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characters ð Wild Life å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Wild Life Author Kathy Fish – Wild Life is a collection thirty four 34 undomesticated flash fiction piecesKeep this book on your bedside table Dog ear it until all the pages are folded Read it in Inding light or otherwise in these stories so carefully built so wonderfully turned of phrase What Kathy does is expose us not to insight but to mystery She puts us in the middle of these worlds she’s made and says Look what I’ve seen And then when we do when we come to these stories’ ends we shudder with confusion and love” Joseph Young Author of Easter Rabbit and Na. Clear cutting prose from a deft honest writer I'm not in general a fan of flash fiction but these stories were incisive and insightful I found myself taking a break after most of the stories to digest each one so a book I could have read in a day actually took me a week Her name is Kathy Fish but from now on I'll be referring to her as Grandmaster Flash

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Wild Life is a collection thirty four undomesticated flash fiction piecesKeep this book on your bedside table Dog ear it until all the pages are folded Read it in the bath teach it store it in your bag recite it on street corners When people stop to ask you what you are doing tell them that you are reading aloud from a collection by the best flash fiction writer in America Am. Two recent reviews of Wild Life A review by Richard Thomas at Outsider Writers Collective and at review by Roxane Gay at Beyond the Margins

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Wild LifeElia Gray Author of AMPM and Museum of The Weird“People often say the purpose of flash fiction is to shine a spotlight to illuminate to light up our lives a flash of insight This to me has always seemed a dull reason to do anything much less write or read flash fiction And I think Kathy Fish proves the point here in this book Who cares what she may teach us in flashes of bl. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT OUTSIDER WRITERS COLLECTIVEIn Kathy Fish’s slim volume of flash and micro fiction stories Wild Life she splits the collection into two halves the first entitled Wild “The lioness is crouching” and the second entitled Life “Grundy Triplets Perish Unnecessarily” And there is a reason for this While both sections deal with family even though the subtitle to the collection is “a collection of undomesticated flash fictions” the first part has a feeling of chaos and a lack of control while the second part hints at the day to day events and mundane entertainments that we often take for grantedWildLifeKathy Fish is at her best when she mixes a blend of bitter and sweet to create an air of nostalgia sentiment and understanding The first story in this collection is entitled “Watermelon” Take this excerpt for example“You left anyway hitchhiked all the way to Houston and one night months later we looked up and saw you at the table eating watermelon in the dark”She focuses on the relationship between two brothers which eventually descends into mockery and violence that’s just what brothers do—sisters sometimes too But underneath the words and the sharp tongues there is usually a layer of love and loss and longing When you say “I never liked you ugliestworstmosthorrible brother ever” what you really mean is “stay”Later in “The Cartoonist” she shows how in only a handful of sentences she can create a vivid tapestry—weaving family setting and emotions together As a family sits around the dinner table a mundane event if ever there was one a crow flies down the chimney Chaos ensues But if you listen closely you’ll hear the father say “sit down you lunatic” to his frantic wife the last line slipping through your fingertips to punch you in the gut“Big brother in the shadows slumped against the doorway his baggy jeans and narrowed eyes Draw him smaller than everything else”So much weight in those last two sentences so much life packed into this one moment of undoingAnd that’s part of what makes this sixty six page book so rich Observations unfold into prose poetry long sentences stretching out into conversations that layer on meaning and depth Pay attention you don’t want to miss a word Who else but a writer disguised as a poet or maybe a poet disguised as a writer could call a sick son who thrashes on the couch “post apocalypse” to invent a new juxtaposition of words that makes you pause to consider what is happening in front of you nodding your head wishing you had written that phraseEvery time I relaxed and faded into the scenes on the page I was rewarded with a punishing turn of phrase that left me muttering to myself caught unaware once again This from “Cancer Arm”“It’s Thanksgiving and you are six years old Your knee socks are pulled up over your kneecaps Rusty your Golden Retriever is under the table and now and then you drop a piece of turkey on the floor for him What you’d really like is a Tollhouse cookie or some muskmelon cut into chunks You think Rusty’s distended stomach is from eating too much though in truth he hardly eats at all He won’t make it to Christmas and neither will your father Everyone knows this but you”Have you been here Ever come home from college asking “Where’s Whiskers” only to get sad eyes that won’t meet your uestion the water bowl no longer sitting in the utility room To be a child and to lose a pet it’s such a devastating experience—to lose a parent even worse For a second take the pain that you know is coming to sit with that child and place it suarely in the chest of the surviving parent in this case the mother Now you see what has been shownSometimes life is just cruel I have a soft spot for kittens and puppies I mean really who doesn’t But I also have a morbid sense of curiosity Don’t you look at the road kill when you pass the furry mess on the side of the road wondering to yourself “What was that Raccoon Possum Cat Oh please don’t let that be a cat” I can’t think of much that is unsettling than the way that a relationship is whittled down to the bare bones in “Tenderoni” as a couple discusses a furry gray mess a dead kitten fighting over how best to deal with this mess and in one moment the whole relationship dissolves like the sticky fluff on the side of the gravel road nothing certain in a world like thisKathy Fish has the uncanny ability to reduce life’s most intimate and revealing moments into a flash of insight and wisdom Wild Life is a touching bittersweet unsettling collection of stories that sits in the pit of your stomach like a family member home for the holidays stirring everything up