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There All Kindle #215 Could her best friend be her best matchThe one thing Chloe McDaniels has always depended on is her friendship with Simon Ford Even if Mr Right PDFEPUBit's been tough thinkin. 45 Stars Hit All the Mr Right ButtonsShe's been out of high school for ten years but the moment Chloe McDaniels opened the invitation to her reunion panic hits Three girls had made those years the worst of her life bullying her and ostracizing her She never knew why they hated her so but it left her scarred If it hadn't been for Simon Ford her best friend since third grade she never would have made it through Relying on Simon for some much needed emotional support she laid out her plan to improve herself in the six weeks until the dreaded reunion lose weight get buff and get a gorgeous date then sweep into the reunion with her head held high to show the three witches that she was over their years of torment Problem is Simon keeps insisting that she doesn't need to lose weight certainly doesn't need to have her teeth capped or her hair straightened and though he supports a healthy lifestyle he keeps assuring her that she doesn't need to change to be lovelyHe's her best friend though He's supposed to say that Umhis assurances aren't supposed to send a thrill through her that leaves her yearningright Simon can't even begin to express his frustration He's been in love with Chloe for years so he's used to her being completely oblivious to his feelings but she's also oblivious to her own worth refusing to see how gorgeous and sexy she is It's driving him crazy And now she's asked him to set her up with a hot co worker of his and the jealousy is killing him There's no way he'd do anything to risk having Chloe in his life but just once he'd like her to see herself as the perfect woman she is Perfect for him Okay I have a confession to make I'm a sap It's true I love feel good books with feel good romances where men and women are swept away by the awesomeness of their everlasting love Yeah yeah I knowthat doesn't always come across in my book choices or my reviews It's a carefully guarded secret believe me It's the truth though Sap Me To make matters worse I'm also a complete sucker for two particular themes in romance fiction the friends to lovers and unreuited to reuited love themes And by 'sucker' I mean those themes are my kryptonite robbing me of my ability to objectively review the books in which they are featured If either one of those themes pop up in a book and are pulled off with anything remotely resembling competence I love the story Mr Right There All Along had not just one but both themes and Braun pulled them off far than competently I loved it I loved it even though Chloe's issues with self esteem would normally have annoyed me Braun kept the tone light enough that it didn't bother me and she injected a lot of humor into several of Chloe's improvement attempts that wereless than successful I'm also a big supporter of books that don't peddle 'classic' beauty as the be all end all and loved that Simon was so staunch in his enlightened opinions of what makes Chloe sexy and desirable The only issue I had at all with the book was the end It was very abrupt The shorter length of the book may have been to blame but the conclusion didn't give me the totally satisfied coughsappy happycough feeling I was hoping for Instead the characters had a complete reversal of situation without any explanation as to why there was an about face and the relationship leapt to the HEA with very little discussion and negligible development Eh it's a minor complaint Like I said kryptonite Braun's book was a delic

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Mr Right There All AlongG of the gorgeous guy who makes her heart flutter as just a friend But now with their upcoming high school reunion Right There All PDF #180 dredging up memories of bullies and broken hearts she n. This book was a wonderful surprise I have little experience with Harleuin romance stories except in manga and they are usually ridiculous and filled with ridiculously overexplained love scenes that the characters most often rush into or the romance is disturbingly controlling from one side I'm so glad to say this incredible experience was none of that It was heartwarming relatable heartbreaking hilariously embarrassing at times in a good way and not over filled with raunchy and rushed love scenes Thank you It's why I don't read adult fiction as much and this book gave me hope Nerdy friend turned hot shot and hot apparently Tech company owner with serious mommy and daddy issues and his uirky nerdy low self eteem based talented and decent young woman who have been best friends for years trying to protect their valuable friendship while attraction grows and challenges their relationship forever It was relatable her self esteem body image low self worth being further smacked down by familysisterand stalled in a job that takes advantage of her While her bff deals with a lifetime of love and attraction he's afraid to give into for fear of loosing her like his mom who walked out on him and his father's second wife did too after giving him a taste of lovingmotherhood Watching his dad serial marriage and divorce track It wasn't annoying or eye rolling and I couldn't put this book down I downed the last half this book until 4am If I'd had time I'd have finished it in a day Thank you for a wonderfully heartwarming change to the overly dramatic graphic stale and rushed garbage I usually get tricked into when I try to read adult fiction

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Read & Download Mr Right There All Along é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [EPUB] ✾ Mr Right There All Along ❃ Jackie Braun – Could her best friend be her best matchThe one thing Chloe McDaniels has always depended on is her friendship with Simon Ford Even if it's Eeds him than everAs Chloe plans to unveil her new and improved self Simon creates a plan of his ownStep One Show her that love is worth the riskStep Two Give her the happy ever after she deserve. Three out of five star ratingMr Right There All Along was a cute fun and lighthearted romantic tale between two friends who secretly admired one another for yearsHigh School for Chloe was one long brutally embarrassing journey she thought she'd put far far behind her and she had until the blasted reunion announcement landed on her doorstep After talking to her long time strictly platonic best friend Simon she starts plotting out operation revamp in which she plans to completely overhaul herself mind body and soul and make the tormenting teasing tarts eat their words at the reunion With Simon's help she'll complete her transformation AND take a drool worthy date to the reunion a man who is on Simon's legal team Ah revenge will be sweetSimon has had it bad for Chloe ever since he can remember What she sees as flaws he sees as endearing ualities Too afraid to confess or act on his feelings for Chloe he's immersed himself in his business and in dating nearly any woman that is the complete opposite of Chloe When Chloe asks for his help in her personal crusade he reluctantly helps all the while trying to convince Chloe that she is perfect just the way she is How far will Simon go to maintain his strictly friendship stance with Chloe especially when she asks for his help luring in the hot young lawyer who every woman lusts after and he knows it Ugh Somedays it just friends isn't enoughOverall impressionsChloe was hysterical Actually I could completely relate to her neurotic thoughts and her outlandish attempts to become a better version of herself Really what woman CAN'T identify with that desire Simon was grounded and the best friend Chloe could have He was supportive he was a mind reader and to top it all off he was an uber cutie The story was light with funny exchanges and doubt filledhope filled moments of attraction and action There was uite a few missed opportunities or misunderstood intentions which fueled confused both Chloe and Simon's attraction and friendshipMy largest complaint was with the ending I will not spoil it for any future readers however I will just say that I felt the air leave my balloon a little faster than I would have liked Great job Ms Braun Thank you for an utterly delightful read