynne Graham can do much better than thisYou may think I'm being a little petty here but I have an issue with authors trying to crowbar 'cool' words into their books where they are just not needed in this book the use of the word sexts felt just well awkward this isn't a book about teenagers In her last book she used the word shag a lot this further cements my pointI nearly gave this book two stars What saves this book is the two characters and particularly the hero The hero felt very mature and a bit gentle than most of the recent ModernPresents heroes The heroine was also uite likeable in her feistiness Overall this is not a bad book It is enjoyable but it isn't uite there to make it up to Lynne Graham's uality of old Originally posted at

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Jewel in His CrownSheikh Prince Raja al Somari knows that sacrificing his freedom for the good of his country isn't a choice it's a duty But he's going to have to use pleasurable tactics Jewel in PDF to conv. So you're probably waiting with bated breath to find out about this book after the disaster that was Ms Graham's last book Bride for Real So without much ado I'll give you the good news view spoilerthere were no nasty surprises like a secret baby produced by the hero's infidelity hide spoiler

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Jewel in His Crown Read À 102 ´ ➳ [Read] ➮ Jewel in His Crown By Lynne Graham ➾ – Sheikh Prince Raja al Somari knows that sacrificing his freedom for the good of his country isn't a choice; it's a duty But he's going to have to use pleasurable tactics to convince his new bride A da Sheikh Prince Raja aInce his new bride A day ago Ruby Sommerton was an ordinary girl going to work and gossiping with her flatmate now she's found out she's a princess and waits nervously in the bedroom of the. Leaving original rating though I probably should take a starThe opening scene with the H leaving after a session with his current mistress is not my idea of a perfect opening for a romance novel but then apparently there are people who like thatAnyways the H wasn't a jerk not by HP standards and tried to be nice and sweet but failed to charm me instead of just ignoring the sexts from the OW he should have blocked and erased themI didn't like the h either she was the kind of childish that annoys meIn the end nothing outstanding in Harleyland