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Free download Ú Where the Hell Is Tuvalu? How I Became the Law Man of the World's Fourth Smallest Country 106 ½ [Read] ➪ Where the Hell Is Tuvalu? How I Became the Law Man of the World's Fourth Smallest Country By Philip Ells – How does aA shark in the eye But he never dared ask the octogenarian Tuvaluan chief why the Hell Is PDFEPUB #227 he sat immobilised by a massive rock permanently resting on his groinWell you wouldn't would youThis is the story of a UK lawyer colliding with a Pacific island culture The fallout is moving dramatic bewildering and often hilario. Allow me to address this book in one sentence You became the lawman by signing up for a UK version of the Peace Corps when you were 23 That hardly gives you insight into telling others how to uit the rat race nor does it make a good story You went somewhere exotic that few have traveled to Congratulations Now stop patting yourself on the back and get back to work I should have known better considering I had to special order a used copy from the UK that this book was no bueno

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How Hell Is Tuvalu? How PDF or does a young City lawyer end Hell Is PDF #197 up as the People's Lawyer of the fourth smallest country in the world kilometres from homeWe've all thought about getting off the treadmill turning life on its head and doing something worthwhile Philip Ells dreamed of turuoise seas sandy beaches and palm. Philip Ells was a lawyer in London and he was burnt out  He decided to escape his high pressure job by volunteering with Voluntary Service Overseas  He was sent to Tuvalu to be the People's Lawyer  That job is basically serving as a defense attorney for anyone who needs one  There aren't native lawyers available for people  The prosecuting attorney was also an ex patThis job came with some problems that he hadn't expected  In Tuvalu there just isn't much crime  It is also customary to go to the police and write out a full confession immediately if you commit a crime  Everyone pleads guilty  That makes life for your defense attorney much harder  His main job was to try to get the sentences as short as possible for his clients by whatever means necessary  This led to most of the island residents calling him The People's Liar  He filled out the rest of his time by writing threatening letters to government officials of behalf of citizens  That can get awkward when you then meet the officials socially or over tennisHe also inherited Laita a secretarytranslatorparalegal with his office  She feels that the less he knows the better  He can cause fewer problems that wayThis book is written about his two years of service in the 1990s  That means that the community in Tuvalu had very limited access to the outside world  There was no internet and mail may not come if there were extra passengers on the plane From Google Maps This is the main island of Funafuti The town is on the eastern side From Wikipedia This is the whole island nation The islands are spread far apart and there was a boat that tried to make a circuit of them about once a month  Sometimes it brings back fruits and vegetables  Most of the time it doesn't which leads to ex pat fantasies of the joys of a potatoThe ex pats and the natives of Tuvalu never truly understand each other  The author writes about this with self deprecating wit  He comes to appreciate the uietness of the island especially after being loaned out to Kiribati and working for seven weeks on many horrific crimes in that country in addition to a Constitutional crisisHe may have even been able to do some good such as helping teach a three day seminar on the legal rights of women in an area where domestic violence is not taken seriously by the policeThis is an unusual memoir in that the epilogue tell what other people in the book are doing now but never updates what the author did after leaving TuvaluThis review was originally posted on Based On A True Story

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Where the Hell Is Tuvalu How I Became the Law Man of the World's Fourth Smallest CountryTrees and he found these in Where the PDFEPUBthe tiny Pacific island state of Tuvalu But neither his Voluntary Service Overseas briefing pack nor his legal training could prepare him for what happened thereHe learned the Hell Is Tuvalu? How MOBI #8608 to deal with rapes murders incest the unforgivable crime of pig theft and to look. Well written and surprisingly entertaining and informative read recounting the experiences of a young British lawyer doing 2 years voluntary service in Tuvalu in the 90's It highlights the struggle between customary village justice and the forces of post colonial law Well worth a read as it gives great insights into Tuvaluan life on a remote Pacific island before mobile phones and the internet and describes well the often majestic setting