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MOBI Ã DOC The Bus Stop Killer 9780241952818 FREE ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL ↠ [Read] ➺ The Bus Stop Killer ➶ Geoffrey Wansell – On 23 Jun 2011 the convicted double murderer Levi Bellfield was found guilty of the murder of 13 year old school girl Milly DowlerMilly disaTion and trial by police and prosecutors It tells of Bellfield's terrifying controlling personality a man who went from charming to monstrous in the blink of an eye and his depraved stalking of young womenIt is a terrifying portrait of the only man in modern British legal history to be given two whole life sentences I don't mean to sound harsh but the editor of this book left an embarrassing number of spelling grammatical and factual errors as well as errors of repetition to the point where I thought I had forgotten to turn the page The portrait of the killer comes through but the women around him less so; the idea that he was charming and weaved a spell around them was repetitive and frankly does no service to the writer He took inexperienced teenage girls and brutalised them until they saw no way out which is hardly magic Nor does the shallow attribution of criminality to his ethnic background however much the writer tries to distinguish between 'true' gypsies and others

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On Junthe convicted double murderer Levi Bellfield was found guilty of the murder of year old school girl Milly DowlerMilly disappeared on her way home from school in Walton on Thames Surrey in Six months later her body was discovered many miles away A massive police investigation the largest manhunt in Surrey's his I found this book very frustrating as a regular reader of true crime I could see that Geoffrey Wansell has clearly done a lot of research but to me this has been let down by the rushing out of the book after the Milly Dowler trial It seems to me that this left very little time for proof reading and further research that would have made the account credible As others have pointed out there are numerous grammatical and spelling errors which are really unforgivable in publishing in this age of electronic media There are also some minor factual errors eg the author calls the 10 Rillington Place killer James Christie his name was John Reginald Halliday Christie Such errors could have been easily correctefd by a uick web search for information on this case so it tends to undermine some of the other research for the book That said this is still an interesting account of one of the most depraved killers in recent history and unfortunately at present there doesn't seem to be a better one out there The account is uite repetitive but does give a good outline of the cases concerned and Bellfield's history For my liking it was not in depth enough I have seen the evidence against Bellfield presented convincingly elsewhere than here and I would have liked of an examination of the pyschology of Bellfield as a killer than is given here Is motivation is touched on but not really backed up with an in depth analysis All in all if you are looking for an outline of the case and Bellfield's history then this does the job passably but if you are looking for an in depth examination of the evidence against Bellfield or his criminal psychology then you will need to look elsewhere I am firmly convinced of Bellfield's guilt despite the lack of forensicDNA evidence as the list of circumstantial evidence against him is too strong to be considered coincidence and when taken as a whole is compelling proof of his guilt but saying that I do not feel this account convinced me any further than I aready was when I commenced reading so to me it does not stand up to the test of a really strong true crime account

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The Bus Stop KillerTory got nowhere The Bus MOBI #8608 Only when nightclub bouncer and bare knuckle boxer Levi Bellfield was arrested for the murder of another young woman did it become clear to police that they had a serial killer on their handsThis is the full story of the murders the victims and the pain staking nine year investiga The soul of a murderer is blind Albert Camus The OutsiderI had wanted to read this book for some time as reading a book about a case I have never heard of before is something I rarely do so I was looking forward to the change especially since it had been a while since I had read a true crime bookWhat uickly started off as an okay read began to turn downhill when I noticed that the author seemed to blame victims of abuse for not leaving their abusers and it left a foul taste in my mouth for the rest of the book Besides that fact the author seemed to repeat things He would mention activities that Bellfield had done and then repeated them later during the court section of the book and it was annoying rereading something you've already readI'll admit this book was factual and it focused a lot on Bellfield but to have Milly Dowler's name on the cover not much is mentioned about her until nearly the end of the book It opens with the victims which is always a bonus in my eyes and then not much is mentioned until the courts bring them up which is such a shame because if this book was focused on the victims I feel like I would have enjoyed it but not much is known about the killings so they probably can't be but of a mention would be nice