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Ravensong A NovelFeminism sets this novel in an urban Native American community on the Pacific Northwes. This is the most beautiful book I have read in a while It carefully feathers together how complicated the divide is between the world of white people and the Native American way of life It is well worth the time it takes to read it a day or two and offers such deep insight that I feel like I understand things better than I did before I read it yet it is also utterly overwhelming to contemplate my own lack of understanding and the great loss that the People have endured I loved this story so much Thank you Lee Marcle

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READ & DOWNLOAD ò Ravensong A Novel ´ [Read] ➵ Ravensong A Novel By Lee Maracle – Lee Maracle author of the best selling I Am Woman A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism sets this novel in an urban Native American community on the Pacific Northwest coast in the early 1950s Lee Maracle author of the beT coast in the early s Ravensong is by turns damning humorous inspirational and prophet. Just finished this book and I was completely engrossed with it Lee has a really absorbing style of writing

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Lee Maracle author of the best selling I Am Woman A Native Perspective on Sociology and. Ravensong Lee Maracle's 1993 novel is as powerful and meaningful today as it was when it was first published some twenty years ago It is a beautifully written at times challenging story that weaves the past with the present into a moving portrait of a family a community and a land that has faced and still faces many challenges from within and from outside Situated in the Northwest of Vancouver Island Maracle evokes a land where the Raven sings and communicates with Cedar where the cedar responds with gently swinging its branches and sometimes weeps It was a fertile land between the ocean and the river providing for the people with all they needed Yet memories of disturbing past events cast long shadows over the people and the natural environment Myths and stories from ancient times come alive again and again such as that of the double headed sea serpent that caused havoc with the minds of the people or the foreigners who arrived with ships A young girl deeply lost in thought sitting under the cedar carries vivid images of those tragic events that contributed to catastrophes later traumas that the community has not yet recovered from Set in the mid nineteen fifties the novel is built around an extended multi generational Coast Salish family and their community Their village may seem self contained and even remote from the bustling urban life yet white town is just across the river and a bridge connects the two communities Stacey the young girl's older sister is the only one among her siblings and cousins who attends school in the town At seventeen she has dreams of continuing her studies at university to become a teacher in her village She is exposed to a world that doesn't make much sense to her For example during an outbreak of the Hong Kong flu her village cannot get access to vital medicines and no doctor comes to visit them The barriers both physical and mental are huge Suspicion reigns on both sides of the river The bridge is mostly a one way street What will it take to change Lee Maracle's way of telling her story absorbed me totally Her writing changes from the wonderfully poetic evocation of the natural world to a language that is precise direct and at times provocative when depicting the daily life of the people and their community Ravensong is filled with well developed characters they come alive in their interactions whether in sorrow or in laughter in love or in pain In fact the author herself kept her fondness for her protagonists over the decades and continued their stories in her most recent novel Celia's Song In fact I read the two novels back to back and while the combined reading enhanced and deepened my understanding the two novels stand on their own very well Just to give you a sense of the poetic writing in Ravensong here is the opening paragraph From the depths of the sound Raven sang a deep wind song melancholy green Above the water layered itself in stacks of still green dark to light The sound of Raven spiralled out from its small beginning in larger and larger concentric circles gaining volume as it passes each successive layer of green The song echoed the rolling motion of earth's centre filtering itself through the last layer to reach outward to earth's shoreline above the deep Wind changed direction blowing the song toward cedar Cedar picked up the tune repeated the refrain each lacey branch bending to echo ravensong Cloud seduced by the rustling of cedar moved sensually to shore