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The Sense of an EndingWinner of the of an PDFEPUB #10003Man Booker PrizeBy an acclaimed writer at the height of his powers The Sense of an Ending extends a streak of extraordinary books that began with the best selling Arthur George and continued The Sense MOBI #8608 with Nothing to Be Frightened Of and most recently Pulse   This intense new novel follows a middle aged man as he contends with a past he. When Veronika said ”You don’t get it You never did” I told myself so why don’t you tell him Grrr If only these people Barnes’ characters would sit down and discuss amongst themselves then there will be no problem Then Tony Webster will not have to spend all his life trying to grapple the memories he thought to be contained in his whole pathetic life You see Tony Webster is a double sided man he seems to be this gentle go with the flow nice man who respects his girlfriend not to have real sex until they are ready However when his girlfriend dumps him for Tony Webster’s friend he writes the bitterest letter that I’ve read coming from a dumped lover The kind of letter that would put to shame even the vilest and the most manipulating characters of Pierre Choderlos de Laclos in his masterpiece Les Liaisons DangereusesBut that slow tease makes the reading very interesting and fun The book is thin and the letters are big Don’t be deceived though The brevity does not reflect the jam packed plot and the intricate thoughts that go on inside the mind of Tony Webster You see the story is a book narrated in the first person and Tony Webster is what they call in literature film or theatre as unreliable narrator Barnes deceives the reader into believing that the character of Tony Webster in the first part of the story will be consistent Until the revelation in the second part but I did not feel disgustingly deceived I was amused surprised but definitely bewildered by the brilliancy on how Barnes put everything intricately together The prose is crisp clear and concise Definitely British but it is not stiff and rigid This is my first Barnes and I used to think before that his prose would be a challenge to enjoy Definitely not it is very readable and easy to comprehend even for an Asian like me The prose plot thethe characters the seuence of the events the thoughts that run in Tony Webster’s mind big revelation in the end They are all part of the big beautiful ensemble that delivers an exceptionally nice written novella Ah oh the theme It is something that I can truly relate to a middle age retired man who tried to live a peaceful ordinary British life With a grown up daughter and an ex wife who he still maintains as a friend he now lives alone with only the memoirs of how he thought his life went through as a young man I think that this looking back to the what ifs is one of the favorite pastimes of middle age people during their spare uite time And I am beginning to imbibe this hobby as I am approaching retirement ha haYou will pick this book if 1 You make sure that you read all the Man Booker winning books; 2 You are a fan of Julian Barnes; or 3 You believe in my rating and you like this reviewYou will like this book if 1 You pretend to like or actually like less populist contemporary books; 2 You like all works of Julian Barnes and you hate to have an exception; and 3 You are an old or middle age man and you are fond of thinking of your what ifsUndoubtedly one of the best books I’ve read this year May the Good Lord bless you with years so you can write beautiful novels Mr Barnes

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Ous legacy that obliges him to reconsider a variety of things he thought he’d understood all along and to revise his estimation of his own nature and place in the world   A novel so compelling that it begs to be read in a single sitting with stunning psychological and emotional depth and sophistication The Sense of an Ending is a brilliant new chapter in Julian Barnes’s oeuvre. Some of my closest GR friends may have noticed that I’ve been less active around here lately Unfortunately there’s a reason for that It’s nothing dire but it’s still sad for me to have to say As it turns out I’m going to have to hang up my spurs albeit for reasons that have nothing to do with my friends here and not even much to do with me It has to do with my niece’s husband who until recently had been a web application developer at Goodreads The past perfect tense applies because while it’s all well and good to speculate on your own machine and on your own time about what anatomically improbable position Jeff Bezos’s head may be in it’s evidently not OK on company machines and on company time To make matters worse this was a job I’d encouraged him to pursue I’d rather not go into the details the policies and the politics but you’ll understand that as a matter of principle I need to bid you all a fond farewell I’ve taken a few weeks to consider my swan song – my final review on this site The wordplayful part of me was tempted to read the first volume of Proust’s classic just so I could use the name Swann but that would run a terrible risk Too many of you have read and fully absorbed the Remembrance series and would no doubt think of me in the end as the poseur that I am were I to feign any insight Then I looked at a few of the titles I’d read but not yet reviewed One of them Disgrace by J M Coetzee had potential given the situation that brought this about but like I said it’s best not to talk about that A Ship of Fools is out for the same reason Then one jumped out at me – the much discussed Booker Prize winner of 2011 by Julian Barnes The Sense of an Ending The title certainly fitsWhile the story may not be fresh in my mind it’s been three years since I read it I do recall a heated internal debate concerning the main character Tony Did he ring true Could I imagine myself in his shoes The book actually fits for another reason too It’s all about memories faulty and biased though they may be I’m sure in a few years’ time I’ll look back on my GR experience and remember writing thousands of reviews making millions of comments and stockpiling near infinite good will from it allAs a glib student oblivious to his own clichéd thinking Tony once said that “history is the lies of the winners” A nuanced discussion followed including a uotable line from their brightest most philosophical friend Adrian “History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadeuacies of documentation Later the classroom discussion led to a related point That’s one of the central problems of history isn’t it sir The uestion of subjective versus objective interpretation the fact that we need to know the history of the historian in order to understand the version that is being put in front of usBarnes was clever I thought to apply this theme to Tony’s mature self analysis As a retiree in his sixties once married now divorced father of a daughter he considers close contrary to most evidence and one who has led a rather uotidian life Tony reflects on several key junctures from his youth It’s clear he’s an unreliable narrator of his own story but readily cops to it and to his credit is disturbed by it What you end up remembering isn’t always the same as what you have witnessed I don’t consider it a spoiler to say that one of those memories concerned a girlfriend from his university days Veronica who dumped him and ended up with the aforementioned Adrian Tragedy struck soon after that and the reason Tony is so keen to revisit those memories is that Veronica’s mother beueathed him Adrian’s diary But Veronica was the one in possession of it and was very reluctant to give it up That’s all I’ll mention of the conflict but as you may well have guessed there’s plenty beneath the surfaceWhen I first considered this book for my final review it hadn’t occurred to me that there’d be so many ways to tie it to my own reflections Please indulge me one last time as I take even uotes from this book and relate them to my years on GoodreadsThe retired and resigned version of Tony near the end of the book had this to say as the witnesses to your life diminish there is less corroboration and therefore less certainty as to what you are or have been Even if you have assiduously kept records— in words sound pictures— you may find that you have attended to the wrong kind of record keeping When he mentioned those assiduously kept records especially the pictures I thought of Facebook The right kind of record keeping to me would be the thoughts and reactions on Goodreads Those reflect something meaningful and say about what makes you you Even so as the memories of those who participated with you fade so does your presence At least I’m keeping my account active so that I don’t disappear altogetherGetting back to the topic of unreliability older Tony said “ perhaps it’s that same paradox again the history that happens underneath our noses ought to be the clearest and yet it’s the most deliuescent” Like I said it was a few years ago that I read this so my own reliability should be uestioned I guess that means anything I say beyond this point is meta unreliable Be that as it may I think it’s true that subjectivity the lives we make for ourselves that read like literature and even outright lies often make our accounts interestingAs one last indulgence I swear I’m linking past reviews that I feel speak to that last statement rather well From 2015From 2014From 2013From 2008I had considered giving this book either five stars or one since those are the reviews that often contain the most passionate arguments and attract the most curious readers But that isn’t my true sentiment Let’s assume that the truth is at least slightly important to me This one is a solid 35 rounded to 4 Tony was a little frustrating at times for his unreliable Tony centric views but I did like the theme Besides that Barnes guy writes really wellBefore I sign off I want to extend a big THANK YOU to you all for making these years on Goodreads so rewarding I’ve enjoyed the countless insights contained in your reviews the entertainment value the recommendations the overly generous comments and the nonstop thinking and fun I can only hope that our collective memories never fool us into thinking that our time together has been anything but great

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free read The Sense of an Ending 106 ✓ [Download] ➸ The Sense of an Ending Author Julian Barnes – Winner of the 2011 Man Booker PrizeBy an acclaimed writer at the height of his powers The Sense of an Ending extends a streak of extraordinary books that began with the best selling Arthur George and Winner of the of aHas never much thought about until his closest childhood friends return with Sense of an Epub #218 a vengeance one of them from the grave another maddeningly present Tony Webster thought he’d left all this behind as he built a life for himself and by now his marriage and family and career have fallen into an amicable divorce and retirement But he is then presented with a mysteri. Such was the big fat craptastic big reveal groanworthy lurid pulpy Victorian melodramatic you got to be kidding ending with no sense that the two stars this novel was hanging on to by its fingernails up to page 130 slipped out of its grasp and it ended up with the ignominious one star but since that puts it in the same company as many much loved novels it may well be worn as a Badge Of Honour – I envisage one of those peelable stickers on all future editions A P BRYANT ONE STAR NOVEL and Julian Barnes can swank around with Zadie Smith Richard Ford and Don DeLillo and read each other their own one star reviews It’s one thing to realise that as a person with a fiction addiction you must tread a lonely path because in Real Life as you may know not that many people are as hopelessly addicted as we here on Goodreads But then it’s another thing to have to admit that within that already small but intense intense community of readers you are now part of a minority since the majority appear to be besotted with YAadult romancefantasy etc So mainstream literature is now a minority sport like lacrosse or curling and should be rebranded But then even stranger to find oneself as the minority of the minority of the minority Which happens when the majority of the minority are all raving about a novel that turns out to be The Sense of an EndingIn Flaubert’s Parrot by JB a guy moons around in France on his own and has thoughts about his life and about Flaubert and you gradually realise that he’s suppressing some horrible thing he doesn’t want to think about The atmosphere in that novel is transfixing it’s maximum understated comedy horror Top novel This one 150 pages of picking over an old friendship and a first romance the banal entanglements of which come to a vague watery light when the deceased mother of the ancient girlfriend it was all 40 years ago beueaths to our boring narrator a diary Like a bolt from the blue This was a novel where all the detail of the guy’s current mildly depressed defeated mouldering away English life were exactly and toe curlingly right and all the actual incidents in the plot of which there are five I think maybe five and a half are completely wrong simply ridiculous – no one would do that The girlfriend would not redacted the mother would totally not redacted and if the friend really did redacted then the narrator redacted This is why a novel can be both intelligent he drops in a sprinkling of Readers Digest Improve Your Conversation by uoting Philosophy snippets and he’s forever going on about Time what is Time can we control Time or does Time control Us can Time go backwards or sidewards can Time flow up one nostril and down the Other and also stupid people don’t behave like this This was a Booker prize winner but it was one of the Bad Bookers like Vernon God Little There are Good Bookers like Wolf Hall and The White Tiger Read the good Bookers avoid the Bad Keep on the sunny side of life