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Ebook Ê New Girl 320 pages ¼ Paige harbison ¼ [Reading] ➿ New Girl Author Paige Harbison – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Welcome to Manderley AcademyI hadn't wanted to go but my parents were so excited So here I am the new girl at Manderley a true fish out of water But mine's not the name on everyone's lips Oh noIt's Be Ca's ex The one boy I should avoid but can't Thing is it seems like he wants me too But the memory of Becca is always between us And as much as I'm starting to like it at Manderley I can't help but think she's out there somewhere watching me take her placeWaiting to take it ba 35 stars Some SpoilersI had such a hard time trying to figure out my feeling for this one which is strange since I usually know before I even finish a book I can't guarantee that I'm gonna make sense and I'm sure other reviewers will say this much better but here it goes anywho'sDid I like this? Yesand no I guess this is what I would call a guilty pleasure since to tell you the truth I wouldn't normally enjoy books like this I am a very easily annoyed reader when it comes to characters personalities One or two flaws I can live with but it seems like everyone of these characters with the exception of very few got on my nerves Lets start with the main protag She's nothing but a punching bag for insults mind games and mockery Which uite frankly isn't very fair since all she did was attend a school Our other main protag Becca is the girl who the New Girl can't ever live up to See Becca left uite a stir at Manderley Academy Her parents sent her there unwillingly but as soon as she arrived she became the life of the party actually she became the party Wild daring alive and pretty much had everyone bewitched by her mere presents So naturally when she went missing and presumed dead everyone took it hard Enter the New Girl I'd give you her real name but since we don't actually find out till the end of the book it would be a shame to spoil it for you now she's always wanted to attend a boarding school since she was in eighth grade but since she never got in she became content with her life till her parents surprised her with a special gift she finally gets accepted to Manderley in her senior year no less Becareful what you wish for As soon as the NG walked into her new school everyone seemed to look at her like the odd man out Some were cold others downright ruthless See she only got in cause there was a unexpected spot available The NG lived in Becca's old room started to hang out with Becca's friends and caught the eyes of Becca's love interests Eventually she was accused of trying to steal Becca's life which is crazy talk since she's never even met her This is a story about two different girls starting over at new shcool and how they decided to handle themselves and just how very different things might have turned outYeah okay so this story? It's completely messed up I'm not talking about the writing or saying that this is a bad book what I'm saying is that the actually story line and it's characters are really uite a trip The book is told in alternating point of views one is the New Girl and the other is Becca telling the story one year agoThe NG seems to be living Becca's old lifebut with a twist I have to hand it to Paige Harbison she weaves a story that is eually interesting and exasperating I'm not even sure what genre this would be classified under? I guess it's a contemporary with a touch of supernatural but one thing is certain this story was very uniuely constructed to get the moral of the story across to the readers It's a bit unorthodox sure but these days playing it safe seem very overratedRebecca Normandy isn't a character that I liked At all The moment you meet her you just know she's trouble She's an attention seeker always gets what she wants she's manipulative back stabbing and uses sex to her advantage She was semi redeemed in my eyes in the very end but yeah for the most part I really wanted to slap her whiny little faceThe NG is easy enough to like but I really wish she had of a spine she did start to defend her self eventually but it just wasn't enough I really wanted her to rip into some of these people and yet she didn't seem to have it in her I mean for crying out loud all she did was transfer to a school It was so frustrating to see her endure it all especially since it just kept going on and on to the point where it started to get pretty unreasonableAs for Max? I'm still not sure what I think of him When he was with Becca he didn't have much of a personality He seemed to only be with her for sex and then later out of guilt But when he's with the NG he seems decent kind and caring and I started to find myself hoping for the best It felt very disconnecting to have an opinion about someone who is portrayed so differently in the same book And I pretty much felt the same way about Johnny It was just such a strangesituation and one point or another I just wanted the NG to drop everyone who even knew Becca's name Dana is a nut job Period Her fits of rage were intense uncontrollable and crazy She was the main reason it made it so hard for me to want to keep reading So why did I? Bottom line I was completely entertained by this story out of sick morbid curiosity if nothing else The characters were complicated and well developed but I didn't really like them The plot was absurd and eventually turned outrageously ridiculous But throughout it all I couldn't stop reading It's like watching a train wreck I couldn't look away no matter how frustrated I was for even wanting to look in the first place The writing really is fantastic though It's has a bit of everything mystery suspense intrigue and above all it plants a burning desire to find out the truth This wasn't exactly a struggle read but it did tangle up my emotions pretty dame good and any book that can do that is good enough for meI'm not entirely sure how others will perceive New Girl It's frustrating as hell and gets pretty overwhelming but it's uniue compelling and entertaining right up till the very last pageArc provided by Netgalley and Harleuin teenEditAn after thought I didn't realize this was a retelling of a classic tale called Rebecca If I would have known I would have read that book first and then maybe I would have had a different experience I think it should be stated that this is indeed a re telling then other readers might have the experience I didn't have

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Issing at the end of last year leaving a spot open at Manderley the spot that I got And everyone acts like it's my fault that infallible beloved Becca is gone and has been replaced by not perfect completely fallible unknown MeThen there's the name on my lips Max Holloway Bec A modern retelling of Rebecca one of my all time favorites about a bunch of whiny privileged teenagers with apparently too much time on their hands? Yes please OK so this book was melodramatic I'm talkin' insanely melodramatic Where Rebecca worked however New Girl falls short While Maxim de Winter was charming yet mysterious Max Holloway is just a dick Who can occasionally be sweet An occasionally sweet dick but a dick nonetheless Rebecca's protagonist while young also has a certain force about her Yes she's insecure and scared and unsure of what to do with herself at Manderley but all in all she's pretty kick ass New Girl's protagonist is just a hot mess Mrs Danvers the insane housekeeper who was fiercely devoted to Rebecca made sense Dana the bipolar roommate who was insanely devoted to Beccawell not so much The girl is a ticking time bomb yet none of the faculty call her parents to take her home and get her some professional help? Really that's where this book lost it for me Coincidentally it's also where it made me so amused that I couldn't possibly hate it It's just far too silly to truly dislike I'm giving it two stars becausewell why would I rate it any higher? But it can be an enjoyable read provided you suspend reality for a few hours and just laugh at all the zany antics I mean these kids don't make any sense not a one of 'em and that ingredient mixed with the extreme emotional rollercoaster ride makes for one awesomely bad storyThere's some of thisimage error

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New GirlWelcome to Manderley AcademyI hadn't wanted to go but my parents were so excited So here I am the new girl at Manderley a true fish out of water But mine's not the name on everyone's lips Oh noIt's Becca Normandy they can't stop talking about Perfect beautiful Becca She went m Rarely has a book has left me as confused and conflicted as New Girl When I started the first chapter I was very very sure I was going to hate it but I just couldn't This book was like the little girl in the nursery rhyme when it was good it was very very good but when it was bad it was horridLet's start with the good bits I think New Girl might uite possibly be my favourite retelling this year Paige Harbison got it just right the story can stand alone as a well plotted contemporary YA novel but still manages to pay tribute to the much beloved DuMaurier classic Rebecca Without veering too far from the original story Harbison still manages to put her own individual stamp on things And most refreshingly this is not a retelling of a myth about super special supernatural creatures on whose shoulders the fate of the world rests it's a story about mostly real people and interpersonal relationships and handling everyday life I really really liked the new girl Although unlike in Rebecca we do find out her name eventually Paige Harbison manages to skilfully keep the narrator's name out of the book without seeming like she was forcibly withholding it And although I have only a faint memory of Rebecca it is far from being my favourite DuMaurier I think the characterization of the new girl is infinitely stronger and likeable than the trembling tentative second Mrs de Winter The new girl in this story isn't afraid to stand up for herself although much of her life at her new boarding school Manderly is lived under the shadow of the missing yet vibrantly alive presence of Becca she is far from being a shrinking wallflower Although she has several instances of self doubt and insecurity it is justified by her life at Manderly and the circumstances surrounding it And she does have moments of self awareness and a fair idea of her own value which ups my respect for her by a hundred points easy The pacing however was what really made this book for me It's not a super fast action loaded story but it moves along at just the right pace to keep you turning the pages eager to see what comes next Harbison's writing is not perfect but she manages to hold on to her audience nonetheless and her characterizations are for the most part interesting as all hell The story is not so much creepy as it is chilling a train building up to a wreck with each successive page making sure you just can't look away I also liked the dual perspective of the new girl and Becca a seamless transition for the most part although I do think the author could have done way way better on the characterization of BeccaWhich brings me to the reason why this was a 3 star read for me instead of a 4 star one Firstly the book starts off on the lamest premise ever The new girl is headed off to Manderly a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire leaving behind her friends and family She is not very happy about this development because according to her when she was thirteen she tried to get into Manderly failed and got very upset about it So unbeknownst to her her loving parents kept trying to get her in and four years later when she's forgotten all about her fleeting desire to go to boarding school her parents present her with an opportunity to finish up her senior year in a new place far from home away from the friends she has had her whole life out of their overwhelming love for herI'm sorry but I'm calling bullshitNo parent in their right mind would think that a thirteen year old's desires would continue on through four years of teenagehood especially when the narrator makes it very clear that she has forgotten all about wanting to go to Manderly Secondly no parent in their right mind would think it a good idea to uproot their child in the last year of school at a place where she is happy and healthy and doing well simply to send her off far far away from everything she's ever known and for no pressing reason And thirdly no teenager in her right mind would willingly and self sacrificingly accept the situation without making the least push to tell her parents that she has changed her mind and would like to stay at home until she goes off to college the next year This entire story arc was less of a plot hole and of a giant sinkhole and coming in the first few pages made me want to throw the book away Why would you present your readers with such a blatantly stupid made up situation when there are a million others that would work better? Maybe her dad got transferred to Saudi Arabia Maybe she still wanted to go to Manderly Maybe her boyfriend mistreated her and she wanted to get the hell away from her surroundings There are at least ten scenarios I could come up with right now that would be convincing I do understand why Harbison took the route she did The book is in part about finding strength and belief in yourself when you are far from familiar faces and comfortable surroundings But I still think it could have been handled better My second big problem was with the characterization of Becca We are all made very aware from the very first page of Becca's viewpoint that she is pretty much a sociopath She is incapable of thinking of anyone but herself and has no compunctions about hurting other people to get what she wants She has no deep feelings towards her friends and tends to use them mostly as pawns in her power plays But instead of letting the reader find this out gradually Harbison bluntly hammers home the point on page 10 and then relentlessly keeps drilling it in Becca has no complexity her personality is revealed not through her actions but through the very obvious thoughts in her head that the third person omniscient narrator tells us about Becca could have been an interesting character complex and complicated and compelling but in the end she is so obviously the mentally disturbed bad guy who appears in a horribly contrived final scene to make good her sins that she loses all colour This is one of the few times I wish I could have gotten my hands on a draft of this book before it went to the publisher with a little work it could have gone from interesting but annoying to abso fucking lutely awesome The new girl's relationship with Max was another thing that was very hit and miss for me The reason why Max de Winter stayed with Rebecca was very clear social norms and peer pressure and status all combined to trap him in a relationship he couldn't get out of And taking the comparison to an even older book along the same lines Edward Rochester's fascination with his first wife had a basis in her beauty and his lust for her and his ambition But here I could see no reason why Max was sticking around Becca At no point do you ever get the feeling that he felt deeply about her He makes out with her sure because she is convenient but he never feels a connection to her or any deep desire to see her happy Why would a regular teenage boy get all tortured and emo about a girl he doesn't even like very much? There is no chemistry no sense of the dark fascination Becca supposedly asserts over people nothing that could justify his acting the way he did And the way he keeps jerking the new girl around and how she keeps coming back for ? Not cool This was possibly the part that annoyed me the most in the book that despite the occasional flashes of rebellion and I'm worth than this pep talks the new girl never uite manages to shrug off Max and his assholish behaviour Speaking of which I forgot to mention the hysterical over the top Dana Veers off her rocker and crushed by the disappearance of her friend jealous and paranoid that the new girl is trying to take over Becca's life Dana was uite possibly the best character in the book for me mainly because Harbison let her have her say without trying to tell the reader how they should be viewing Dana and what motivates her frenzy All in all this book was an interesting experience and I do think I would recommend it to most people Unlike most of Harleuin Teen's tripe this book actually has some substance and like I said before when Harbison is good she is very very good Definitely worth a read and I can't wait for someone to read it and tell me what they think I'm so conflicted I could use a second opinion A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers via Net Galley