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Characters ´ Human Condition 106 ê [Read] ➭ Human Condition By Jayne Finn – It's 1985 Reagan is president The Cosby Show is the most popular show on television and the radio blares Shout incessantly At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Mike Ross spills some acid on hims It's Reagan is president The Cosby SSity of Michigan in Ann Arbor Mike Ross spills some acid on himself in a lab and is rescued by football star Joe Lassiter What ensu. I found this book at least 5 or 6 years ago before I found the online booksellers and publishers I was stunned that this author was not publishing it The story is realistic well written with characters that you like to love The character development is so strong that despite reading this story at least 10 times I find in the characters' personality than the time before Human Condition deserves to be expanded upon and SOLD Ms Finn is one of the most impressive writers I have read A Human Condition is a jewel not yet discovered by MM readers across the board

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It's Reagan is president The Cosby Show is the most popular show on television and the radio blares Shout incessantly At the Univer. 4 45 StarsStory Content Warning Some Torture Rape This free online story was a great read and a long one at that too Sometimes this piece felt overly long and I was hoping for dialogue a lot of the time in order to show interactions between the characters my eyes kept scanning down the screen looking for dialogue as so much of this is just narration but it was well written and well done overall I think many of the reviews of this story here on goodreads are well done too so rather than summarize the entire plot I'll share my personal feelings about itThis is a best friends to lovers story and can be considered gay for you Although I did see some abuse tags for this piece I wasn't really expecting to read about a rape and if this is a sensitive subject to you I would not suggest that you read this The torture and rape scene in this is relatively short and not extremely extremely graphic but it is graphic and the character's recuperation process from the rape also takes up a large chunk of this story If rape is not an overly sensitive subject for you I would suggest that you not let that deter you from reading this as there is much much to this story than rapeTowards the end of the storyview spoilerTowards the end of this story it did seem drawn out and I dislike it when the two MCs spend so much time apart from each other that the reader begins to forget their spark This sort of happens in my opinion and although this story certainly revolved around Mike and Joe's relationship I wish there was interaction between them especially in the middle portion and second half of this story Except for he last chapter hide spoiler

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Human ConditionEs is funny touching realistic and riveting readingWarning there is a violent rape scene in this book not between the main characte. Oh How I remember this love story It has everything for everyone; a great little plot just enough sex to keep you turned on but also a spark of life in the characters so that to feel that you really know them I wrote to the author not long after reading expressing my gratitude for such a great love story not over laden with sappiness and sex but also hoped for a continuance of the story Sadly it seems when she had planned in her correspondence with me didn't go as planned Either way I still love this story and recommend it to any and all members of our community for should they feel a little disconnected from love or desire 'Such is the perversity of the human condition The drive to love to connect is so strong that any attraction no matter how hopeless fills us'Jayne Finn