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read The Algebraist doc é Paperback ↠ iain m. banks Æ ❮Read❯ ➳ The Algebraist ➶ Author Iain M. Banks – It is 4034 Humanity has made it to the stars Fassin Taak a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasueron Dwellers will be fortunate if he makes it to the end of the Ue hierarchy of the Mercatoria the latest galactic hegemony Taak has to travel again amongst the Dwellers He is in search of a secret hidden for half a billion years But with each day that passes a war draws closer a war threatening to overwhelm everything everyone he's ever known That is hours and hours of my life I will never get back My experience is that this book is the most boring book on the face of the planet okay there are a few that could beat it and I can't for the life of me imagine why it was nominated for a Hugo However I do have friends that like it so I'm going with this wasn't to my tasteThere was this weird secondary plot too that seemed entirely unnecessary and in a book that was bloated with confusing flashbacks lengthy sentences excessive use of commas and side stories that never went anywhere it seems like he could have cut some things out A lot of thingsThe entire reason that I kept pushing through this time consuming book was that it was my 100th book off the Sci Fi and Fantasy group's bookshelf and I didn't want to DNF #100 The joke's on me I miscalculated and The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack was number 100 So I didn't DNF #101 and I really should be patted on the back because it really sucked

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O the rest of civilization In the meantime they are dismissed as decadents living in a state of highly developed barbarism hoarding data without order hunting their own young fighting pointless formal wars Seconded to a military religious order he's barely heard of part of the baro DNF Why exactly are we presented right at the start with a villain with diamond teeth and a living head of his enemy crazy unable to even to commit suicide used as a punching bag? Ughhh I'm not going to finish this crap Maybe later? I'd rather not though

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The AlgebraistIt is 4034 Humanity has made it to the stars Fassin Taak a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasueron Dwellers will be fortunate if he makes it to the end of the year The Nasueron Dwellers inhabit a gas giant on the outskirts of the galaxy in a system awaiting its wormhole connection t Spacefaring Derring doScholarly seer Fassin Taak is sent by the Mercatoria’s militia to find a mythical map of hidden wormholes and if it exists a way to translate it a uest that puts him in the middle of inter galactic war Meanwhile a warlord with the comically evil sounding name but no double letters unlike almost everyone else Archimandrite Luseferous of the Starveling Cult has a self set mission of his own “ Power was everything Money was nothing without it Even happiness was a distraction a ghost a hostage”The Archimandrite also relishes creative torture of his captives partly for motives like those of the officer in Kafka’s In the Penal Colony see my review HERE I enjoyed the first hundred and fifty pages The world building is impressive some of the beings civilizations and ideas are fascinating and there is delightfully incongruous lyricism in some of the descriptions But hundreds pages of umpteen characters travelling meeting and parting; impending battles; travelling meeting and parting; astro geology; actual battles; galactic history; personal history; intrigue along the way who to trust what to trust reality versus VR the uest etc I just wanted to cut to the chase and finish the story At times like Fassin I experienced swim “That feeling of intense disconnection when the sheer implicatory outlandishness of a situation suddenly hit home to the unprepared human”Image sourceI often enjoy that with sci fi but here my thirst was teased but unsatedThe ending was neat and amusingly bathetic but rushed compared with the dragged out adventures that preceded it The effects of living travelling and switching between vastly different speeds of time weren’t fully explored and the threads of the two main characters didn’t really blend well Overall it felt like a poor imitation of Alastair Reynolds see my reviews HERE If you want a good review of the book itself or any sci fi see Apatt’s HERE I’m going to witter on about a few aspects that I particularly enjoyedFear of Artificial IntelligenceImage The scariest AI is one that can deliberately fail the Turing Test SourceDespite the uest and battles it’s fear and prohibition of AI that is at the root of this story published in 2004 Fifteen years later real life warnings are plentiful But before you can control it you must define it That’s intriguingly tricky and not really achieved by Banks Those who’ve updated Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics invariably include one about an AI being explicitly AI We instinctively fear the Uncanny Valley which is perhaps why the latest screen versions of Cats and even The Lion King give some people the jitters I recently read of an AI program that generates coherent paragraphs of text achieves state of the art performance on many language modeling benchmarks and performs rudimentary reading comprehension machine translation uestion answering and summarization—all without task specific training It's imperfect of course and it's within tight constraints but impressive The developers rightly fear its power for generating fake news and other scams as well as foreseeing useful applications Read about it HERE To skip the tech angle scroll to the two panels with a dark grey backgroundOn a completely different hand are prejudice and legislative restriction of conscious AIs akin to institutional racism?Image xkcd Turing Test “Extra credit convince the examiner that HE'S a computer” SourceCulture and CivilizationWhat counts as civilized? Here the answer is said to be the ability to feel pain physical and mental which seems a low bar What about social organisation and culture?There is still war bureaucracy religion used to control the gullible and sport space sailing races but not much culture art literature music in this far future However there is a universal language Standard “ An almost perfect language flexible descriptive uncoloured precise but malleable highly elegantly complete yet primed for external term adoption and with an unusually free but logical link between the written form and the pronounced Best of all it didn't belong to anybody the species which had invented it having safely extincted themselves millions of years earlierExtreme Bodies“ The only ugly people were those making a statement”Body mods are common in sci fi but those here should raise major consent issues one person’s genital secretions can inject a truth serum and another can control sweat and pheromone production which is useful for seduction and deceit in meetings yet he judges others by their body language The utterly different body shapes sizes and life reuirements of different beings necessitate elaborate adaptations of transport and furniture I guess disabled babies would be aborted or have their bodies fixed but if not it’s a very accessible place DwellersThe Dwellers are probably the most intriguing aliens I’ve encountered in sci fi Bizarre in appearance like “anorexic manta rays” with “signal skin” and wheel like protuberances vast in size 9 metres diameter and lifespan billions of years a “slow” species? who are the most widespread planet based lifeforms They are a species of contradictions and to humans like Fassin uirks they gather huge amounts of data on everything for no obvious purpose little interest in other species and without cataloguing it; they’re non hierarchical but have 29 levels of seniorityage; they resist change but are not a monoculture; they value kudos which almost the opposite of money “ The harder you’d worked for your kudos the less it was worth”; they are all male except when social duty reuires a pregnancy and they care little for their young to say the least; they treat the military as independent experts rather than a tool of democratic government; practice collective inheritance and have vague disdain for “uick” species “ Your passion for doing each other harm never ceases to amaze delight and horrify” Poetic uotes• The interrogating tendrils of coherence were almost too uick to sense• “Magisterial oblivious moving almost imperceptibly with a kind of tumultuous serenity” A gas giant• “He left in the false dawn of an albedo sunrise”• “Small bubbles of gas rose to the surface and broke giving some tiny proportion of the substance of Earth to the atmosphere of a planet twenty thousand light years away” Champagne• “Dark glitterings everywhere The Dreadnaught lit up along its length speckled with fire freckling bruises across the stir of dark gas”• “The spastic spasming light of the battle view swinging wildly across the screens”• “The vast being a Clouder was like a million great long gauzy scarves of light a whisper of matter and gravity drifting yet purposeful”Sci fi Jargon uote• “K who was coming to the end of a tream socked into a traumalyser and a linked up subsal”Philosophical uotes• All solo societies were possessed of both an inflated sense of their own importance and a kind of existential terror at the sheer scale and apparent emptiness of the universe• “Wild years losing money and illusions gaining weight and some small amount of wisdom”• “‘We are wasting time’‘Time wastes itself Who are we to float in its way?’” Other uotes• “You custard brained phlegm wart”• “Fashion gaunt in the latest war chic”• “The psychic pain of realising that the world is not really as splendid as it seemed the evening before” the Dweller euivalent of a hangover