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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ The Middle Sea A History of the Mediterranean ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ⚦ The Middle Sea A History of the Mediterranean Author John Julius Norwich – An electrifying narrative history of the Mediterranean from Ancient Egypt to 1919 from the bestselling author of The PopesE and the Italian Risorgimento The Middle Sea is colourful character driven history at its most enjoyable and is the culmination of Middle Sea A ePUB #9734 John Julius Norwich’s distinguished career as one of the greatest enthusiasts for anecdotal history‘An expertly paced exhilarating reada landmark in popular history tellinga splendid achievement for its memorable scope and vitality This wonderfully riveting history reveals our favourite holiday destination in all its glorious epic depth’ Sunday Telegraph. John Julius Norwich radio and television host and prolific author has written his most expansive work yet His past works have focussed primarily on historical Britain or particular areasperiodscivilizations around the Mediterranean; this work weaves together chronologically the rich history of that Middle Sea focussed on the several great civilizations over the centuries and millennia but supplemented with the comings and goings of many many other small and middle powers leaders and peoplesUnfortunately Norwich has chosen as the book’s subtitle “A History of the Mediterranean” and if this is truly his aim he falls short It is a history of conflict in the Mediterranean with politics and religion playing supporting roles but with culture almost non existent On this slightly smaller but still enormous canvas Norwich delivers a very richly detailed and coloured portrait His writing is clear and straightforward with not infreuent sly asides or subtle humour Given the different eras civilizations and languages covered Norwich’s expansive lexicon will have readers scrambling freuently for their dictionaries I read the book on an e reader and found myself using its built in services almost every page To complicate matters further many historically significant places are now either small villages or non existent or have had their names changed over time think Constantinople to Istanbul but hundreds of times over and on a smaller scale The included maps and illustrations are helpful but readers will still benefit from either some prior knowledge or some supplementary reference materialAn abridged list of the 33 chapter headings gives an idea of the book’s scope Ancient Greece Rome Islam The Two Diasporas The Fall of Constantinople The Catholic Kings and the Italian Adventure Barbary and the Barbarossas The Young Napoleon The Settlement of Europe Mohammed Ali and North Africa Egypt and the Canal The Great WarWhat is apparent even from this selected list is that the level of detail increases dramatically as time progresses Ancient Greece gets one chapter Rome two and Napoleon than two Norwich himself notes in explaining why he chose to end the book at the conclusion of WWI states “In the early chapters of this book a century could be covered in a page or two; towards the end of it an entire chapter may barely accommodate a decade”For readers interested in Norwich’s particular focus and who don’t expect an eual treatment of all events Norwich is an excellent guide through the Mediterranean’s rich history A long but very enjoyable read

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An electrifying narrative history of the Mediterranean Sea A Epub #181 from Ancient Egypt to from the bestselling author of The Popes and Sicily A Short History The Mediterranean has nurtured three of the most dazzling civilisations of antiuity witnessed the growth of three of our greatest religions and links three of the world's six continents John Julius Norwich has visited every country around its shores now he tells the story of the Middle Sea a tale that begins with the Pharaohs and ends with the Treaty of V. Don’t expect me to write a comprehensive review of this magnificent narrative In about six hundred pages Norwich has covered about five thousand years It would be mad to try and summarize what is already a packed summary I also began this book about a year ago then halfway I put it aside Other readings took over my reading attention not necessarily because they were interesting but because art exhibitions trips courses etc reuired their prompt reading I finally picked it up again and finished it with the determination that I shall read it again taking notes The account is so flowing as it moves from one major historical event to the next that one feels as if gliding at great speed down a playground slide Upon landing at the bottom one then wonders what was thatThis book made it into my handbag last August as I was about to take a plane to Mallorca Friends with a house perched on the Eastern coast of the island had invited me for the celebration of a special birthday What a better place to read this account of the Middle Sea than sitting on a hammock in the middle of it Looking at the beauty of the blues and the sun combined with reading about a broad array of stories in which wars loomed demoralisingly high had a hypnotising effect How could the scenery of such beauty have witnessed for so long so much violenceHypnotising is also the scope and the complexities of the material which Norwich had to tackle in offering us this superb account The proportion of centuries to pages decreases fast About two and a half millennia are dealt with in under thirty pages He chose to finish also after the WW1 because had he continued to the end of WW2 he would have had to add another volume of at least six hundred pages Apart from the acceleration of historical changes which reuired the slowing of the narration another difficulty was selecting the countries and the events which were properly Mediterranean For some countries such as Italy it was clear even if the peninsula was fragmented for a long part of its history And Norwich’s explanation of the Risorgimento is one of the fascinating parts of the book Other countries such as Greece are also clearly Mediterranean but as he explains in his preface for several centuries they don’t make a distinct presence in his pages since it belonged to either Byzantium or the Ottoman Empire Spain is a tricky case because a great part of its coast is on the Atlantic and it also shifted its interest to the West from the sixteenth century for about three centuries And then the War of Spanish Succession was fought mostly outside its land A similar problem is presented in other conflicts that had the Mediterranean as just one of its scenarios such as its closing episode WW1 view spoiler Norwich identifies three occasions of this world conflict that played out in this region the Dardanelles Salonica and Palestine hide spoiler


The Middle Sea A History of the MediterraneanErsailles in a dramatic account of the remarkable The Middle Epubcivilisations that rose and fell on the lands of the MediterraneanExpertly researched and ingeniously executed Norwich takes us through the Arab conuests of Syria and North Africa the Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades Ferdinand and Isabella and the Spanish Inuisition the great sieges of Rhodes and Malta by the Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent the pirates of the Barbary Coast and the Battle of Lepanto Nelson and Napoleon the Greek War of Independenc. I found this book an entertaining read which filled in a few gaps in my knowledge within its stated remit A thoroughly educated student of history would probably regard it as review material only but as a lay reader catching up on the history he never learned at school I found it a pleasant and fairly thorough introduction to the political history of the governments of the states on the Mediterranean littoral If you are also a lay reader of history for enjoyment this book may be for you However it promotes and partakes of a typical bias in history writing that has come to grate on my nerves over the years the invisibility of the life of the common man and woman their diet their tools and their homesYou will not find information on the following in this book1 How the inhabitants won salt2 How fish catch has changed how it was caught and how it affected the culture and cuisine of the region3 How the climate has been governed by the presence of the sea and how this has affected agriculture4 The economic significance of the olive5 How the fertility of the Mediterranean has been affected by the growth of civilisation6 How the Scylla and Charybdis of the the Straits of Messina entered Greek mythology and how they have influenced water borne commerce7 How shipbuilding has progressed and how the conditions on the Mediterranean influenced it8 Anything else about fish or olivesIt is basically the usual annotated list of who fought whom in order to rule over whom If you like hearing about kings it's a good read If you like hearing about cooks farmers and shipwrights it's disappointing All the same it is an entertaining introductory volume